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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Random Post =)

I'm back..

Just suddenly gort the urge to post..

Regardless how long is your R/s, 3 yrs or a few months.. Why is a R/S so hard to maintain? A successful R/S take 2 hand to clap and make it happen, however in my case, it have been onli one sided making effort.

All along I thought may be it onli happen to my R/S onli, however, today I met someone with the similiar case. Aft reading what he had done for the gf, I'm reali touched. Writing letters, making movie clips, doing little hand craft... For a guy is reali beyond expectation.. As it's onli me doing it and not my partner.

I'm not greedy... All i wan is a sweet R/S...

Time to slp le. =)

** Nit nit world **


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