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Monday, May 25, 2009

Darling birthday

It's my darling birthday!

We had a 3 days celebration =)

22 May 2009

Waited for every one to dismiss from work, headed to night Safari =D

First time over there! SCary! Coz too dark le =x While we are walking, I asked darling to listen to 933 coz I had delicated song for him =D

ACtuali wanted to go makan but I had already make plans =x LOl... Bluff darling said that I left some clothes at home so had to have him drive me back to get... I get my clothes and also "cake" along! Put in the bootcase and off we go...

AFt which, it's around 10 plus... headed to Boon Lay there to makan! Food not reali impressive, however still so many people eating =s

Sent WJ and SL home... Bee Bee wanted to sent us back , however i suggest to go Kent park there! ACtuali wanted to give him surprise too bad he knoe le =x

Too tired and ZzZzz while on the way back =)

23 MAy 2009

HaPpY BirtHdAy Darling! Early morning he had to go work =( SO we can onli mit up at 3pm... Headed to Suntec MArina there to mit WJ and SL...

Caught baby Pooh for me! =D Thanks darling...

6pm sharp mit up with tha and henry to go Kushin-Bo for our dinner!!! NiCE To the MAX! CRABS!!!

Aft eating we went to mit up Agness, Tea and nini... Headed to Keppel Bay for a drink and aft drinking bee suggest to go back to marina for bowling!

WAo! Marina like a maze lo.. Cannot find stairs to go up =x first time bowl so late de sia, nice~ coz not much people and is less noisy =x

Agness felt hungry, so we decided to head to Queenstown mac to eat... First time 3am le yet i still at mac there sia! Every one eating and I'm going to doze off soon...

Slpt around 4 plus!!!!

24 May 2009

Woke up almost 12 noon by darling!! HOrribel! Coz i still feeling tired... Headed to Tampiness Mall for shopping =) Quarrel with him again... Sian~ Off to grandma hse


"CAn he reali proof to me that he's the one I'm waiting for"

Monday, May 11, 2009

HaPpY 1 yr 9 months Anniversary Darling =)

Just a simple day we spend together...

Love u like I always do....

Exam is around the corner and I'll be praying hard for u that u score well =)

Last but not least, looking forward to 22 May =D

Monday, May 4, 2009

It had been a period of time i update my blog le ba =)

Have been busy with :::

- Studies, just finish a written exam

- Planning darling de birthday celebration


"Do Quarreling make one another grow up and bond much more together with one another??"

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