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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Well spend day!! =)

Take a Break! Have a Kit Kat!! =)

Have been a good ger for these past 2 days =)

Went to aunt shop to help out and guess what!

I was given my first mission, go alone to Bugis there to deliver a art piece to a shop.. I also not stupid la, knowing tat darling is also at bugis, I plan my trip by taking a train over there, head to Amos to get cookies for darling as dinner snack. Next went to complete my mission and steal 5 min from darling precious time to pass him the cookies!!! =D

Misson Accomplish!

As for today, early in the morning start work at shop... Had a wonderful breakfast! For the first half of the day gort nth to do, so... DS!!! hehe... Play till noon time then go pack food for aunt & myself =) Next Aunt give me a job which at first I thought tat is dam dam easy and fast de which is fold cornering for the frame using cardboard.

Guess how long it took me??

Almost 4 hrs!!!!!

But what I'm happy is! I manage to hit the no. of pieces tat she told me to do, which is 100!!!!


Tml shall be a good day for me! As we are heading to JB for shopping!!! Last sat miss the chance to shop therefore we are there again tml ! =)

** Miss darling as it had been 3 days not meeting up le =( **


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