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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Valentine Cum CNY Update...

Woke up dam dam early as will be going out in the afternoon =)

Had all my program planned nicely, however, he still spoilt my plan!!! =(

First stop was to the National Museum =D ... went for the exhibition on mummy! Nice! =)

Next had a quarrel with stupid "he" coz he spoilt my planning! !$#$%$^$!$!#!%$

Aft all of the quarreling, headed to suntec and marina... Veri veri hungry, search high and low for food and ended up cannot take it le!! JACKPLACE! =D

Things just dun go along with my plan, ended up have to pass him the present during dinner =(

CAtch bear bear aft that and Home sweet Home!! =D

** True or Fake life am I living in ?? **


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