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Monday, March 31, 2008

Hell Day

Hell DAY!!!!

At first thought i gort a nice job that i can settle down and start my future.. but not like i expected!!!

This is how things happen:::::

Early in the morning my fren and i went to the center early in the morning. Once we reach there, we were introduce to the kids one by one.. Aft introducing, the boss nv tell us what to do, we were sending there less than a few sec and she said to us " U guys cannot stand ther elike a wood block!!" =.=" hello!! u are the one that nv tell us what we must do and futhermore we are new!! Then my fren start to sneeze one time, then she ask "Are u sick??" =.=" this was so obverse tat she wan my fren to leave so.. Lucky my fren not flu.

Okie.. this one we just dun take it hard... She ask us to do cutting, so we just stand there and cut. Cut for almost an hr and a little ger come in crying... The boss take this time to chase my fren out! she say" The ger see u then cry, can u please take your bag and get out first?" =.="

My fren came towards me and say she's leaving.. i STUNT!!! then slowly i get to knoe what happen... At first i thought reali is my fren scare the little ger, however.. I dun think so coz i get to knoe the truth later on. I saw the little ger crying for 3 hrs and i was so pluzzle, coz my fren had left yet she was still crying...

I went forward and ask one of the staff working there.. aft hearing what she said i immediately wish to walk off le ... the staff said " Oh, this little ger ar, she's new. 2 weeks ago she come to this center and attended for 1 week, last week she was sick therefore she did not turn up and now she's back and started crying le"

=.=" aft hearing this, can u guys conclude?? Kids are like tat when they reach a unfamiliar place, not say my fren indian then the ger cry lei.. the boss is just trying to find a way to ask my fren leave!!! HAte her!!!

After hearing all this, i went forward and tell her that i wan to quit, i dun wan to work le.. she say cannot!!! =.=" end up i explain to her nicely and this time round, she ask me go see a doctor coz i told her i not those out spoken de person. Siao!!! that 's my character ma!! then she keep scolding me say i failure in life and stuff.. I wanted to walk out immediately, but she ask me to stay till 5:30 die die and she go ask a staff to lock the main door (0_O)?? What the hell!!!

Seeing every ting is not right, i ask my fren to help me call my bf as she's out there waiting for me... She staying out there and i'm hanging in there trying to wait for my bf reach le then save me out... Suddenly boss came forward to me nicely and said she wish to talk to my fren nicely outside, i thought "wow that's great."

Waited patiently in the center while she's out, not knoeing what is happening out there... When she was back, she scream at me and ask me take my bag and get out!!! (0_O)?? what happen?? Not knoeing what happen i just gort out of the center and end up all of us is out there together.

My fren and boss scream at one another while i was so blur dunno what is happening... Boss rush out with my fren application form and tear it infront of us =.=" I still blur.. so i ask them fill me in with what had i miss

This is what i miss:::::

While i'm in there and boss said she's going to talk nicely to my fren.. it's FAKE!!! she dash out of the center and shouted at my fren say that she's not racist, dun harass her center and bla bla bla...lastly she ask my fren and bf to Get out immediately without me with them =.=" But she not going to let me go, there fore, when my bf and my fren wanted to rush in take me out, i happen to open the door and there it is....

Thinking that once we leave there the matter will stop!!! NO!!! Nightmare came immediately!!!

While in the bus to somewhere, the boss called and she start shouting at me on the phone!!! SUCK!!! then she ask if my fren was beside me and wanted me to pass her my phone, i passed her and she started scolding my fren too on the phone. Lucky my hp went low batt!! haha.. so i off it...

Aft 2 hrs.. She start calling my phone again, this time around i'm not going to answer it... Then she sms me " Dear Josephine, based on our assignment today we are not able to host any trainee, pls call me.. Mrs Leong"

Seeing this sms, i was not so stupid to call her la... I waited till all my fren is around me le.. then she happen to call at 4 plus.. i ans using loud speaker and she started saying that the children cry becoz of my fren and staff... She's afriad that we would sue her.. therefore she trying to scare us by saying that she gort a copy of my fren registeration form and will not let the matter rest.. =.="

Ended the call and within 2 sec she call again and ask me not to come tml.. okie la.. fine! i also dun wish to turn up =) Case CLOSE!!!!

Once i reach hme, i expain to parents and my dad veri cute.. ask me why dun called him down, so that he could give her a gd scolding =) haha!! gort bf stay so near dun wan meh, call dad from far come find me, i think by then i will be dried up by her le.. haha =) Dad want me to get her center name and her name down, he wan to sue her... =x

Ops! that's adult prob le =) haha

Friday, March 28, 2008

Shopping day

Gort up Dam Dam early without human alarm clock... quickly bath and gort out of my hse.

I was thinking to take bus or take train to my new work place to get the contract, end up decided to risk the bus. My mind was so messy until at teck wheye saw a fren board the bus and was so happy... We didn't manage to sit togehter so end up we sms each other although we are just one seat away =.=" LOL...Gort down and manage to change a bus within 3 min =) hehe

First time taking the bus at the other direction and i was so blur, i alighted a stop before the one i actuali wanted to alight, end up walk all the way down =.="

Darling was so early waiting for me at the center de entrance le, was so happy to see him as last nite gort a small quarrel and end up nv talk things with him.. yet he still turn up =) Love him!! hehe... He pei wo all the way..

Aft signing the 2 month job, we quickly "transform" ourself into nurses.. Took a cab to his hse to pick up his mother and headed to the polyclinic... Waited almost 2.5 hrs!!!! horrible!! and people is cutting quene till every one so angry... =z

However lucky we manage to get ever thing done by 1 and rush out to mit my mummy at PS for lunch and shopping..

Went to eat Swensen.. Ordered " US fries, cRayfish pasta, Beef baked rice, Fish baked rice and a apple Crumble dessert" =) hehe.. I always enjoyed eating with darling and mummy coz we will have lots of things to gossip abt =) Right?? haha

Aft eating.. we actuali wanted to head down to herren.. but once we step out of PS, we saw a lighning just strike and guess what?? we did a 180 degress sharp turn and head back to PS bus stop to take bus to marina =) haha !!!

MArina Suntec is where we love to shop, happen to saw a nike sales.... so end up darling and mummy went in to search for their shoes and they finally found the one that is watiting for them =) Darling saw a last pair of nike black shoe which is dam dam NiCe! and the size is 12 1/2 while darling is wearing size 11.. thought that it may be loss for him, however it fit perfectly!!!! LOL.. what is yours is reali yours haha.. Mum saw a purple sports shoe and also tried it and she love it alot =)

Both shoes are under the $75 sales area, they put original price range is 170 to 199.. HOwever when we reach the cashier and saw darling shoes being scan, the original price is $ 255!!!! now selling $75!!! =.=" and for mummy de is $170 selling $75!!! End up both shoes cost onli $150 !!!

Every one had their present except me!! sob =( i go home empty handed =(

Shooing ended at 8 plus =)

This is life

Life is unpredictable...

Alot of things happen to those around me and i find that life is full of surprises for every one =)

No matter is sad or happy, it's still bits and pieces of our life...

Hearing alot of cases where people pass away and is happening around me, can i feel sad or gald for them?? As they pass away in their slp peacefully with a smile on them...

If there is onli 1 more min for u to be alive, what will u do, where would u wish to be and who do you wish to be with?? Take a min and think abt it...

For me.. if i were to have inli a min more to be alive, i was to be with my whole family inclduing grandma and with darling sitting together having a chat.. =) Having all this people around me make me smile, cry, angry and irritated... But still.. They are those whom i love the most =)

** Treasure those around u b4 it's too late **

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Problem Solve!!

Wat a horrible day for me today...

Gort up aft a cry last nite and still facing the same prob..

What's wrong with me? is it i'm not daring enought to face the reality?? cannot stop crying until the whole matter is solve this afternoon...

This 2 days reali xin ku le my darling, keep hearing me asking the same question for hrs and hearing me cry on the phone =( sorrie ... But i just can't help it, one day the prob is not solve, i will not stop thinking and crying for it =(

I know it may be a small matter to those who know what's the prob is, but to me is a reali big thing as i had nv ever tried b4 =z

Was so touched by darling as he is able to bluff me to bath and take the short time to rush down to my hse =) Reali surpirses me and is there for me when i reali wish to see him immdiately =) Thanks YOu darling!!!

NO matter how much nagging i give u, u tried to give in to me and prevent more conflict coming up, thanks for being so understanding =)

HOpe the path i choosen is right for me ba =) just bear with it for 2 month!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008



Dunno why suddenly my head feel like bursting =( hai.. went for another sudden interview at Farrer Court there...

The place was not bad and the paid was not bad too.. however ! hai... overly stress.. dunno to accept the job anot =(

Slping soon...

**Sick Sick SIck**

Monday, March 24, 2008

Rain Rain

RaIn rain Rain

Went abt to go hme, it started raining till so horrible, but it's fun having darling beside me and it make me laugh throughout the process...

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Lucky day =(

I was HURT!!!

Knoe what?? let me explain...

Got up early in the morning for the sick of cooking food for darling, whack up my whole family and they fetch me to his hse... Went to NTUC and gort some fish, bread, beef ball and chicken ball.

While cooking, every thing can say goes well ba, however it reali tired darling le.. Muackz, thanks for being such a sweet boy fren... =)

DOing so much things, darling and I gort tired and took a nap before meeting Wei jie at 4pm... OPS!!! Over SLp le!!! hehe... mange to get out of the hse before the HEAVY HEAVY rain start to pour... knoe that darling was angry with me coz i slp like piggy =z LOL...

Went to pei Wei jie and darling play VS till i tired sia, sit there for almost an hr and yst also sit for nearly 2 hrs watching them play =.=" Darling and I was playing around while Wei jie turn to vs with others... AND!!! from here my bad luck start le

Beginning for BAD LUCK!!!

While i tried to lie onto darling de chest, his belt scratch my right arm.. nvm... Within 3 sec!!! he wanted to say sorrie but the height of my head and his hand match so well that his FINGER poke into my right eye!!!! OUCH!!! hurts =.="

It's not over yet...

While on the wat hme aft playing pool.. I caught up with bus 190 and when i board the bus half way, STUPID STUPID reali STUPID driver close the door and it SLAM onto my shoulder and hit my right side of the face and hurt my CHEEK!!!! my bone hurts!!! =.=" ARH!!!! I expect a sorrie from the Indian driver but NONE!!!!

So Piss off!!!

STart to throw temper to darling le... However his small action reali touched me =) He's down with flu the whole day and when he saw the door hurt me, he use his hand to block but abit too late la.. LOL.. Soon in the bus, we were sitting seperated, he say a seat of 2 and went to sit, but i throw temper and dun wan move my butt =x hehe.. sorrie ar.. Too many people le and he just gort up and move to the back and stand beside me through the whole journey.. I felt so bad
=( sorrie darling, knoe u sick yet i still sit there and u stand throughout...

**some times i just dun understand why i throw temper but still reali xin fu to have him by my side**

Thanks darling and i Love u !! =D


Darling took all this photo for me in the crowd...

Thanks Darling


Gort up and Get prepare for the new day ahead of me =)

Went out to mit darling, jie jie and ting frenz they all..

While on the way to marina square, heard from 933 that my idol Charlen will be coming to singapore today!!! and the event is held at Suntec at 5pm!!!1 OMG!!! I was so excited that i nearly scream on the bus =x

Darling and me reach early, as watiing for jie jie to come... we went to play game, he came le but the fren late!!! sian... we waited again....this time round, we thought we were meeting one ger! but end up 5 turn up =.=" good luck to wei jie =D haha

Didn't knoe where to go and we were heading aimlessly with no one deciding what to do!!! ARG!!! Spoilt my day.. but nvm.. i still gort Charlen at suntec...

Waited at the shop "heroic".. when i reach there, the rd was so Jam till the security was so piss of... Human Jam i can say.. haha =x I hack care and just waited, ARG!!! i heard screaming and i saw Charlen walking toward me!! OMG!!! It was like so near.. just beside me!!! F***ing near ba =) My heart pump till i nearly fainted... SERIOUS!!! my heart pump so fast that i can hear it myself =D Manage to caught a photo of her.. hehe =>

She went into the shop and i couldn't see her le =( sob... BUT!!! darling was so sweet.. he took my camera and start to squeeze into the human traffic and tried to get a place to talk Charlen photos for me while jie and I stand one side...

At that time the Human Jam was so horrible that nearly every one gort into a fight.. tumble onto one another... I was so worry for darling but i felt helpless.. could not contact him at all =( Lucky every thing is over within 30 min and darling is back safely however he still hurt his hand while helping me get the photo.

** Sorrie darling.. thanks for the sweet things u did.. u xin ku le. =( Sorrie and thanks!muackz**

Aft the whole event.. jie jie de frenz all gone le =.=" we 3 carried on with our program lo.. so Hungry!!! went to makan and soon went to play bowling... hehe =) Hate the beginning part of the day but love the ending part of the day =)

** Love is Great!! REali touched by wat darling did for me =) Love u **

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Movie Fans

Nows a day, sick and tired of shopping..

Now almost is movie day =) Today just went to 10000BC with darling de friends.. All i can say is 6.5/10 ba =D Nice Mountain scene tat they have use..

Before this watched " The SPiderwick" at Juro entertainment =D Love this kind of show.. haha =x i rate it 7.5/10 =D haha Elves and lots of demon is my favourite =x

And just before the Spiderwick, went to watched water horse!!! =x Thought it will be a nice show but erm... the rating i give it is just 6/10, not reali entertaining =x

Tat's all i had watch within this few weeks if i'm not wrong =)

Coming up thought of watch rule no.1 =)

Thanks for those who support my darling =D

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Do me a favour

Hey guys!!!

Do me a favour can??

I vote my bf for this kiss able event.. can help me vote for him also ?? hehe..
Name is Sherman Sun =)

Thanks guys!!1

Monday, March 17, 2008

One Step at a time

Reali Fan

Back to those mood which i hate!!! send so many resume still no reply, those reply de reali cannot make it de lo =.=" Hai... This time i'm reali walking one step see one step le..

Every monday will be a fearful day as i will surely get nag from mum abt job, once monday is over worst.. nagging will be double.. Trying to get over one day without nagging

**Having him by my side make me feel better althought there's still nagging**

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Photo for concert

Here are some photo taken at Jeff concert =)

Jeff Concert

Had a bad morning today... hate the way my mum temper explode =(

SEttle my mind le and get out of the hse for me day ahead..

Went for piano class with an empty stomach.. Luckily my teacher made tea egg, noodle and soup, which allow me to last for a few hrs...

Met Jie jie and hao ge ge at Ps for game plus pool.. ALthought it's a short meeting coz we rushing to go Jeff concert but i still enjoy myself =)

Rush all the way to Expo for Jeff concert.. hehe =D NICE!!!! Althought we bought the cheapest ticket but the music is so great that we still enjoy it =) haha!! Ticket all sold out lei =P Watch all the way from 8 to 10: 30.. In between where he didn't see, every one gone off to the toilet, the situation look like as if the concert has ended =x LOL.. But till the end.. He en-co for 2 to 3 more song.. haha those who left =x too BAD!!! LOL...

In between i didn't took much photo but i recorded alot alot of live music by him into my Hp =P HAHA... He's truely a Qing Ge Wang Zhi ( Prince of Love song) haha...

Hungry Hungry Hungry.. Went to Bedok there eat wanton nooodle and took cabbie home.. =x Wwao!! it cost my darlinh $28 plus.. diao..=.=" Once the cab reach baby hse, the time is 00:00 and the meter start jumping at the side =.=" so Zun!!! Luckily he gave me $50 haha.. if not i sure faint with seeing the price....

Tat's all for today le.. yawn.. tired


Monday, March 10, 2008

Another Yuck day

Sleep till so soundly when my phone suddenly ring!! Saw an unknown no. and thought it was my ex de fren call.. I went to ans with a lazy tone.. YUCKS!! it's a person asking for me to go interview this afternoon.

It's at lavender.. went there with darling and i was so glad he accompany me.. the place is so quiet till so scary.. even die here also no one save u lo =.="

The Center and the people there sucks!!! dun wish to mention abt it le.. just wan to say.. hate those place and people that talk with knife in their words =x

Looking forward to Jeff concert =)

Saturday, March 8, 2008


As usual for saturaday program::::

Go for Piano music early in the morning.. aft that went to city hall to mit darling and nick to go to the IT fair.. DAM DAM DAM!!! LOT!! of people =.=" i'm like a sandwhich but lucky gort darling la.. he big shoulder open my way through.. hehe =D

Had some conflict with him in between but still in the end... we both still knoe that we care for one another de la.. =)

Brought the original Transformers game from his fren frenz... i bet he will get addicted to it =x LOL..=D

Just when darling was on the way back aft sending me.. went to lot one mini toon to take a look at Cj toys.. see gort new one came in a not =.=" Diao.. end up YES!! gort.. he went to buy 4 of those small soft toy =.=" Again Agian... Cute old guy with CJ7!! LOL...

Can't Stand him.. just like a kid =x

Friday, March 7, 2008


Had a wonderful day today..

Set my alarm clock to ring at 9am.. It did ring BUT hehe => i itchy hand off it and over slp till 10:30!!! Gort shock! Quickly wake up, bath and went straight to darling hse..

We did a fun cooking.. haha!! cook jap fish, egg, meegorang and my favourite mince meat noodle... =x but every thing is darling do de, i onli is the helper and talker.. =x LOL.. Have lot's of fun! =) and all i can say "Darling! u are the best cook le la! " =D

Aft cooking darling do all the wash up and mopping of floor =x hehe... Yes Yes! i did nth at all but eat =x Feel so bad haha.. Sorrie darling =(

Slack at his hse till 6 plus and we went to Lot one to eat our dip dip bread at ya kun... DAm NiCE!!! =P YumMy !! Went to More than words and saw CJ 7... Darling just love it and we bought one small one and a big one =) hehe.. When darling on his way home he ren bu zu but to go in again and buy another soft toy for himself =.="

LOl.. a 25 Yrs old guy with a Cj 7 toy (-.-")

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Horrible neighbour


This family living on top of us is an old man and an old lady... they move in for almost a yr le ba, this one yr my family is suffering in the nite!!! =<

Let me explain to u guys:::::

This old couple on top of us had a daughter which does not stay with them, that means onli two of them staying on top of my hse.. Both are around 50 plus.. The old lady is dam F***ing ass.. not i wan to scold an old lady but she reali is a ass!!! Every day she will stand at every window of her hse and start scolding dunno who at the window.. and it is polluting our ear.. COZ this is wht she scold every day " CB la.. Shut your mouth la! CB wan go play go play la! LJ la ... blabla bla.." How horrible she is!!! Her daily routine is she start scolding early in the morning from 9am to 1pm, follow by 3 pm to 7pm, then 8pm to 11 pm....

U think this is the onli thing she did??


She will always use things to hit the floor of hers which is my celling and is irriating me!!!! The sound is so loud till my floor vibrate!!!! think u guys must come and see one day... This hitting not onli awhile lei...

Now i wan to Shout it out le!!!

She can start hammer as early as 7am!!! all the way till 1pm!!! CONTIUNES!!! mind u guys... is contiune de.. one second one time k!!! so u guys can count one min i hear 60 hitting sound!!!

Last nite this MAd lady reali stupid over my family nerve!!!! she hit from 12 am all the way till 4am!!!! Dad was so angry tat we call the police... This is not the first time we call the police le.. ARH!!!! But still the hitting goes on....

Think last week onli... one of the nite.. she keep hitting the whole day which is almost 15 hrs contiunously!!! I was so Piss and irritated till i cannot slp... I remember clearly it's 1am in the morning, someone came down and press my door bell. Happen that daddy and mummy was waken by the hitting sound so they open the door and i saw the old man which is the lady husband... he also abit Crazy de!!! HE came down and beg us not to disturb his wife!!! WTF!! how the hell we disturb her!!! she up there we down here suffering lei!!! F***

Police report had been done... complain to HDB there also had been done... They called the daughter of theirs and u knoe what the daughter say?? Oh... my mum is mentally prob de!!! diao.. she promise to bring her to see doctor!! okie fine.. we believe her.. BUT!!! 2 week le!!! Nothing is done!!! =z


Police came and say that both the couple is metally prob de =.="

Now i understand...


How i wish every thing will be peacefully settle by tonite...

enjoy and suffer =x

12:20 am ..

Had a tiring day of shopping and eating again.. hehe =D

Went to Bugis and tried the Wang kok restaurant =z It's sucks.. so better DUN go there eat.. =<>

Mummy decided to shop at bugis for a while as i need to look for baby present for my bf sister son who is going to be a month old soon =) Look and Look and Look.. had the urge to buy the clothes for collection.. LOL.. So CUTE!!! Saw a dress for baby ger at GAPs.. Dam Dam CUTE!! haha.. reali cannot forget wht the clothes look like..

Aft shopping at bugis, we decided to go Vivo to shop again.. =)

Went to Vivo.. mummy mouth start to itch! =.=" went to republic and ate dim sum... Once again! it sucks!! so DUN go eat =z Aft eating tea break, we contiune shopping again.. =)

Baby clothes?? Dog clothes?? They almost look the same till i so blur.. LOL..

Baby Clothes once again.. while holding darling hand and mummy at my side shopping.. My mind suddenly gort bubbles coming up..

""How i wish i can had a baby soon and play with it""

LOL.. think u guys see this le will go diao diao.. =x But just can't help it.. Babies are so CUTE!!! =)

Back to Lot one aft Vivo and mummy hungry again!!! Can't stand her!! so skinny yet can eat and eat and eat.. =.=" Went to Ah Wang to eat bread.. coz me on diet.. =x



Still have to face the music aft this enjoyable day =z


Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Time to think

Sit back and start to think...

The whole day sitting hme and think.. reali is a waste of time, but i had no choice... dunno why now a days i keep finding so fan, reali wish to quickly find a center that wan me and get ahead with my life...

Hope i can get things right again..

Monday, March 3, 2008

Some people is so sucks!!

I reali feel bad for my bf...

Early this morning i gort interview at 9am at Jalapang, he gort up early in the morning and rush over to accompany me... BUT... this interview SUCKS!!! She doesn't have the heart to employ people and please la.. dun put online post to find teacher la!! Fat and ugly auntie.. hate the way she talk! hate the way she Shot! hate the way she Look!!!


Not onli this.. in the afternoon i call up another place which my fren is working now and this center look down on people who is CPT train.. I need a job now and she say she can onli give me the job in may!!! and what for u advertise on newspaper!!!


SUck!!! why are there such a people out there...


Reali glad that darling was with me during this interview if not i reali will feel lost and no one to approach to.. =D reali love him le la!!

Bee Bee... U gort your reward today le right?? haha =>

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