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Saturday, May 31, 2008

1st Outing for June

It's Friday!!

Outing day!

Today went to work with a happy mood coz all of us is going for outing! Our first stop is the towards the DHL balloon... however, when we were on the journey for the destination, we received a call saying that the wind is too strong today for DHL... =.=" End up! we went to sit the HiPpO Tour! Yahoo!!!

Aft the HiPpo Tour.. we alighted at Suntec and waited for our own transport to Playground @ The Big Splash! =) Fun Fun Fun! The moment we reached there, we were So So hungry! we went straight to KFC which we already ordered the food.. Ate a burger and waited for our turn to play "Kangaroo Jump"! =) NIce NIcE!!!! I was So So So scared that i keep screaming and all my student laugh at me =.=" so Pai sei! =x The guy in charge there not bad sia! haha... One thing i realise! A person in charge must be good and friendly... If not u had no interest on the whole Program de =) hehe

Aft an enjoyable day! It's a new start of my darling outing =) We rent a HOnda Stream... Nice! hehe.. I waited long long time for the car to come fetch me sia.. ROtting lo! =z However finalli 7:45 the car arrive and we headed to Bukit Timah market for our delicious dinner ! YumMy !

**LOoking forward to the next 2 days**

TO be update aft i come back .....

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Family day

Yo! this is taken at singapore flyers on 24 May! =) HappY Family day =)

The little cousin was scare of height that she stay at that postion for the whole journey!!! =.="

More photo coming up! =)

Sunday, May 25, 2008

25th birthday of darling =)

Let's see...

Some update on the last few days...

23th May 2008

It's my darling birthday and i had all event being planned =) Few days before this, me and jie went to causeway during lunch to order a cake for tis big day.. when this day came, as per normal, i go to work and in order to give darling a surprise. =)

Thinking that darling will be at hme and is easier to celebrate with him there.. End up! stupid nick! He went out with him! so... i had to gang up with nick =) Ask darling to go nick hse for game and while i'm on the way to nick hse, i called nick and ask him to prepare candle and stuff. =) I reached nick hse and quickly hide in the kitchen while darling is still in nick room enjoying his PS3 =x LOL... Prepare Prepare! Give him a suprise! =) The cake melt till cannot make it lo =x Sian!

But! still it's nice!!!! I wish to thank nick for his help =)

Nite program

Aft the surprise! We rush all the way to IMM to mit wei jie and siew ling for the dinner... We decided to go Swensen to had dinner and i had requested for a gd seat =) hehe.. Eat and relax! Time pass so fast that we had to end our day le =)

However.. I think every one enjoyed our self ba =) hehe... hope darling love the things i had planned =)

Next blog will be another update of today =)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

All the Quiz ! =)

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Hot! Hot! Hot!

The heat is killing me! Every day bath nicely for work and end up sweat and smelly! Ee.....

2nd day of working this week.. boss is not around this whole week , however! she wrote all our teacher assignment on a paper and place it on the office table before she left =.=" Started doing and doing till i was so busy that time pass so fast i also din realise! BUT! it's scary... coz i haven complete those task assigned by her =x Left tml and friday =)

1 more day to darling birthdaY!! HohOHo... Some one old by one yrs old le ! 25! haha Hmm... still dunno what to get for him lei.. sian! =x (knoe he will read my blog~ so i wrote like this ) =x LOL...

2 more days to children holiday! And ! 10 more days to the outing!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Counting down

Every thing is back to normal again~

YeS!! Outing is going well and the program i organise for center is already been fix! =)

So happy!

14 May le wor!! For those in the outing i planned... veri fast hor! time just flys when i started working.. busy till i dun realise that i had been working for almost a month le =x

Couting down the days ahead....

9 more days to children school holiday & 16 more days to darling outing =)

Monday, May 12, 2008

At first thought today will be a horrible day by coz monday blue ma.. end up! haha... easy to pass the day =)
Boss nv come so all of us do things on our own timing =) I did my holiday planning for the center and these are the outing we will be going " Kangroo Jump " , " 2 Movie show " , "Ice Skating" , K Box, "Escape and Wild wild wet " =D
Yahoo!!! Looking forward to Center outing and also my darling birthday outing =D

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother day

HaPpy MoThEr Day to all =)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

hO hO hO!

It's Saturday =)

Slept all the way till 11am!! hehe =) Gort up and eat my breakfast and headed for class..

Lunch time went to darling hse but dun feel like eating lei.. so end up eat cereal =) hehe.. went to juro to mit up Jie, WJ and siew ling... discuss abt the outing things and finally.. think all decided le =) Caught bear bear too =x hehe

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Since yesterday i was sick, i took the medicine that the doctor gave me and cause sleepy.. However! i stilll wake up in the middle of the nite for nth =.=" Think i too stress up in work le =x

GOrt up late, forget to charge MP3.. nvm.. not onli this, i already had my fare card with me all the time in my bag de, i itchy hand go take out and place it on the table =.=" end up no EZ link card for me =x Sob... Was so moody that i sms darling and hope that he wake up la, coz he slp at 3 -4 plus every nite ... Lucky he woke up =)

Bad New... On the phone he told me tat Jie met with an taxi accident and she lost her phone too during the accident =.=" ARh!!! gort so worried when i heard it =( Once i reach my work place, i went forward to ask Jie what happen... Lucky not bleeding, just blue black and her back veri pain... She took a half day coz the pain is killing her and with all this things happening, she had no mood to work.

WIth just 4 of the teachers.. We tried to control the class and i had my own class to control =) With my own method, manage to keep their mouth shut! =) However.. I still lost my voice during all those scolding =(

Aft this tiring day... darling called me and ask me go West mall to mit Sharm and him up for dinner... So.. I took train down lo.. They at Juro lei and i'm at woodland!! Yet! i'm earlier than them to reach =.=" Once we enter west mall, i saw the M1 shop having promotion.. and YES! YES~! YES! This time round i finially waited for the right moment!!! last week nearly bought 6500s for $168 for 2 yrs contract.. however onli west mall M1 had this promotion of this phone.. the phone onli cost $98!!!! WAO! lucky last week nv xin yang yang go buy =x LOL... Not onli this! i gort a $80 Voucher from M1.. So i onli had to pay $18 for the phone =x hO hO hO =>

SO lucky of me =)

Now.. another bad example that i wan to tell every one!!!

See this old model 6610 below.. It's my precious phone when i was in secondary sch, as i save all my allowance to buy it, dun believe can ask my fren... But!! one stupid act make me regret..

For those who knoe my ex whom is Terence HO... I lend him this phone when we are together, as he need to go NS, i just lend him lo.. Listen up man! I lend him that time is not in this condition.. The condition is 9/10 lo....

However Ns is 2 yrs ma.. within this 2 yrs we break up le and i wanted this phone back, he told me that he needed it and wanted me to wait for his ORD... Ok! fine! i wait... Wait Wait. and this is what i get back.. All my key pad ruin!!! ALL SCRATCHES on my phone and One more thing! with my On/Off button spoilt!!! U guys may not see it clearly in the picture, but me see le Heart pain lo!!! What the F***! Hate this type of guy.. at least change the cover for me la! coz is u make until so ugly de lei.. .still gort the cheek to throw in my letter box and not passing it to me personally!!

Conclusion is!!! Dun ever be soft hearted... gEt back what belong to u and dun drag.. Coz since the break up happen, he may spoilt the phone more before passing back to me !!! HATE HIM!!! Terence HO! Dun EVer Make me see u!! ASs HolE!

ARH.... SO piss off now!!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


This two days had been sick, down with Flu =( And i pass till my center also gort 4 more people having flu =.=" Pai Sei la =x LOL...

Aft this bad flu, today i had cough plus flu!!! Wao! it's killing me =x

Manage to teach Andy and Si YIng whatever knowledge i had in science in 3 hrs time and wish them good luck for their exam tml.. Hope they dun disappoint me =)

Monday, May 5, 2008

BLue~ Blue~ Blue~ Monday blue~

=( SAd SAd SAd

Today started work with a mood day as children are having exam tis whole week =( Busy preparing them with all the best we teacher had. =)

Aft the one whole day of working, mit up with darling at lot 1 =) First time eating at Lot one new food court and all i can say "SUCKS!" diao... the food there change alot and the price too =x Baby lucky sia, eat and then pick up a $10 notes on the floor =) LOL...

Got home early then usual as darling exam is just next week, hope he could KAmbatak ba =)

**Tml will be another new day =) **

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Back!! =)

didn't reali play alot today but still.. enjoy la, hehe coz gort all my buddy frenz ma..

Went to IMM with parents for lunch, soon WJ and darling came to find us.. Seeing so many people and is giving us a headache.. mum decided to leave the place and send us to Juro entertainment there earlier =) hehe.. no need walk! so shoik! =x

Waited at center for CH to finish teaching and then went to Play Bowling =) hehe.. And other more things we did but too long to type out...

I just wish to say.. I'm looking forward to 31MAY!!! =)

Labour Day!!

hai... Just a normal day off ba =) It's good to take a break le, aft seeing those cute and noisy monster for 3 days =x

Preparing to go out with darling and frenz for a bowl at Juro =)

Enjoy this day guys =)

** MIss tha tha, nini and darling **

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