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Sunday, November 30, 2008



I'm be back blogging soon!!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Back from cousin birthday le =)

Tis time round is my cousin 24th birthday!

Wao! Time pass so fast sia!

Used to play with him when we are young and now..

Darling first day of work at Expo..


I'm all alone


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Princess of the day

I'm a little princess of Sherman Sun

Early in the morning, darling came to pick me up.

We headed for lunch with nick and darling at IKEA!

Love the Almond dessert over there...

Soon, darling sent nick to sch for exam and follow by me to sch =)

I sat for a 4 hrs lesson and darling came to pick me up again!!

We went to hunt for some food and home sweet home!

I'm the cook for the day!


I cook for darling and his mum =D

He sent me home in the nite...

* Felt so love by him *

Monday, November 24, 2008

Outing 3!

It would be along update =)

Starting from::::::

20th Nov

As usual... went for sch, followed by rushing to Airport and send darling de dad to Aust.

Aft the whole sending off things... darling sent me home and the little birthday surprise start. =)

First is he gang up with mummy asking her to keep the cake that he pass to her while I'm in sch. 2nd is he and my mum force me go bath, at the same time, they can prepare the cake and stuff.

Mummy is so ah blur! she accidently left the candles outside and I already saw it le =x LOL.. Another thing is tat i gort a sensitive nose, so the moment I step out of the toilet, I smell burning candles =x

That the end of the day =D

21 Nov 08

HaPpy birthday to myself =D

Hmm... Din reali had much celebration, just went out for dinner with darling, Jie, Elephant, Bunny and Zoo keeper =) Went to Marina Swensen for dinner..

Just a short and simple birthday dinner =)

22 Nov 08

Outing 3!!!

Had a big quarrel with darling!

Din reali love the way he do things, think abt things and handle things!

However, program still had to go on...

Without taking breakfast, mit up with Jie at Bp and headed to darling hse. Went for a game of pool.

Had conflict with him and poured every things out to Jie which make me felt comfortable... Seeing that I'm hungry, Jie and darling went to buy food back and they brought me chicken rice! =D Yummy!

When JIe pass to me, I already knoe that it was darling who ordered, coz it is being packed in a box, with the sauce that i wan and the favourite part of the chicken !!

Aft an hr or so de pool.. We sent Jie to Kovan for her project while we headed to Suntec! =D Caught 2 winter stitch and angel *Piss.. Photo will be update when I'm free *

I had already book 5 ticket for "song of the sea" which is 9:40 show =) So.. We headed to sentosa aft we settle things =) I saw a light stick which is so CUTE! Darling saw that i like it, he brought for me! Haha! Love him le la!

"Song of the sea" was GREAT! First time watching and find it interesting =) Was SO sO So hungry! Headed to Anchorpoint straight and eat Hong kong cafe =D

we ordered so much things that even the waiter see le "WaO" is what he said out while serving food to us =x LOl... total bill is 80+ but I gort some discount ended up is 60+ onli...

Oh! Is my birthday therefore Hong Kong cafe give me a bottle of wine =D

After eating, sent Wei jie they all home and we carried on to chalet =)

23 Nov 08

Woke up and mit up with Wei jie at Lavander... Coz i made a deal with him le, must bring him go eat Lavander food court =)

Aft eating, we headed to Bishan there to get my aunt birthday present and went to Fish prawn!

Hoho! Prawn fishing =D $30 for 3 hrs! And u know wat? we caught onli a few prawns =x Tml will cook it for dinner..

Catch half way, rain like crazy! but I felt the love suddenly when me and darling fish under the umbrella.

AFt the whole catching things.. We had to rush to another place which is OCBC building! Within an hr we had to change cloths and headed to the place le =D We lost our way and had a big quarrel. but when i think back, it was quite fun la =x LOl...

24 Nov 08

Atuali today had to return the car de, but darling extended it.

This lovely baby came to my hse and pick me up =) Headed to stirling rd to eat duck rice! Eat Eat Eat... Police came! so we drove off =D LOL...

Aft lunch, accompany darling and his mum to the temple near by for praying. Headed to China town to buy some pants and shirt for the mum.

Went back to his hse to rest and out we go again to PS for some shopping for food at carefour. Our aim is to get darling pillow but din get it, end up we gort FOOD! =D

Still early.. so we went Imm Giant =)

Wao! First time in our both time, we find that we are just like a married couple buying things.. Buy and buy until $60+! =.=" Will be doing cooking for the next two days =D

Aft buying things, we headed to Bukit Timah and pack alot alot of food for the mummy as dinner =)

Eat le we had a rest and off he sent me home =)

Friday, November 21, 2008

12 mid nite!

Ding Dong!

12 mid nite pass lo!

Say good bye to "1"

Welcome the "2"







5 wishes that I had made =)

Hope they will come true ba =D


HaPpy Birthday to myself!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

On birthday eve...

Was so stress in sch!

Aft class went to send my "in law" off at the airport..

Wao! I love the new baby of darling 2nd sis!

So Cute!

So Lovely!

At tat moment reali had the mind set of settling down sia =x

Aft Airport,

all of us headed to Demspy hill for ben and jerry!

Love the chesse cake brownie! =D

Home sweet home !

Suprise by darling!

Asked me go bath and prepare all the cakes..

haha.. my sensitve nose stiff every thing out le =x

Therefore.. hehe

Sorrie dear to spoilt your plan..

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

1 more day to birthday

I Hate his attitude!!!

REali Sucks!

Tat baby face is what my face show him when i ANGRY!

Please change your attitude k? I reali veri disappointed le =(

1 more day to my birthday le...

Does not enjoy! Coz Sch is so stressful now!

Reali hope the wishes that I'm going to make on my birthday will come true ba =D

Monday, November 17, 2008

Love is in the air!

I just felt the love around me!

Darling! Thanks for accompanying me to study =)

I just need the love like just now..

All i can say!

I'm deeply in love with u again! =D

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Round 2 celebration =)

Round 2

This is my second round of celebration...

Today is at mum side de celebration =)

Had a little Ala Cart Dinner..

Ordered Pizza, Satay, Chicken Wings and others...

5 more days to the arrival of "2" ! =x

*21 Nov..Round 3 celebration*

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Round 1 celebration =)

Round 1 of celebration =)

Celebrated my birthday at dad de family side =)

Just like usual.. I had a BBQ over there =)

Haven 20 yrs old =x LOL.. Few more days to go =x

Bold*LOve the T shirt that min get for me =) *

*Just love every one of u*

Friday, November 14, 2008

1st weekend =)

Round 1 of celebration of my birthday =)

Tml will be having my celebration at Ah ma hse =D

Followed by Ah Po hse =D

Will be updating aft tml abt the celebration =D

Thursday, November 13, 2008


First day of sch today =)

Quite not used to it and felt fo pressure =(

Love darling to come and pick me up =)

AFt that mit up with the gers for dinner =D

Lastly.. Home sweet home and hate to look forward to tml de sch =(

*Problem still unsolve*

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

unslove prob =(

These few days gort some HaPpY and Sad things tat happen.. Let me share with u guys ba =D

HaPpY Things :::::

- Birthday is around the corner and alot of things is being plan out for me =)

- 17 days of studies and I'll holiday for around a month =)

- Will be having our "2nd honeymoon"again =)

Bad Things :::::

- Sch start le... Scare cannot catch up and fear in a unfamilar area

- Darling face prob with going over sea with me

Hope :::::

*Hope every things wil turn out right... Reali hope that darling and my prob will be solve *

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

15th month anniversary

Shop! Shop! Shop!

Went out with darling, bro and mummy... We went to bugis first and the main person for today is bro, therefore he buy alot alot of his cloths!

Aft shopping, we headed to suntec and contiune and went to order my birthday cake!! Hoho! Gort myself an Ice cream cake, one from Swensen and the other is from Gelare =D

Had steamboat buffet for dinner =D

Today is our 15th month anniversary.. Thought darling forgotten abt it le! But! hoho.. he caught a bear bear for me! LOve it!


I am veri fan abt one prob!! Things is already settle le and I should be feeling happy instead.. But! Why! Why! Why am i feeling so fan and lost now =(

Monday, November 10, 2008

summary of my weekend =0)

Like I said....

It will be a busy November for me =)

8th November 2008

Attended Beyond concert =) My comment on their concert is soso ba =x.. May be it's becoz that I'm not a fan of theirs, becoz of darling then I go de =s

Concert started at 8 plus and ended at 11:30pm!!!! Omg ! So late, luckily we manage to book a cab and gort all of us home safely =D

9th November 2008

Hmm.. Went to my darling hse and headed to Grandma hse in the nite =)

10th November 2008

Darling finalli finish exam lo!!! =D

HaPpY HaPpY to the MAX!!! Long time ago already plan to do sushi for him to eat le.. Therefore today finalli I did it!!! =D So proud of myself =)

This is what my sushi look like... I knoe that it look plain but still can be eaten ba =x LOL... Had Pizza hut for dinner... Had lots of fun with Jie and darling =) Caught lots of small small bear bear for ourself =D

*Sushi tat I made*

* Tuna SuShi *

*Cheese Sushi*

Friday, November 7, 2008

Tis is the concert that I'm going to attend tml...
Beyond! My darling de favourite band.. =)
Hopefully all of us will enjoy ba...
Just came back from aunt birthday celebration...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Took a 2 hr bus journey that kill me all the way to Tamp.. =x

Shop Shop Shop..

Fresh Box shorts selling at $18 each and 2 for $28 =D

CheAp ChEaP!

Bought one for darling and on for bro =)

** Simple simple day **

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


WAn to hear the truth??

I'm BORED!!!

SEriously I cannot take it le.. Darling is having exam this period of time and I'm stuck at home!!

For no reason! I just rot at home.. Luckily tml mum bring me out and I'm going to do Shopping! =D

**Finally my hair is done on 4th Nov =D **

Saturday, November 1, 2008

It's NoVeMbEr!

NoVeMbEr !!!!
NoVeMbEr !!!
NoVeMbEr !!
NoVeMbEr !
I just love November! Coz it's the time where I receive what I wan and attending lots and lots of birthday celebration!
That's equal to!!!
HarD to DIET!!! FAT!!! =(
Looking forward to every single day of Nov =D

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