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Friday, September 28, 2007

What am i going to do??

As uaual.. i went to school early in the morning. Today de lesson actuali is let us go marina square to shop for cloths.. but end up due to that stupid teacher hor, end up we onli can hang around orchard... Alot of my fren share with me some unique people in orchar... =)

Let me list out ba... Around orchard tower to Shaw house there... usuali u can see a old lady at the age wround 40 plus 50 will be seating around on the path way and she will be usuali wearing either over size cloths or short dress, her figure is like gone case ba... Then she will sit with her leg wide open!!! inside can see she wear nth... My fren told me that she a hook =x So old sia.. then she will go around talking to others telling them that $10 is it okie?? Now then i knoe Orcahrd gort such a cheap people =s hai.... finali today i get to see her and i belive what my eyes tell me =)

Out of a sudden, i went for a interview at my classmate whom i onli saw her once de centre... the centre is at Batok. At first i was so afriad and my mind full of things... but lucky gort baby to pei wo, support wo all the way... and someone who when ever i'm afraid i'll go to him... I knoe it is unfair to baby.. but i can't control my self at that time. Baby.. if u see my blog i'm sorrie k?

Just felt that i'm reali happy with my life now ba... Quite bother by alot of things now. Had to do a time table for myself le... or else i'm dam dam messy...

Monday, September 24, 2007

I realise how xin fu i'm

HeY heY...

Suddenly i feel so xin fu.. realise tat even i had a bad realtionship in the past and althought i have not reali die hard for the past, I still tell myself have to move on with life le...

Sat went Party World with darling, tan and Hao... reali HIGH till cannot le =x haha... we are the first group to come into the party world.. then guy face sian off lo.. haha coz he thought he could eat a while more of snake =D Aft singing, we went to Ps eat dinner... eeeeeeeeeeeeeee... i eat that fish bian mian reali make me throw up lo =x So DIGUSTing on that day =s Follow by our usual hobby, play pool!!! hohoho... 3 Guys 1 Ger... I from one guy partern hop to another to VS the other group, me with darling pair up not bad.. we won... Soon with hao ge.. also not bad... Lastly with that wei jie!!! Stupid... no mo qi lo =x The whole game we still left with all the ball nicely place on the TABLE!!!! =.="

Sunday... Alice tan treat me and darling paris!!! wao wao... reali enjoy my day!!! haha... we Eat and eat... One day one meal... =D hoho... then went to play pool again... this time i reali Piss off lo.. so bad luck!!! Soon.. we were late to mit wei jie and hao for lantern festival at chinese garden, however... we manage to complete the whole walk by 9 pm =) Soon i'll uplaod thos pic on the friendster... think during the journey in the garden, the heat and the crowd make me lose my temper le.. that make my darling so angry =s Sorrie la... baby, if u see this blog i'm sorrie k?? forgive me ba =x

Less than 10 hrs more and i will go work le.. sian!!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Nag Nag Nag

Early in the morning i gort scolded!!! i hate my life... when can i be able to get out of such a enviroment...

Does your mum always suspect u like my mum? Does your mum nag u early in the morning? Does your mum still beat u up just tat she's angry? Lots and Lots of thing!!! I reali hate my life, if given a chance, i wish i can restart my life again =)

Just wish to get out of my hse ani time now..

Sunday, September 9, 2007

JJ Party II

Yst Zoo, today is JJ part II.. YEah!!! reali enjoy my self and my fren at JJ party lo...

He's so Handsome!!! Alice, Wei Jie, darling and me went for the party... me and alice went to line up first as wj haven come yet... this time round, the management is dam lousy lo!!! People come late some more sit infront of us!!! what the hell lo... waited for nearly an hour under the sun ba... nearly heat stroke... slowly we procede to the seat there... Dam Dam near lo!!!

I saw JJ and i gone crazy le.. haha!!! the rest i dun wan say le.. all i can say, i Love today!!!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Zoo Trip!!

Reali Reali long time nv go zoo le ba... this time round, went to zoo with a different people.

Early in the morning gort woken up by my precious darling coz he going to school... then when i was abt to get back into my beatuy slp.... Miss Alice Tan woke me up by sms also!!! aiyo!! why can't i slp longer... haha... nvm... i lazy wake up so i lie on bed till almost 11 then i wake up and eat my breakfast cum Lunch meal.... =)

SOon i go for my class and actuali all of us plan to mit at lot 1 at 2 pm... suddenly i receive a call and alice told me that she at zoo le!!! =.=" end up two ger reach there first and we waited for the two guys to come over.

2:35 arrival of every one

We procede into the zoo... alor of fun things happen. First we saw parrots at the entrance and usually i go is a pretty lady carrying the parrots, but this time round is a handsome young guy!!! wao... me and my fren keep looking.. haha... so cool!!!

Then we contiune procede to the otter and Polar bear area... Finally i saw my faourite pola bear and it is so LAZY!!! keep slping aomng the rocks....

Soon... we started to explore around the animals... Baby, his fren and alice reali bring me lots of laughter... as i'm the youngest among them ,so abit childish la... haha... We rush all the way for the 5 pm Splash show... nearly gort shower by the sea lion splash!!! lucky we are a few people away.... Darling take alot alot alot of photo sia... my camera also take all the photo will low batt le =x however we still manage to take some ending photo to summ up our day..

I realise somethings... when there's no one around then that's the time i love taking photo and start actting cute =x haha.... Just love the day of today... althought it is short la.. but i bet all of us must be enjoying =)

Some photo for u guys to see

Friday, September 7, 2007

Sleeping can also be tiring

Early in the morning... gort up and went to darling hse to give him support, haha..see him so stress i also xin tong =x Every now and then i hate walking to his hse, the wind will make me go moddy without fail!!!
His daddy veri cute lo.. bought me breakfast and said that he gort six sense which tell him that i will come today =.=" haha.... Soon, i stared my own studying while he do his things, Leaving him 6 hrs make me reali reali bored!!! in order to kill my time, i slp... Slp and Slp and Slp till worst, getting more tired!!!
Finally all done!!! now i onli looking forward to tml ZOO!!!

Here i go!!

stupid boss

Hate my boss le la.... she reali so cheap la!! so xian si... ARG!!! nvm.. monday then i report to work...

Looking forward to sat and sunday outing.. hehe Zoo and JJ party =) Today spend the whole day studying with darling at hise hse... get to knoe that tha tha leaving for Japan tml, think i'll miss her ba =x

Once again.. tml will study again.. sian sian sian.. can ani one tell me why must we study!!! so Fan!!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Work work work

Started working since yst.. once again back to the student care, Hate the boss but love the children and staff =) This week is holiday so work full time to earn some money..
Today is onli the 2nd day and i'm already so sian le =x Lots of marking till i miss my darling... end up end up ask him come mit me for onli 5 min ba =x feel sorrie coz trouble him le.. i just can't help it.. i miss him =)

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Laughter in the air

Early in the morning woke up and get prepared for my wonderful day ahead =)

Started of with KTV in the morning till noon... Veri high sia.. then follow by Bowling =) lucky nv all go the drain.. HAHA!!! End up when searching for food.. actuali wanted to eat pizza but no seat. then end up go eat pepper lunch... No matter how much food darling had eaten hor.. he seem to be veri hungry =x Aiyo... scary lei.. i wan erlion le yet he still can eat =)

End up Home sweet Home...

Looking forward to next week outing =)

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