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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Random Post =)

RAndom Post =)

Had been busy past few days and finally i gort the time to upload all the pic! HEHE

On the 2nd day of my practical.. As i had said, one of my child Debbie drew this picture for me and said that it's a token to me =D so Sweet!

* That's me playing with ball *

These toys are caught by darling at lot one with help of Apple Jie =) Veri cUTE!.. I check the price at a Japan toy shop and it cost singapore 29.90 each =x But i caught all with around $30 =x hehe !

Teacher day's is coming ! and I receive my present! haha

* By Sarah! 2 days b4 teacher days given to me =)*

* Hand make Flower*

* Given by Amanda hehe.. So sweet *

*As for this.. is my little cute Jing Ying give de =) *

*From Daryl Lim =) HAHA! Reali touched lo *

*As for this dolphin pencil is by Wei Jie from malaysia =) *

Thursday, August 28, 2008

First present of teacher day =)

Teacher's Day is around the corner!!!

And I receive my first teacher day gift this yr today! =D

It's by Sarah! I onli did 4 days of practical and this particular student that i nv take note off suddenly give me a gift =) So sweet!!! Now I'm tring hard to be smiling every day as no matter what i still had to complete my pratical by the date given to me =x

Aft work, I took bus 160 to Juro... Mit up with darling and had a funniest dinner ever =x

Firstly.. Darling was eating porriage and dunno what happen he laught till almost spilt out =x

Secondly is that while eating dessert, he accidently hit the spoon onto his teeth with a loud sound, trying to act cool to cover up =x End up i told him i saw it and his face goes red! =x LOL

alot alot of things happen and it reali make me laugh till the max ! Dunno why this silly guy was being send to me to make me laugh and cry like crazy for him =)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

True Heart

I just wan to say how touched I'm just now by my little darling...

"Thanks darling for rushing down.. I reali appreciate it! Knoeing that these few dats ever since i start my practical, it had not been a relaxing day for u =( Sorrie k? COz I keep being a cry baby pesting u...

Thanks u for waking up double earlier than me, come down all the way from queenstown to pick me up and acoompany me to work... Aft sending me to work, go home and contiune with you things... Reali reali appreciate it! Coz i knoe it's tough for u! =D

AS for just now! thank u for rushing down aft class.. knoeing that I'm stress and had become a cry baby... u came down to sayang me =) Felt so loved!

Darling! I knoe in the past I'm wrong! Now! All i wan to do is treasure u and my family! That's all!!

Love u Darling sherman!! "

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Busy like a bee with practial =)

Trying to balance my time with work and darling =D

Tml will update my days =)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fire work festival

Quite free now... Therefore I'm here to blog =)

This few days had been a veri cooling period =D Love this type of temperature but it coz me flu =x

On fri is the 1st fire work festival and I miss it!! due to raining and also bringing mummy along =x So!!! Yst I die die must go watch coz is the last one le =z

Slack at darling hse aft having my piano lesson.. Took a nap and 6 plus off we go to marina!

It's crowed with people despite of the rain... I had found a good spot to watch coz my aunt told me le =) However!!! Darling and I find that it's still early, so we went down to get somthing to eat. Around 9pm we when back there, It was LOCK!!! ARH!!! Ended up had to go back to that same old croweded area to watch.

Korean de firework not bad.. Hoever.. I shall nv forget the fire works that i watch 3 yrs back, it's fantastic! Coz i found a Great spot =D Parents bringing their babies to watch however, the sound was too loud for them le, end up those babies beside me started cryinging =.=" (Shit! too excited for get to take photo =.=" )

It last for around 10 min i can say... One word for it " Good! "

Air pollution also good sia! haha...

Oh! Yst went to suntec and darling caught this big hamster for me! Yeah! It shall by my pillow! =D

** Enjoying the precious moment we had now.. having u by myside is great! u proof to me your cute side and u proof to me a little that u can change for me =D Reali happy... I LOVE U **

Friday, August 22, 2008

Dream Dress

It's week end!!! =D

Last shopping day b4 i start my practical =) Went out with mummy and darling again... Mit up at Chinatown and had a late lunch. Shop shop shop.. Not much things for us to buy at China town, so end up, we went to Bugis instead.

The moment we reach Bugis, it started to rain =( Lucky we stay indoor.. Shop Shop Shop again... Mummy brought herself a Blood tester and also a cooking metal grill =.=" As for me.. I aim a dress!!!! but is almost $90!!! Still trying ways if i should buy it anot?? I REALI LOVE IT!!! ARG! Gort the urge to steal it home! =x LOL..

Aft a tiring day of shopping.. I'm here trying to update my blog fast while my little darling is studying =) Tml is weekend lo! going to go see Fire Works! =D


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tweety bird =)

Nothing special happen today..

Mit up with darling at around 1:45 at Juro... Da Bao food up to center to eat. I'm dam bad luck lo! I happen to buy the mushroom meat noodle and the auntie who pack the food in the plastic bag happen to be cutting small chilli.. She pass me the money using the same glove, happily u took the money and headed back to center...

I was untieing the knot on that packet of food, the part between my nose and lips there start to itchy, therefore of coz i use my finger to scratch right? How i knoe my hand gort chilli!!!! The moment i touched, my there start to BURN!!! I can say it's reali BURNING!!!! Darling immediately ask me take his bubble tea and numb my lips there =x

ARH!!!! It hurts! HAte it la! Chilli is my Nitemare!!!

B4 his tuition... we went to Juro entertainment to catch toy toy.. Tis time round, we spend $7 for this cute tweety =D LOL.. So cute!

Aft darling de class, Sharm, darling and I went back there and Sharm wanted to catch one for herself... She invested around $15 and gort nth... Hai.. we felt so bad for her.. Darling decided to catch on for her the next time =D

Nite time lo... Went to BPP to mit up with my gerz for dinner... This time round reali every one turn up le =D Looking forward for the next meeting =) Glad to knoe that xin keep updating herself on that my blog.. =D I love u gers! haha

and also

I love u too la darling ! =x dun jealous k? hehe...

Weekend is coming soon lo!!!! =D


*enjoy to the max *

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

On monday... Darling saw a addid jacket at vivo and wanted to buy it.

Therefore today, went to orchard The CAthay to get it =D I reali dunno why all Addid Jacket look so great! LOL

This are some drawing that i did yst when I'm bored =)

Sherman (Darling)
Chee Hao ( Da GeGe)
Wei Jie ( Fren Fren)
Siew Ling ( small mei mei)
Josephine ( me~!~)
Alice ( Our Ah Jie)

Like what i mention... below are those toys that i caught =D hehe

*1 yrs old blog lo =) *

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Just a simple day for me =)

Mit up at Juro, had our lunch at center... Caught a Stitch! =D

Wait for his tuition to end, ta bao home to eat =D

Just a simple and happy day I'm having =)

Monday, August 18, 2008

It's Shopping day!

Hoho! Gort up early in the morning and get prepare to go out =)

This time round, went to Vivo for shopping =) Din get myself things over there.. Ended up went to anchor point to see billabong...

Gort myself a dress!!! yahoo!! And had a wonderful dinner with mummy and darling =)

LOve this type of life... dun wish to be disturb =)

* I'm so used to u le =) *

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Peace Please =)

War aft war... not tired ar? Diao =.="

All i wan is PEACE! This matter I'm going to let it be ba.. no point smsing and shouting at one another who's right who's wrong correct?

All so tired le... Let matter rest la.. I already did what u told me to le, what else u still wan??

One more week to pratical!!! scary! hope every thing goes smoothly for me =)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Toy toy day =)

It's Saturday~!

Had been enjoying myself this few days... Let me start from what i did on Friday =)

15 August 08

Darling and I intend to watch " The journey to the center of the earth" long ago.. and finalli!! We gort the chance to watch.. Mit up with him at 2pm ps bus stop, ended up he was late =.=" 8 buses of 190 pass me and he finalli reach! =D

Watch 3:20pm show at The Cathay =) Nice show man.. Love the part where they sat the roller coaster =x AFt watching, we headed down to Bugis to mit up with my gerz fren...

While waiting, My hand was so itchy that I decided to change $2 to catch bear bear.... first time fail and on the second time~~ OMG! I caught the mickey mouse!!!!! Was so stunt... Darling was greedy.. LOL... he went to change $5 and when he use his first dollar.. he caught a stitch!!!!! HOHO! We were so SHOCK!

With our greedy mind set, we spend another few bucks and we caught the wInnie POoH!!! Over joy le !LOL...

Waited for every one to reach and had steam boat till quite late... Eat till wan explode le lo. My long waited bag had arrive!!! Hoho! Next bag lo =x Every one aft steam boat decided to go back le, but hor! darling still lack of one meow meow to completion of collection... Ended up he went back there and catch! BINGO! we CAUGHT it! haha... We spend almost a total of $20 for a full collection of this series of toys... It's our first time having a full collection series =D

REli feel so lucky this time round.. Went home with a stomach full of food and joy =)

16 August 08

It's a saturday and as usual, went for piano class and soon mit up with JIe and headed for Orcahrd. Jie went to far east to sell off her Guggi bag.. around $350 =x

My cousin having performance at Bontanic Gardern, therefore, i asked all my fren there to support her and she was so stage fright! =x LOL... Half way of the performance, it started to rain... Sad.. we had to go off le =x

Was So sososososososososo HUNGRY!~ That the moment i reali can eat up an elephant lo! =x LOL... Reached Suntec and ate hokkien mee and the kui chup LOl...

Full full le... Jie want to go up there to catch bear bear. With quite alot of money use up, we ended up catching this female "angel" =) So cute! too bad not mine =x LOL...All of us were so stunt when the toy slow motion over turn and drop into the hole =D while another couple around us used up $40 bucks and caught nothing at all! =x

Brought some beer or dunno what to esplande and drink =) Play guessing number and the losser must drink! LOl.. Gort lots of fun and we had decided... This may be our pass time hobby le =x

LOL.. Looking forward for another enjoyable day =D

Thursday, August 14, 2008

hao gege birthday

I'm back!!!

Just now went for party!

It's our frenz hao gege birthday and we manage to come up of a plan to sabo him =) Having 4 children and darling ambush around the tuition center and as for me, sharm and the rest of the children, we were hiding in a class room.

Those out there are with wip cream plus coconut milk on their hand =D Haa! Evil! Hao gege will be having a tuition class at 6:30.. So we gort every thing prepare by 6 and awaiting for him to arrive.

Once he arrive! ATTACK!! haha... gone case lo =x Whole face smash with cream =x EE!!!!

Follow by once he enter the center we jump up to give him a surprise!!!

Cut all the cake and off the children go... We had our dinner up in the center and hao gege told us that acutali he already knew all this le, coz he sent his fren to spy us the whole day! What the hell!! arh!

Suddenly someone mention.. " So whose the next victim??"


Shh.... Quiet!!! Coz i'm the next one =x LOL... Reali dun wish to be sabo by them =x ARH!

Enjoy our self the max although tution is still on la! =p

As for tml.. will be having a gers meeting, Yeah Yeah! !



Hey hey!
Is mr Hao birthday today!
HaPpy Birthday hao gege! Going to be celebrating his birthday ltr on...
This few days had been gaming till crazy sia.. lots of stress and lots of fun.
Suddenly this little phrases strike my mind during the game while wanting to complain the game.. Arh! Crash is the game I always like =)
This is what "u" did to me!
And I shall forever remember it!
Chances were given to "u"
Yet "u" turn around and bite me!
If I do not play evil
"u" will think I'm a easy bully person!
Gathering points to fight the war
Trying to save my people who were trap in the cave for yrs
This revenge may take months or even years
But I share be waiting for the day
where JUSTICE arrive!
When the day come,
we shall see how "u" die....
...awaiting for the Day...
Judgement done by law...
Nightmare coming!
*Typing things out make one feel better, Gaming in process*
(nice game right? haha.. those playing can let me know)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hmm.... Yesterday was a horrible nite mare which I dun wish to say. Just wish the moment to freeze within those sweet times =)

Bruises all over and heart being broken.. both of us had been hurt. However... Since I had created tis trouble, i will try to settle it asap..

Hope we can face the prob together and start changing for the gd =)

* Love is the onli one that i give hope into it *

Monday, August 11, 2008

1 yr anniversary!

HaPpy Anniversary darling!!

Let me talk abt today plan... Today program is plan by my little sweet heart =D

Yst we plan to mit up 1 pm at orchard, secretly in the morning I woke up early and prepare myself to darling hse =) Thinking that he should be slping so i shall not make the first move to sms him to wake him up.

The moment i receive his sms, I'm already on the train le =) Darling suddenly sms me and change the time to 12:30 at bugis... I was stunt at first but decided to risk it =)

The moment i reach his block, i wanted to double check if he's home.. gave him a miss call and gort a call back from his home.. BINGO! Up to his hse... this time round, I called him and asked what he's doing?? some ting funny happen..

Our conversation ::::::

Me : " Darling, just wake up ar? what are u doing now?

Darling : " I'm helping my mum to tidy her things lo... later mit u at 12:30 k??"

Me : " Huh! why bugis... hey! come to corridoor can?? veri hot la! =p "

Darling : " STUNT! OMG! "

Hoho... darling was smoke by me! And guess what! I caught him baking COOKIES for me!!!! LOL... Caught him in action! =x

* Messy*
*Trying to make it cripsy*

* Finalli DONE! *
Done with the cookies things, now... We carry on with darling de program, which is go seafood harvest eat!!! Haha.. It's our first time there =)
Order Mix seafood with dorry fish =) As for darling, he got himself a sirolin steak =D
Hmm... If i were to compare, i still prefer Jack place =)
* Photo of main dish forget to take! shit! Coz too hungry le! *

* Darling Smile =) *
* blue blue de.. not nice to drink *
* strawberry! nice! too bad is not mine =( *

* Eager to sumit his assignment to prove to me the mark!*
( End up.. he reai gort 100/100 for this test =.=" )

* See la! eating time also scold me! *
* Again.. play play play *
* Thanks for the treat darling *
We went for shopping aft our lunch.... Happen to walk pass a pet shop and we hamster that is like some one press fast forward lo... They keep jumping here and there, running here and there like mad le lo =x and this FAT one caught our attention!!!!
I came up with this story =)

* This hamster is darling... Eating quietly*

* Me went to disturb.. Darling ar.. so fat le still eat! *

* darling still eating =.=" *

Darling planning was not a veri gd one.. however, i still apreciate him to do the planning =) Hope next yr or the next planning he can do a good job =D

No where to go and Nothing to do... end up we decided to go nick there eat =)

I'm MAD! STupid darling!

Our conversation::::::::::::;

ME: " Darling... this bus 97 can board ma? "

Darling : " Can! Faster! "

*Board the bus.. After a while *

Darling : "Hey... I gort a bad feeling! "

Me: " Huh! "

Darling: " Ops! Wrong bus!!! "

ARh!!!! We quickly alight and went to the opps to take another bus... =.="

Had an enjoyable meal and this funny thing took place aft meal when nick complain that there's something stuck in his finger.

* Darling trying to help him *

* Aft 10 min*

* Forget it la! Darling just ithcy hand =.=" *

Had a little quarrel with darling when we went anchor point =)

Quarrel Quarrel till lot one.. This stupid guy use the same method again!!! STOMACH PAIN!!

I'm not so stupid to let him bluff lo =x LOL.. When i was abt to play hid and seek with him, my stomach reali pain!!! Should i reali believe in FATE?? The moment I get out of the toilet he was on the escalator coming up towards me... =x Pretending that i nv see him, he hide behing the wall and jump in front of me with the flowers! =D HAPPY! =x LOL...

He reali is the person that can make me Love him, HAte him, Angry with him and also.. smile with no reason when I'm with him =D

* love the flowers! *
* Act Cool! *
* Smile! *

* caught this at marina square *
(Can move de wor! )

* Left side is me and right side is him *

This neoprint was taken so last min that the archard is waiting for us =x LOL....
Msg to darling :::::
Darling ar! Althought your planning is bad la... but i reali appreciate =) This is the 1st yr we are celebraing so hope u enjoy yourself too... This one yr i may nag at u, but still i find i nag is for your own good k? Hope the future yrs will be smooth for us =)

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