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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Jb-ing Success


Went to JB early in the morning, every thing started out smoothly coz there's no jam at causeway =)

Save my morning tummy for Hong Kong Cafe at level 3 in city square! It's my favourite resturant coz the price is same as singapore however, it's RM instead of SG! =D

Fill up our tummy le right?! ShopPping TIME!

My Harvest aft the whole day was a semi dress and a shorts! Brought from my pocket money! Feel so great even though i din buy much la =x

However, aft this trip to Jb, I realise something and it reali thought me a lesson.

** 生命中从没输过,但是这一次我就想为了你而输! **

** Reali wish I could say this out, but I knoe it's a NO **

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Well spend day!! =)

Take a Break! Have a Kit Kat!! =)

Have been a good ger for these past 2 days =)

Went to aunt shop to help out and guess what!

I was given my first mission, go alone to Bugis there to deliver a art piece to a shop.. I also not stupid la, knowing tat darling is also at bugis, I plan my trip by taking a train over there, head to Amos to get cookies for darling as dinner snack. Next went to complete my mission and steal 5 min from darling precious time to pass him the cookies!!! =D

Misson Accomplish!

As for today, early in the morning start work at shop... Had a wonderful breakfast! For the first half of the day gort nth to do, so... DS!!! hehe... Play till noon time then go pack food for aunt & myself =) Next Aunt give me a job which at first I thought tat is dam dam easy and fast de which is fold cornering for the frame using cardboard.

Guess how long it took me??

Almost 4 hrs!!!!!

But what I'm happy is! I manage to hit the no. of pieces tat she told me to do, which is 100!!!!


Tml shall be a good day for me! As we are heading to JB for shopping!!! Last sat miss the chance to shop therefore we are there again tml ! =)

** Miss darling as it had been 3 days not meeting up le =( **

Monday, January 25, 2010

** Fight Fight Fight! ***

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Weekly routine

So fast it's OVER!!!

Weekend just pass like tat =(

Weekly routine.... Today menu was Salmon head, noodle and nian gao =)

Aft which, we went for crabbing! Today same result! manage to catch one onli =(

** I love u so much tat I forget abt myself **

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Jb-ing Fail

Sad Sad SAd!

At first thought can happily go JB with darling...

Woke up early in the morning, prepare for Jb-ing..

Almost 2 hrs then reach JB, and guess WAT!!!

City Square is CLOSE!

Hmm... wondering wat happen, asked a lady and we get to knoe tat Johor Sultan pass away therefore all the shop close at 2am =x

Hai... Rush all the way back to SG coz dun wan waste time le... So had our weekly routine =)

** Tired.. Leg so jelly**

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bingo! STrike!

It's Fri Soon!!!

Yeah! Can't wait for saturday!

This few days have been shopping for CNY!

Yst went to AMK to get curtain and bed sheet... Mum & I choose a curtain each and as for bed sheet, could not get a suitable one =( In the nite, darling came to mit me as we have not been meeting for a few days le =D

Went to play the aiming game and guess what! Bingo! My game rod enter the hole and Boom! The door drop infront of me =D Let me share with u the kitty tat I caught =)

As for today, our mission is to go clear our Jack Place voucher! LOL coz it's the last day today.

** Looking forward for SATURDAY! **

Monday, January 18, 2010

If a guy were to say this to me =)

" 不管任何危险,我都会站在她的前面替她挡。只要看到她笑我就会开心,看她哭我就会难过。如果她受伤,我会气我自己没保护好她。当她不在我身边时,我会担心她现在是不是安全。如果我失去她的时候,我会觉得很难过,很无助。希望她发现我一直在守护着她 "

** Quote from some place... **

Crabbing & Prawning

Like what I have posted yst...

Headed to Crabbing and Prawning today!!!

Not a veri gd day however It's Fun!!! Coz I still get to do things with bee bee!

Good happy times pass so fast! Weekend is over and now have to be back to real life le =(

** Missing him every day! **

Sunday, January 17, 2010

On TV!!!

Finally it's weekend!!!

Gort to mit up with darling!

Went for a movie at The CAtay.. Show was JAckie chan spy movie =D not bad!

AFt tat headed to ECP de tung lok for 4th auntie bday celebration!!! hoho! Eat till dam happy coz it's buffet!!!

Another thing is baby is ON TV!!! HaPpen to took a shot by channel 8 news for report on electronic device.. LOL! He's so cute!!!

WAiting for tml to come soon.. coz it's sunday! Sunday is the onli day where I get lots of hug and love from him!

LoVe! LoVe! LovE!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Interview day

Super TIRED!!!

Wake up dam early for interview and one shot have 3 interview back to back =x



NONE of it suit me... sian.. have to continue searching again le =(

**Going to slp.. Tml will be a better day **

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Skin & New Post!

Alright! Since It's 2010, I decided to start off by changing a new skin coz the previous skin I have been using it for I think almost 3 yrs le ba =)

These few days bf is busy with his work and I have to stay home being a good ger to wait for him. Have been nag by mum for not looking for job, therefore yst i quickly go apply for a few and guess what! Tml I will be having 3 interview! One at 10am, 12pm and 2pm!!! hoho! Busy busy busy.

It's almost 10pm in the night and bf is still working busily in the office.

Hoping tml can mit up with bf....

** I MISS HIM **

Monday, January 4, 2010

IT's the 4th day of 2010!! =D

First working day of the yr.. and darling is already so busy, leaving me all alone at home =(

A new year resolution??

Let me see...

1) Every one around me to be healthy and must be xin fu! =)

2) Getting a job tat I will not freak out instead love it to the max =)

3) Be a lovely gf to darling (not say I now not lovely to him hor =x )

4) Aiming to save up money for big day if possible and change darling mindset =x

5) Holiday with family memebers including darling

6) Trying to slim down this yr (if not darling will complain I FAT! )

7) Lastly! Hope every one STAY PUT at where they are in my life... always be part of my life =)

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