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Sunday, February 21, 2010

CNY in the air =)

Hmm.. A little update on CNY ba =)


Still angry with darling boy.. However during afternoon think too tired to carry on angry with him, therefore.. Aiya! Put down my face and called him =)

At nite manage to have a chat with him till 3am!!! But.. Still din reali talk about the main topic.. Give up! Not going to think about it le, just enjoy the moment of together =)


Everyone Birthday is today!! =D

Yst was Wei Jie birthday but onli today then manage to celebrate for him.. had a short mit up with him for pool at POMO! Hoho! guess wat! I was so lucky that I won both bee and WJ =x

HaPpY to the max lo! u can't imagine how happy I'm !! =D

Next for dinner we had to head to AH Por hse for dinner... bee want to go River Hong Bao, so I ask mum for permission and guess what! **Nod Nod** She let us go and we were allow to go back to Ah Por hse before 11pm! =D

Travel with just a wallet! So the whole journey at River Hong Bao, I have to hold darling and tightly so that I will not get lost.. I just love the feeling of holding his hand and not letting it go =)

Ended this day with love in the air and a tired day.


Another day of visiting... Every yr this day, I will be having a veri messy time table.

Waking up at 10 plus, eating breakfast at 11 plus... Waited for call to go bai nian at 2pm, sat there till 3:30pm and went to have our lunch at "Paper Chicken Farm" which is at SIM there as usual =) Just love the paper chicken there, too bad darling could not join us.

AFt which, headed home while Grandma they all have to go to another relative hse to visit before coming to our hse =) Waited till around 6 plus, grandma they all came and we rest all the way till 8pm. As for dinner, headed to Zhen Fa at Sunset place... They did a renovation to that place and now, the place look dam dam nice!!! =D


"Have to be thick skin abit in order to get sweet words from him =x "


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