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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Finally get my hair done


Finally get my hair done le... haha... sat for almost 5 hrs ba =x
Silly darling of mine veri cute.. first he came down to orchard, end up own self go Cotton on to try clothes. One guy try 5 clothes... =x Scary!!! LOL... He came over to fetch me, haha... silly guy... ask him wait out there end up hide here and there till my hairstylise ask if is that my bf ?? haha... Once step out of the shop... he stare at me until so ALIEN!!! cannot stand it... =x

still Love him tat much each day...


Thursday, October 25, 2007

Good and Bad

Dunno why today out of the sudden i got up so early at 9 =x as the usual me wake up at 11 =) Got up and call my little baby to check out if he woke up le ma.... his elderst sis went to his hse early in the morning!! Heng!!! heng i nv go his hse today =) Soon in the noon is his uncle drop a visit =x

Noon went to The Central and Vivo for shopping... Didn't manage to get ani thing but end up mum gort herself a pair of shoe and a coat =x Acutali monday mum wan to ask baby out to check for me the T20 or T70 camera.. End up we decided to go today =D

Went to Holland and see the camera, end up bought the Sony T20 =) Ho HO HO!!! So happy... But wat i am sad de is... Hai.. i still having a terrible cough =(

Hope my cough can end soon...

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Pain!!! Throat had not been well for this few days le... Sian!!!

Had been sick... from fever till throat prob and cough =x Tml dun feel like going to school, think will be skipping class...

Song T20!!! hope can get it soon as my birthday present =)

Waiting Waiting Waiting

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Just love u guys!!

Just like every Sunday...

Early in the morning wake up and report to my darling hse =) haha.. Once i reach near his hse, as usual we will go to the NTUC and purchase food to cook for lunch later. We bought our favourite Cheese Tofu, Seafood Udon noodle, Corn and mushroom soup, Salmon cheese fishcake, bread and Ham.

Usual is both of us cook together de, but today i had to battle alone!!! haha.. first time i battle alone at someone hse whom had not much cooking pot =.=" or i can say, just a micro wave and a mass tin =x LOL... I started cooking every thing steady until half way, his mum suddenly out of no where came out and talk to me and i got a STUNT!!! The reaction of mine is dam dam big and funny till the mother was so Pai sei... (0_0") Once every thing is so beautifully done, now i relise how hard my mummy had been cooking for us all this yrs!!! Reali tiring and aft cooking u dun feel like eating but to rest =)

Calling Baby once! baby Twice... Last call and u better be out to eat!!!! FInally the prince is out to eat le... lucky the food still can be eaten =D haha... Toasted bread with ham (lots of prob with it), Corn and mushroom soup (success), Micro wave food (success) and Udon (BEst!) haha... i give myself 6/10... still can improve by not being so panick. =s End up aft eating... NO NO... i'm not going to wash... LOL!! My darling had to do all the washing =) Naughty him disturb me as the maid!!! ask me eat quickly while he was washing! Humph!!! Angry Angry Angry!!!

Aft clearing up, Went back to room and start his homework again... Waited patiently... FINALLY!!! 6 pm!! time to go out for dinner le =) Decided to go Jurong there as to go back to the archard to try out luck on the toy machine. While eating at IMM... i say my ex bf de ex gf =x so qiao.... Aft eating headed to the Entertainment centre and try out luck.. Lucky we onli speend $5 and go off le, the previous lady spend $70!!!! for two toy =x tat's reali stupid...

On the way back, me and darling talk about our childhood and fren memory... I think back abt how my Jie mei they all give me surpirse and stuff,.... Tears started to roll... I miss all my Jie mei!!! they were the sweetest fren in my life and nv throw me alone when i had prob =)

SIster!! I think u guys knoe who are u guys... Let us gather once we are free k?? Pertir Zoo will always be in my mind =)

Elephant... Hamster... Dolphin... Zoo Keeper

** Some times just take a few min and think back those time u spend with those people who nv leave u alone when u need them. U will find how much they brought Joy to u... **

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Stupid Attitude from the bowling staff

Already sick in the morning le, yet while in the noon, we went for bowling at Marina Square and the service there reali SUCKX!!! If there is a place to choose, i find i will not go back there le.. Even if i go back there, i will give them attitude instead!!!

Now STomach full of anger... written complain letter, hope i can get a happy answer from them

Friday, October 19, 2007

Welcome a new Crab

Hai... the previous crab pass away le =( end up today aft class i went down to Houng Kang Hall to get a new one =) Once i reach home, i put the new crabby into the tank =) and now... it's living well!!!! i put a spare shell for the older crab to change hme, but end up, haven put for more than 30 min, the new one go change le =x LOL

The one in this photo is the one to be with me for the longest... all it's fren is dead.. dunno isit it bully them =x haha The photo is taken when it is climbing from the bottom of the tree to the top and finally it success and freeze there for me to take photo =D

Tml will be week end le... Just looking forward for a wonder ful week end.

Love is so wonderful =)

Thursday, October 18, 2007



My Haha crab once again lost a leg... this is my second one le, dun wish to see another die out of no reason =( I just love the previous crabby but it pass away onw week ago, with no choice, i had to go and purchase a new one... Therefore i saw the similiar one and decided to get it.. It has not been with me for long yet now lost one leg, what's going to happen tml??? Hope it will be fine. Did alot of things to help, contacted the haha crabs company, hope they contact me asap

Tml will be another day... Hope they will live on

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A great Day

STunt Stunt Stunt!!!

The moment i went into the class... Wendy Jacobs appear just infront of me!!! She's hot, tall and dam dam Funny... =) Her lesson time passes so quickly... She teaches us how to groom ourself and how we can we have a gd diet to make ourself slim... From this lesson of today, i learn to be Confident! Set Goals! tml will be the contiune lesson of today... Looking forward to it =)

Soon aft class, darling and me mit mummy so lunch!!! acutali wanted to get a shoe but can't find the one tat suit me the most..(T_T) Sob!!! EAT Eat EAT!!! haha... tat's what i love to do...Now i'm missing him...

Sunday, October 14, 2007

sad Day

It's just a horrible day!!! Last nite found my pink crabby lost on leg... thought every thing will be okie, However.. In the morning, found it dead with another leg out!!!!

Hate to see it dead as it is now even with me for 3 weeks!!! Mummy whack me up around 8 in the morning and i woke up with a stunT!!! Soon.. I woke baby up with a Stunt too!!! So Sian... went all the way down to get a new one.. It still can't replace the first crabby in my heart...

Some times... Some things lost when u neglect it and when u realise, it can't be back to the same le =(


Thursday, October 11, 2007

Shop shop shop

Speical and a brighter day for me in the future ba...

Mummy and Dar Dar finally mit up for lunch le... both of them enjoy themself. Early in the morning gort whack wake up by mummy, end up she make up her mind and ask baby out last min.

We mit at City hall de addi shop there, baby reach early so he waited for us =x While waiting i think he could hear his own heart beating ba.. HAHA !! The moment they met (veri funny), baby shake mummy hand.. so FORMAL!!! Just can't stand it.. haha.. end up we went to Drangon boat there to eat. The food dam nice!! long time nv eat le... Thanks to baby for the meal man.. When the bill came, a short fight happen on who pay.. haha.. However,end up is baby pay =x

Shop Shop Shop... Main purpose of today shopping is to get my birthday bag! we went to a shop at Suntec, acutali wanted to buy the silver Addi de bag.. end up saw a Nike brown limited Bag... wao... both mummy and him make me so confuse!! dunno what to buy. Soon, i decided to buy the brown de that cost $130+ haha.... So happy now

All i wan to say... I enjoy my day alot alot Never regret having him as my another half =)

Thursday, October 4, 2007

My Lucky daY

Today went to baby house to slag... WAo.. slpt for nearly an hrs plus till 1 plus. Actuali wanted to go buy gold fish de.. but not nice!!! sob sO... went to Imm for some shopping... at juro entertainment there.. i try my luck to play those machine that pick up toy...

End up with my beginnier luck.. i gort one with one try -D hahaha

We name it Sherphine =) by sherman... haha

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