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Friday, December 7, 2007

Another day has past

Till now i'm still moody...

Early in the morning gort up to go to baby hse... walk out of my hse and saw ling hao =.=" so qiao! WAited for taxi nearly for 15 min.. finally my turn le, carry crabbie till hand veri tired... Gort on a stupid caB!!! That taxi driver keep teaching me bad thing =.=" WTF....

Once at darling hse.. the weather was dam dam great!!! Rain and rain till i doze off... LOL... Was playing with nick de DS till veri shiok!!!LOL.. play for almost hrs and hrs contiunous... =D LOL.. play till darling gort so piss off =x

2 more days to go for the holiday trip... Once again no mood to do project =x darling was out with hise fren now.. hope he will be home safely... =)


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