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Saturday, January 31, 2009

大年初五 30 Jan 2009

Hmm.. As usual, still gort class la.. So, drag myself to go sch lo =( AFt class, darling mit me late again! Just like his usual habit =x

My class end at 12:30 and I slowly walk all the way to Herren and wait for him.. Wait and wait! All the way till 2:30pm!! He then slowly walk in =x

We went to take a light lunch at Pasta Maina, then headed to Suntec and Marina for shopping... Shop till WJ and SL came to mit us =) At suntec, I saw Twilight bookmark!! I wan to Buy! But a little ex =x It cost 4 book marks at $8 =(

Now still thinking to buy anot =x

Ani way, went home late coz my best buddy need me =)


大年初六 31 Jan 2009

Went for Piano class.. headed to Bugis to mit darling and his fren. This time around he's LATE again!!!

I reached at 2pm and no one was there, waited for 5 min, ZX turn up.. =) Waited for another 5 min, YB turn up.. All of us waited for 15 min!! Darling then turn up!!! =X

ARG! Reali hate his late coming habit.. We were so hungry that we went to Swensen to eat =) Eat le then the guys went to Sim Lim which almost make me doze off =(

As for nite, went to ah Po hse to eat dinner =)

Just a simple and normal sat outing for us =)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Oh! I posted this photo once during dec when I blog abt my malaysia trip.. This time round i blog this pic is that from Channel U de 省钱王 and they said that it's from Taiwan de! Now then i realise =x LOl..

Okie! All I can say is that the bao is dam dam nice! Reali wish to go back to KL and buy it =x

Whole day stay at home.. Bored! Lucky darling came during the evening to 拜年 with my mum =) Aft that he headed to sch...

So now! I'm stuck at home again.. So sian! =x Had to start my project ltr le =x

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

大年初二 27 Jan 09

It's mummy side... This time round, same like every yr, we slack at home all the way till 2pm and left for united square for our lunch =)

Our family like a routine every yr de, first day of CNY dinner will eat KFC and as for 2nd day de Lunch, we will eat PIZZA HUT! =D

So, without fail.. we went and ate the new yr special =)

AFt Lunch, we went to cousin ah min hse at Toa Payo... Sit there for almost 2 hrs till 6 and headed back to grandma hse to greet her

As usual, waited for dinner to be serve and aft dinner, we 4 cousin will sit around and play card game =)

*I reali enjoy the time with my cousins, coz that's the time where I find back our childhood memorys =) *

[ Quarrel with stupid darling! Coz he went for movie and is the show that I wanted to watch with him!!! ]


大年初三 28 Jan 09

Wanted to wake up at 9:30 de, but yst due to secretly wait for my darling to finish his movie, ended up I slept quite late... Drag and drag on the bed till 10:30 and gort up to prepare.

Today need to go darling de hse 拜年with the parents... Okie! I agree that I move and sound like a Zombie coz I seldom go 拜年 to the elderly de =x So.. Darling u must understand k?

Actuali plan to go watch movie de, But! Darling spoilt my plan by watching last nite.. Therefore, we ask nick out for lunch =)

Hehe.. Aft lunch went nick hse to play "Little Big Planet" =D Then follow by card game! I won almost each game =D LOl..

As for dinner, we headed to HK Cafe to eat.. Long time nv catch toy toy le, so we spend around $10 and caught the whole series of 5 mini cartoon cups!!! LOL... Almost $2 each =x

Monday, January 26, 2009



It's the first day of CNY...

This is how I spent my first day ::::

- Woke up at 11am! =D

- Next headed to Grandma hse around 2 plus...

- Slack over there till 6 when my mum side de grandma come visiting my dad side de grandma

- After meeting, we left with mum side de grandma to aunty hse =)

- As usual.. We had our dinner which is KFC and had ice cream.. Adult will sit there and chat while we children will try to entertain ourself =)

When I'm back home, heard JJ interview in 933.. and it make me gort the urge to go to his concert!!! arg! Now, I'm trying my best to save up the money for it =)

However, during the interview.. there's someting that he said and make me agree to it.. haha

This is what he say: " 女生们要的是男生对她们说甜言密语,可是男生们觉得甜言密语放在心里就好,不用天天挂在口中。"

WaO! He gort say alot more la.. but I forget le =x LOL.. But seriously! The way he say reali hit me =x LOL..

**1 day never mit darling le **

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Chinese new yr

HaPpY NeW Yr Every OnE

Ox yr is going to arrive in 2 hrs time =D


Spend quite a long time doing this love story things =) Hope u guys can vote =)

Today, darling help me do DIY at home for hair =) LOL.. love the way he do it =D

Just a simple day for us

Thursday, January 22, 2009

20th January 09

Hmm... din manage to find the book Eclipse and was dam dam disappointed! However, darling promise me to help me call up all times and Kinokuniya bookstore and find the book for me..

In my class, I waited patiently for the good news.. AND! Good NEWS! Liang court had just ship in "Eclipse" today! hoho!

Aft class, immdiately headed to Liang court and purchase one =D HaPpily smiling when I see the book. The moment I'm in the bus towards Ikea, I started reading. Darling and Nick waited for me patiently coz I late =x I had already read 35 pages le! Wao! haha

Ate at Ikea, my favourite Almond Dessert =D Aft that, went back to Nick hse and I'm there playing PS3 and cards with them =D

Too bad had to leave early, it not I play till I go nuts lo!

*Little Big Planet* nice game =D

21 January 2009

Hmm.. Lack of 1 top to match with my skirt and lack of shoes!

Mum mit me up at Bugis to get my new yr cloths =) Finalli found a suitable cloths to match at Newbie =) Bought 2 tops at the shop..

Follow by we took a walk at the New yr goodies street.. bought 1 peanut puff and my favourite Kuei Bakit =D

Darling came and we headed to Tamp =) Over there, I bought a 3 quarter pants from Gordino! hoho! All the tops and bottoms are done, now what I lack of is SHOES!!! ARh! It's just 4 more days to New yr and I'm not done with my shopping yet =(

** WIll be busy shopping these few days **

22 January 2009

Whole day at home!

Knoe why??


My darling is busy packing his hse and he start sch today =(


*nothing much to blog abt *

Monday, January 19, 2009


The book "Eclipse" is out of stock!!!


I just finish reading "New Moon" and was like cannot wait to contiune reading and no!!!

Sian off.. Will try to search High and Low for the book =)

**Busy with alot of things from today onwards **

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Din did much of things today...

Just went to darling hse and prepare lunch..

Aft that went for my 4th aunt de dinner at Bedok there and that's all =)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

16 Jan 09

Aft sch, went to darling hse for lunch.. Was so hungry but still had to wait for his dad to cook Char Siew and Fried rice =)

Whole day i spend my day reading "twilight" while darling is spring cleaning his hse =)

In the nite, went to pack food back.. $15 dollar de CLaypot rice! 12 pieces of dumpling! around 20 Satay! and there's onli 3 people eating =x

Lol.. Took a cab home =D (Darling pay)

17 Jan 09

Piano class... Aft that took bus to darling hse and go there slack

At nite went to Arena there for dinner coz is darling de reunion dinner...

Just a simple meal =)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

14 Jan

It's presentation for me =)

3rd module was Care and Programing =) I think all of us passed..

Aft class, waited for darling for almost 2 hrs! Coz he need to eat lunch with his family. I walked all the way from Orchard tower to PS and sat there for almost and hr before he came to mit me =z

Went to had my lunch, walk around and headed to BP Plaze to mit up with tha =) Sit there eat mac and chat chat some prob we face =)

Aft talking home sweet home we went =)

15 Jan

Hmm... Shopping day for me again coz no school =)

Mit up darling at Far east.. Walk all the way from Far east to OG, Brought a few things for new yr..

At first wanted to mit Jie at lot one for dinner but the timing not right la, so reject le and we went home for dinner instead =)

Sit there eat and play bomber man =o)

After all...

I'm still a ger right??

Are all the gers crazy abt guys must do some action to proof their love??

Some guys I find is dam dam like a wooden block lo & some is like dam dam romantic but too fake =x

Hai... Darling I accept your reason of "not use to wearing it". But still I'm a ger afterall.. I will just say that I wish to have those "drama" things la.. =x


No matter what, I think I'll look at the bright side lo =) At least u give me a reason =D


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

No bus 52!

Moody Period again =(

In the morning suppose to go school de, but had no feel to go =(

Therefore... decided to find a quiet place to read my "twilight" story book. Called darling a few time and he did not pick up.. My hp batt is going flat therefore die die must contact me.

Left with no choice, I called his hse and finalli woke him up =)

He asked me to mit him at Commonwealth ... So I Squeeze into that horrible train and reach there earlier than him coz he drop dad "wallet" into a pail of water that is full of soap =.="

He ran all the way and mit me.. We sat at a hawker center for him to have his breakfast. Aft that, went to Sheng Song and shop for New Yr goodies =D

All the way back to his hse.. He started his spring cleaning while I'm in his room reading my story book =)

Read and read and read till I doze off on the table =x

Gort up aft realising that every one in the house knoe that I fell asleep =x HAHa... Continue reading all the way till 5 plus and out we go to Holland..

Finalli darling brought a 40 inch Sony Tv =) costing $1850!!! Faint...when abt the leave darling took a I pod touch cover and ask the guy some question, when he ask me how i find? I just tell him straight my honest view la.. =x I told him "Oh! I felt abit old fashion " =.=" My darling go: "oh my god.. u just give him a headshot!" ??? Dunno what he was talking =p

Honest gort wrong ar?? Weird haha...

Aft that .. we headed to Clementi and brought Sofa cover.

Darling told me to wait for bus 52 at clementi bus stop.. Therefore we waited for almost 15 min and I realise that i saw none of the bus is 52... I just ask him: "Darling, u confirm gort bus 52 ma? " Then I realise! NO!!! NO!!! There's no bus 52 at ALL! ARH!!!

Instead we took bus 105 which i had been missing 2 buses of it already to IMM...

Aft which went to Juro Nite market for gun shooting and Home sweet home =)

** STuck with Twilight story book **

Monday, January 12, 2009


Why must I bet with him!


Now I had to plan for Valentine's Day! ARg! Why guys dun like to plan??

Now... Can ani hao xin ren tell me or give me ani suggestion where to plan?

*lazy Bf of mine*

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Suday = Cooking day !

Hehe... Went to his hse and make Prawn Feast! =D

Cook Prawn noodle and BBQ the prawn =)

Hmm... I think I fail in making all the dishes this time round, will try to improve next week ba. Oh! We did Chocolate Fondue today too =)

All alone go to Ah Po hse myself coz he busy at home =)

Tat's all for my day

Just a little memory =)

17th Month Anniversary


HaPpY 17th MonTh AnNiVeRsArY

Time reali reali pass so FAST!

I treasure every moment we are together and I'm too glue to u =D

U dun every time blame that I too fierce la! I just wan u to change and had a better character =)

I scold u not say I dun love u!

I angry is not say that I dislike u!

IS just tat I wan u to realise your mistake....

Hope we can get through all the things together...


Spend the whole day at sentosa..

Went to Suntec and had Bball game...

High score "830+ " Points =D

Friday, January 9, 2009


Now I'm down with flu.. due to the dust =(

Just now eat the Xi Men MEe Shua at lot one.. Almost gort killed!!!

Inside the mee shua gort an around 4 - 5 cm de metal wire.. Some thing like tat de !!!


Going to COMPLAIN!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Off day from sch =)

Went out with mummy and bro to Juro point... Hmm.. actualli i find nth much lo =x

Followed by meeting darling at lot one

Pack food home to eat


That's all.. Short and simple day for me

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

1st day of sch !!

Hmm.. back to my old classroom where I used to be, however, this time round with different people around me =(

Reali so glad that I had a few frenz that I had already known, tis make me felt better =)

Looking forward to class dimiss.. Aft class, went for lunch with darling.

Followed by going to Aljunied as darling need to collect his event job pay...

Next took a bus to Holland de Parisilk as darling is going to change his hse tv..

Follow by took a bus to NO WHERE! =x LOL.. We just ani how hop onto a bus that say going juro.. Thinking of going Juro point and was so tired, we just hop on =)

Sat for around an hr and we are not there yet =.=" Was being blamed by darling =x transfer to another bus to juro point =D

Big Big! Alot of difference sia =)

BIG Thanks u to darling, coz he plan our program! "The onli one program he plan " =D

Monday, January 5, 2009


Went to CAtay to buy Addidas bag for bro...

Headed to PS to buy Ripcurl bag for myself...

Lastly went vivo and gort a High heel shoe for mummy =)

As for darling, whole day he was searching high and low for Tv coz his hse de going to explode le =x

I just wan to thanks darling... These few days I can see a slight changes in u =D

* Realising how much I need u... Dun u ever try to leave me =) *

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Last day and First day of the yr =)

Haven been blogging recently coz too busy le =x

Hmm.. Let me talk back abt how I spent my past few days =)

30 Dec 08

It's my little bro 2nd birthday celebration =)

This time round is at Ah Po hse... Darling happen to gort a car on this day. Therefore, Jie. darling and me headed to Kovan to had our lunch and went to pick up our car =D

This time round is "Rush"! Greenish colour de wor =D At first Jie and I thought it will be veri ugly, but turn out, "hoho!" not bad =)

The guy who is the boss of the car look like Jimmy from Tension de sia.. Stupid darling said that becoz of this 2 princess then he must get the car =s

Anyway, after getting the car... Immdiately we had to head down to PS, we need to get a billabong wallet for my bro =) Aft tat, we headed down to Lavander food court to order 25 BBQ Wings =D Yummy! Sent Jie to Novena while we also took a walk there before heading back for the celebration =)

Just a simple dinner like every occasion... There are some photo below =D

31 Dec 08

Last day of the yr le! As usual, I'm the planner and this time round I plan that for lunch, all of us went to Holland de Swensen for our lunch. =)

Aft eating, drove all the way to Marina Square to park the car first while all of us took a bus down to Bugis =)

Walk around till tired le, we sat aside thinking where to go as we still had 5 hrs more to count down..

Think and think, end up we decided to slowly walk back to Suntec and play game in order to kill time =)

Finalli! It's time lo... Chop a nice place for every one to watch fire work.

HaPpY new Year! =D That's our we ended our last day of the yr =D

1 Jan 09

First day of the yr! Wj and Sl cannot come out, so left Jie darling and me le...

Yst slpt so late and yet had to wake up dam dam early, coz had to pei aunt to go repair car ! =(

Just 4 hrs slp, headed to prepare and mit up wif darling at Queenstown.. He sent us there and had breakfast with grandma, aunt and mummy..

Aft eating, we headed to VIvo and shop awhile aft that, went to pick up Jie... At first we wanted to go Liliputt, however, it's too kiddo le =x

So! Prawn Fishing! It's the prawn fishing shop 2nd yr anniversary, therefore, for this particular day, every one who buy 3 yrs fishing will get another hr free!!! hoho!

3 of us gort 2 rod and started fishing from 2pm to 6 pm! This time round, we caught around 7 prawns =) Nice wor! We BBQ it ourself LIVE and eat it on the spot...

Darling was incharge of poking a satay stick into each Live prawns body, Jie is incharge of applying salt on them and me! I'm incharge of BBQ them =D

Eat until not satisfied lei... So! We headed to Lavander there for Prawn noodle!! =D My favourite! Eat Eat EAt and lastly every one was sent home =D

2 Dec 09

Gort a Bird park pass from Aunt company which allow 4 adults to enter... Woke up early again and brought mummy to bird park with darling =D

Alot alot of things to see! and within 10 min, a africa guy came over with a necklace and put on for me! I was shock lo! He pull me to his stall and told me that the pendal that he gave me is for gd luck =.=" Alamak! he like tat say of coz i will buy ma =x LOL...

WAlk all the way from 11 plus to 2 plus =) These are the photos that we took =)

Follow by.. We headed to Kovan as we need to return the car... Was so hungry, therefore we decided to go for Sushi Buffet =D I read the name card and thought I saw tat there's one at Hougang mall... ARH! I saw wrongly! It's Heartland mall..

Took a train to and fro =x LOl.. Kana scolded upside down.. Ate le, we went home to rest =D

3 Jan 08

Wanted to go Sentosa de, but darling saw the weather not gd therefore cancel it le.. We decided to go Marina instead.

Our weekly routine... This time around, we headed to esplande, sat there and play game! Fun! Will try to have more of this type of activity =D

**All photos will be upload on another post.. coz too long for this post le =) **

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