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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Lucky day today =)

Wao... Today play pool almost every game also my gorup win =P LOL... so Stunt sia =D

Went to the heritage at china town today... nothing much to see de lei, within 30 min can finish seeing every thing le lo.. sian =(

2 more day and it will be a brand new year again le...

Friday, December 28, 2007

3 more days to a New Year

Gort up early in the morning, though that darling is going to the bank in the morning, so i gort up and wake him up... end up, all is a misunderstanding.

Went to Lion city there for a dim sum buffet... eat and eat and eat till fat le la =x LOL.. Aft lunch went to Tamp there to shop, hehe... try and try clothes till end up nv buy cloths but end up bought a shoe =D haha...

Now feeling so tired and missing my little darling.. Hope tml can see him =)

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A great Chirstmas i can say =)

Let's talk from the 23 dec where my chirstmas celebration started

23 December 2007

This day was celebrated at my grandma hse.. where Sherman is formally being introduce to all my auntie and uncles indlucing my cute grandma =D Grandma and Auntie Sally is the most excited people who wish to mit him =.=" also dunno why..

We reach grandma hse and aunite send us to marina there to take our italy turkey and Ham, and my Swensen durian LOg cake!!! Dame Nice =) haha... tis yr 2 log cake.. muahahaha =D

24 Dec 2007
This day is my turn to go darling sis de hse for celebration le... Last min shopping tat nearly cost me a bomb, but still okie la... first time celebrating with his family... SCARY!!! Their family like gort schedule de sia.. eat le then children perform then game lastly open present =.=" So orderly de... Fianlly the eldest sis ask all the children to thanks u "Aunite Josephine" OMG!!! i nearly fainted... the oldest children is onli 10!!! tat is 9 yrs differ from me and they call me auntie!! ARG@!!
Aft the whole celebration, baby and me rush to another gathering at clake quay with his fren... Just a normal count down and went to Lavander food court for supper.. =D
25 Dec 2007
Sleep till half way keep being whack up by dunno which person hor =x Gort up and mit wei jie they all at Suntec... went to walk round and round till sian, then aheaded to Bugis for steamboat as dinner with jie jie they all and nic they all... Dame Dame funny things happen.
The steaboat at shaw building there not bad... The lay boss call one of the fren sweet heart and is like eeeeeeeeeeeee... hair all stand le... LOL.. alot alot of joke took place and laugh till cry sia =x I reali enjoy this steamboat dinner.
26 Dec 2007
Mit up for lunch with daddy and mummy... gort hme and now i'm stuck at hme =)
Merry Christmas !! Happy Boxing Day!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

"Honey Moon"

Finally back from "Honey moon" le...

Alot Alot of things took place and is too much to be written over here... All i can say "I LOVE U DARLING" and i reali enjoy myself!!!

Sweet and simple for this Post.. =)

Friday, December 7, 2007

Another day has past

Till now i'm still moody...

Early in the morning gort up to go to baby hse... walk out of my hse and saw ling hao =.=" so qiao! WAited for taxi nearly for 15 min.. finally my turn le, carry crabbie till hand veri tired... Gort on a stupid caB!!! That taxi driver keep teaching me bad thing =.=" WTF....

Once at darling hse.. the weather was dam dam great!!! Rain and rain till i doze off... LOL... Was playing with nick de DS till veri shiok!!!LOL.. play for almost hrs and hrs contiunous... =D LOL.. play till darling gort so piss off =x

2 more days to go for the holiday trip... Once again no mood to do project =x darling was out with hise fren now.. hope he will be home safely... =)

Thursday, December 6, 2007

MoOd swIng

Once again... i gort my mood swing =(

I hate my Life... i start to go hating whatever i see and whoever is close to me =x Just dunno why... i myself cannot control my temper =(


Sunday, December 2, 2007

What a wonderful day...

1st dec just past... and it's the day where i have been looking forward in the past. =)

Reali enjoy myself on sat... went for the "Winter Jewl Package" which include underwater world, Dolphin lagoon, 4 trip of cable car, enter to Jewel box and lastly ciniblast.

The timing that i had plan is just nice.. Everything is planned nicely till there's no mistake =) so HAPPY!!! First we mit at habour at 3 plus as wei jie and hao ge ge was late.. end up we get the cable car ticket quick and started our day. The view in the cable car was GREAT!!! first time sitting singapore cable car, althought the cable not reali nice la... but still okie la =D naughty wei jie and baby tried to be funny by shaking the cable... instead of those people beside them scare.. Wei jie is the one who get sick.. LOL... he nearly wanted to vomit =x

Once arrive at sentosa, we rush to ciniblast where it is my favourite ride.. SHAKE ShAKE!!! YaHOO!!! waited for the 4:10pm ride... dam Exciteing... the seat can onli occupied 6 people, 3 in a row, but we onli gort 5, so gort extra space... end up a lady sit beside hao ge ge.. LOL.. she dunno how to put seat belt and hao gege is a guy!! how to help her la... diao =.=" In the cable wei jie already wanted to vomit le, straight aft cable sit this ride, he wan to faint le... LOL!!! darling sit in the middle of me and wj, nth to hold and end up have to hold our leg... LOL..

Aft a 10 min ride... we rush all the way to dolphin lagoon to see the last show at 5:30 Pm... gort there early and end up waited for almost 1 hr. Jing wen went to buy a veri cute pinky bottle that hold soft drink onli $3:80 but at gift shop selling 12 for 2... LOL.. actuali wanted buy but darling say not worth... Sob, but lastly with my a little aiya aiya with baby.. LOL.. he gort me one !!! YEAh!!!! i gort a dolphin lagoon bottle!! =D Cheers!!! The show was great!!! jumbo so cute!! =)

Ho hO Ho... Last area to go le.. which is UNDERWATER WORLD!!! wanting to go since yrs ago le.. but din have the chance.. I reali can't believe that i'm going there coz of some unhappiness that happen during the trip to sentoa make me so dissappointed... =( Arrive at underwater world around 7... photo photo photo... Snap Snap snap. Gort all my favourite fish on the camera, during the tour, baby is the slowest le.. LOL.. he take photo so seriously tat he's the slowest among us =x

Left sentosa and headed for mount fiber de JEwel box... =) Every one was so hungry... We ren and went all the way up to check out what they have up there... All i can see is romantic thing but EXEXEX!!! Highly recommented for propose but onli for rich people.. LOL... Aft the seeing of mount fiber... Hungry ghost went all the way to habour front food court to search for food.

Already 9 plus le... Every one gort our self watever the food court had left us with... hao gege still hungry lei.. he went to search for other food.. but too late!! LOL.. his reaction veri cute.. end up but to drink water chestnut =x LOL... Ended our day just like tat...

As for me and darling... we still have our late nite program.. =) Ho hO Ho...

**Doze off whenever i'm tired.** <>

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