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Monday, June 30, 2008

Once again! It's monday blue~

Started working as usualli but double tired! Coz yst nite slept at 2am =.="

Planning the program for youth day and it reali make the time go faster ba... Aft work, Jie, darling and me went for a movie show called " Penelope "

hoho!!! The show was not bad sia! worth going to watch =) Aft movie, gort some information abt some conflict and it reali piss me off... What's wrong with every one! Blog is a place for us to write our view, that's what u said! So!!! It's also our point of view to write in our blog ba =)

Too tired to bother with all these things, therefore!! Going to La la land soon...

GooD nite lo! =)

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Gort up early in the morning to get prepare for cooking time at darling hse... Found that no one is at hme =.=" so! It means that i cannot go out until someone came hme... At the mean time, i went online.

All i could say is that, one unhappiness should not be written all over the blog ba..Even thought we had bf and they come first, we still forgive one another due to strong frenship bond and understanding =) no matter how long we nv mit, if we still get in contact and also nv forget the happiness and sadness that we went throught, we will nv forget one another frenship de =)

In a any bond with one another, understanding and forgiving is the most important key point =) We enjoy the moment we spent together and even it's just a dinner, we are so happy le... NO point forcing one out then all unhappy, right?!

Aiyo! i explain till i blur, all i can say is! I just love what's I'm having now! no more frenz but a few close fren around me is ENOUGH! =)

End of story.... NOw talk abt my Week end =)

28 June 08 (saturday)

Went to sentosa with darling and frenz...It started to rain and all of us call it a day, It took us 1 hrs plus to have our turn to bath!!! Arh! Soon, while bathing, i receive a call from miss elephant saying that she saw miss hamster =.=" of all places saw her at vivo.. Didn't reali care abt the hamster, just so excited that i ask miss elephant if it's able to mit her up?? Xin fu de nu ren... she also coming to sentosa, but is her BF drive her in =( sob! miss the chance to see her... But! i still believe there's next time de =) hehe...

Aft sentosa, Jie Jie , darling and me went all the way to Singapore flyers there de Popeye eat!! hoho!!! dam dam nice chicken! Just the 3 of us, we ordered "2 set of 3 pc chicken meal, 1 set of fish burger, addition 6 pieces of biscult bun, and addition of fried cheesecake" We took 1 hrs to line up for the food... Again! another hr gone =( Eat till so shuang! gort home late but still manage to catch a good rest =)

29 June 2008 (Sunday)

Went to darling hse to cook for him... End up!! FOund out that the fridge is spoilt! all the food smell is so YuckS! =.=" Before realising it, we went NTUC to buy alot of food sia! "1 pack of fried beancurd chicken, 3 pack of instand noodle, 2 hotdog, 2 bottle of fruit juice "

SEeing this stituation, we had to clear all the food during lunch sia! Coz no one repair the fridge on sunday de =.=" Sian off... Meet Jie jie at Ps but end up we were late =.=" Bought siew ling a crystal key chain and headed marina for dinner =)

Eat EAt EAT then shop shop shop then Game Game Game! So happy! haha.. Play basketball till hand tired le =(

Gort home and had a serious talk with darling... All i can say..

As the time pass by, my bond to u is getting closer and stronger ... I just realise that i can't live without u... =) Just love u too much... some time i may be bad mouth, but just bear with me, it's for your own good =)

Friday, June 27, 2008

Leaving us

Oh no!!!

I had been arrow! =x

Haha.. I miss one of the ger meeting and end up gort shot shot shot! =(

Sorrie la Gerz... I reali tired la, coz chase aft those naughty kids and stuff =) I promise I'll try my BEST k?

It's Friday!!! Today is my fren last day of working with us le.. Teacher L we are going to miss her.. Althought i onli got to knoe her for around 2 months plus, but we quite click along lo =) She's just so lovely and all of the teachers are standing on one side de =)

We had a surpirse party for her and she was touched! Not onli she cried sia! one of the P2 student cried too... Aiyo! me take video till i also cried.. HATe this type of sitution =(

So used to her with us and suddenly she's gone =(

Hai.. Dun wish to talk abt it le coz! we still believe SG is small enough for us to mit up =)

Tml heading for SENTOSA!! hoho!!!

* Trying to change my temper for the sick of our future =) *

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dunno what happen to her....

Went to work happily and had to face her sad and attitude face the whole day, althought i felt lonely without a fren talking to me, but still i wonder wat's wrong with her? Does she knoe how i felt when her attitude face shown to me =(

Lucky! aft work, darling came and pick me regardless rain or shin =) Went to AMK for pepper lunch! Then bought my favourite Chicken chop!!! hohoho... When shopping, those things that is history suddenly appear. Darling with such a gd "clown" LOL... he made me smile no matter what.... =)

Thanks darling for being the one who bought me laughter =)

LOVE him!

**manage to catch another mickey mouse pillow with $2 LOL **

Monday, June 23, 2008

Outing at Pula Ubin =)

Yesterday was dam dam TIRED!!!!

Gort up early in morning around 8 and hearing thunder!!! diao! All of us wanted to go Pula Ubin but with this rain hor, if reali nearly stop us from going...

Called Wei jie for his decision to go or not?? end up! Bingo! We went there... Took a train to Pasir Ris and it was still raining.. Therefore, I suggested that we go E-hub to take a look, since we had not been there b4... Haven 10 min hor! we left that place le, dun wish to complain or what la, all i can say, no fate with that place...

We took the same no. bus to changi village for our lunch and soon headed for the jetty to took a boat =) Waited for 12 person in order to board the boat, First time round, we took the boat that is not bad, all cover up but quite stuffy!! =( It cost around $2.50

Once we alighted the boat, my head start to giddy le.. =.=" Sea sick! =x Hehe.. Lucky darling slowly walk with me and calm me down =) First step we enter the place... I was like " WAO!! SO kampong! ". =.="

We rent 4 biscycle from the first store that we see.. =) They charge us $8 for the whole day till 6pm. Darling and Jie Jie share a 2 seater biscycle coz Jie Jie dunno how to cycle.. =) At first the cycling can say is not bad... BUT!!! until i see the road!!! OMG!! All mud and is like cutting through forest!!! ARG! I took out my insect repel which i bought earlier on and started spraying like nobody business....

HOT! Sweaty! Irriating mosquito! Tired! Muscle pain! Leg Jelly! All these one by one start to appear during the whole journey... The one person who i reali pei fu is Siew ling le... She reali veri MAN!!! Cycle up slope also can lo =.="

Alot of funny things took place::::


(1) Jie Jie dunno how to cycle, so share with darling right? During up slope darling ask her to pedal, she dunno how to pedal.. end up darling slowly pendal alone with her at the back =.="

(2) At the slope down, it's the time where u no need to pedal right? Instead... Jie Jie started to pedal fast fast while darling let go of his leg, not realising Jie is pedaling behind =.=" LOL!!!!

(3) I was the 1st one ahead... At certain point of time, i could not see them at the back, so i stop and waited aft the down hill slope... Suddenly still seeing no sight of them coming down the slope, i heard funny sound of singing and screaming.. And down it come! I could see darling and Jie dashing down the slope like a non stop ball =x LOL

(4) Every one was not biten by mosqito except me and WJ.. think i'm the worst le! coz i gort nearly more than 8 i could say, even i spray the insect repel!!!! =(

(5) Gort injure my knee coz stupid tree branches stick out when i cycle pass!!! ARH!

Erm.... Think that's all le ba =) haha.. if gort some more it will be in all our memory land =)

* Tired but enjoyable *

Photos are all below =)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Pula Ubin =)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Every one gort Shot by boss!

HATE her!!!!

All i can say... when am i going to leave this hell place sia !

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Picture taken aft sentosa trip on 15 June 2008 =) Look at a crab that is just being cook =x

Monday, June 16, 2008


Yst went to sentosa and gort all the burn and pain! So! end up woke up feeling not well + gort a old feeling of sadness in me suddenly... While preparing myself for dunno work or mit baby... my mind was totally blank! =z

Gort out of the hse dress nicely and still blank in my mind, I suddenly felt that i should take a day off and pei my darling a little =)

Gave him a surprise... Reached his hse and give him a call asking him to open his hse door.. LOL! He was stunt! But still in his blur blur sleeping mood, he asked me in and sat on the chair staring in the mid air =D

Had a little nap b4 his dad came home and brought us out for lunch =) Aft lunch we headed to nick hse, darling and his fren playing game while i sit there wait for the time to pass lo, i took out the DS that darling brought along and wanted to play when i realise!!! he brought a Ds without a memory card!!! ARG!!! In nick room where every one is playing game, he brought in a burner that had a fragrane liquid in it... The smell was strong!! It was meant for a person mind to relax...

That stupid nick!! he poured too much ! end up every one was playing game and i was dozing off on the chair!! MY darling told me that i slp till like a pig =x ARG! BLur blur follow them to coffee shop and slowly i woke up =) hehe...

Went back to darling hse around 3 plus just to get that memory card for me to play =) Throw a little temper at him coz i think i lack of slp la =x LOL.. But lucky he manage to give in to me and every thing went nicely =)

Shopping Time!!! 4pm sharp! reached Far east and within less than an hr, I brought a black skinny Jeans for myself =) Walk walk walk to Taka and I saw a nice pick blet that cost $10!!! cheaP! so I brought it too =)

Every time i buy something, i told darling: " You must control me leh.. cannot let me buy ani more things le =) " Lucky! Aft Taka we reali didn't buy anithing le and headed to marina & suntec...

Over there we were so hungry that we headed straight for makan =) Shop for awhile and when we were to go hme.. We walk pass a Puma shop and darling went in to try a black Puma shirt... I waited and end up! we gort ourself a couple black Puma shirt! haha... When payment the person told us that buy 3 shirt is @ 59.90! so Cheap! original price of one shirt cost $33!!! so end up we bought 3 pieces =) 2 for him and 1 for me =)

That's how i ended my day =)

Hoping tml will be a better day ahead for me and darling! =)

** Love him!! Nv suspect my love for u dear **

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sentosa week!

Weekend ended so quickly!! =(

Went to sentosa again! this time round i reali turn to BBQ pork le =x The sun so HOT!! Burning!! then stuck in the water for too long, end up now still gort the wave feeling.. ** Vomit**

TireD!!! Tml gort to start work again... Last week of the children holiday! Yahoo! Will be updating some photos of sentosa tml =)

Nite Guys!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Outing and anniversary

It's Outing day again...

Long time nv go Down town east le.. Finalli today! The outing was at there, we went there to have our sakura international buffet with the kids and also watch the show "Kung Fu Panda"

Tml will be another working day and it's reali going to bored me coz had to face boss for the whole day...


Oh! today it's Jie and also me and darling de 10th month Anniversary! hehe =) Yeah!

**LOve this guy that pamper me so much and Love me so much **

Monday, June 9, 2008

Sentosa on Sunday =)
Enjoy! =-)

Gers mit up =)

Finali a mit up! =)

Today is monday blue and the pass so slow!!! can't stand it =x

Picture speak a thousand words.. so enjoy =)

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sentosa outing


Gort up early in the morning and saw the weather is not bad lei.. The nite b4 i was so excited that baby and I started packing... Gort up just nice and I start preparing. Called darling and thought he didn't wake up as no one answer the phone !

Whew~! finalli get him through his mummy =) His mummy cute lo! haha..

Me : " Hello auntie is sherman in?"

His mummy " Oh! he went to buy breakfast for me "

I nodded : "okie! then i will call back ltr "

His mummy : " Wait! Are u coming today? "

Me: " NO! TOday we go out together.. Nvm... ltr i call again bye "

His mummy: " HEY ! wait! just now isit u call my hse ar? "


Me : "Yes! Erm.. auntie i think i call back ltr, thanks bye "

His mummy: " Wait!! Sorrie lei.. just now i din mange to answer the call, when i wan answer u hang up le "

**nod nod **

Me: " okie! It's okie! I will call back ltr.. Thanks bye "

His mummy: " Wait!!! U wan me pass msg to him ma?"

**nod nod**

Me: " OKIE!! can!! Thanks Bye "

**Wondering when can i hang up**

His mummy : " Wait!!! He come back le ! "

**DIAO! =.=" **

Then i manage to talk to my darling... His mummy de wait reali can make me laugh lo! haha..

Gort out of my hse and wanted to take train to mit wj le ... SIAN!!! i forget to take my EZ link card! i wanted to buy ticket but i no coin and i gort big notes ! =.=" End up i took a cab and mit them at habour front =)

Using Wei jie office de pass.. so we no need line up hehe =) GOrt in and headed to the beach for swim =) The weather is dam dam good lo! not much sun! hehe so nv become chocolate =) Swim all the way till 3 plus ba.. Headed to take a bath and SUCKS!!! Sentosa no water! I reali hate it! when i was in the line to bath, i heard people talking from the bath room in side saying no water! how abt outside?? Diao.. the whole Male and Female toilet no water! how to bath sia!!!!

End up took a train to another beach to bath. =.=" Reali SUCKS!! I'm going to complain! Although the day is short but still i enjoy la =) hehe

Tml will be another working day le! sian! hate it ! Hope tml time can pass quickly =)

** Suddenly Felt so Love under darling de care =) **

Saturday, June 7, 2008

It's Saturday!

Yeah! Lesson postpone to 1:30 pm! so.. Yst chat with darling on the phone till 3am... ZzZz all the way till 12 pm!! (o_O) !! wao! Seldom sleep till so late sia =) Woke up by the thunder sound =.="

Actuali darling wan mit me first then we go class together but end up he could not find a cab.. so i had to ask daddy fetch me go there first... I was so Piss off with darling lo! he was LATE!!! As usual... =.=" We mit up with Yb and Zx whom is darling de poly frenz... went to have early dinner which is steamboat!!! hohoho!!! Love that meal le lo... =x Some happening things happen during the dinner haha.. with them also so happy! =)

Aft dinner we went shop shop... Abt to go hme le.. to our surprise we saw WEI JIE & SIEW LING!!! haha... so Happy seeing them lo.. once i see them my mouth nv stop talking =.=" hehe..

Tml will be going to sentosa for an outing and on monday aft work will be meeting up with my 2 best fren!!! hehe.. can't wait for the event coming up =)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

So used to one another =)

Hai... I still had my weak point... =(

Aft a firm mind.. With just a little Sa Jiao from him and i give in le =x

Hope i will not regret wat i had done ba, and also he dun disappoint me =)

Just wan to say.. I felt so loved and being protected by him some times... He reali give me those feeling in the nite... =) Darling! that feeling of resting myself on his shoulder were great... I enjoy at juro there! =) the wind blowing and hiding in his arms.... =)

Hope this lovely days could contiune till when we are old..

Tml is Friday! Although I'm so used to "our " car sending us around... But still honestly.. Hope my dream could come true faster =x hehe.. Just 4 Cs and including darling =x LOL... am i greedy?? =x

Woke up early and abt to go work le =)

Yst and the past 9 months i had a wonderful dream... A dream tat shall not appear once a again i can say =) People asked.." Will u regret? " Tat's reali puzzle me too...

But all i can say is tat i'm firm enough at that moment to take all those action.. People around us saying tat i still care for u... I find is i knoe u too well tat's why every small movement of yours i knoe what's coming next...

Forget abt the past is all i can do.. From this moment onwards! I'm standing alone with all my friends =)

Aim for the new life is to

* Diet! =.="

*Socialise =)

*hmm... not sure le =x

Tat's all! =) back to blogging once i end work =)

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