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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

LAzy to blog =x

ARG!!! MY MSN is giving me alot alot of prob...



"Looking forward to 22 MAy "

Saturday, April 25, 2009


AFt my darling working for a month... I realise he reali grow up le, however he's character is still the same!!! =x

Have been shopping with him lately... This is what he have buy for this period of time and HAVE NOT wear it once...

- Levis Watch (2 weeks ago)

- Levis Jeans x2 (Last month)

- FOx Shirt x2 ( Last week)

- Shoes x2 ( Last month)

- Watch x2 (Today)

- Formal cloth (Today)

Wao lao! And almost all this are branded this lo =x Now my darling is a shopaholic!

hehe... He also gort pamper me la =x I gort myself an esprit jacket!! hoho! Long wanted =D Thanks so much! =)

NOw currently all my fren are looking forward to darling birthday, coz it will be a huge celebration =D


" I still dislike the way u handle things.. "

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Now I knoe the feeling le...
It's so so Painful....
Hate this feeling....

Saturday, April 18, 2009

"你从不做主, 每次吵架你都叫我做主。好呀!你应该知道我会有怎样的回答. 如果着也是你想要的,我也尊宗你吧! "

This is what I wan to let u knoe...

I reali hate guys with

- No mind set!

- NO goals in future!

- No Planning at aLL!


"Is either u are in my world or else! Stay OUT of my life completely! "

AS a ger, I had already give u so much hint le, and yet! no respond from u! I find I'm so stupid! stupid enough to be so thick skin and ask u abt have u ever think abt our future....

Stupid wasting both our time le.. I hope to find a guy who i can give all my hope and love on him de! Not someone who toy around!

U better think properly and get back to me asap ba =)

I believe tat U can be a sweet and good hubby de... but now is not the moment yet ba

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mummy BirThdAy

HaPpY BirThdaY to MuMmy!
Yeah! It's my mum's birthday however, her celebration is tml coz some of my mum family side cannot make it today =)
Dad took off today just to bring us out =) Noon time, daddy drive us to tampines mall where there's a new shopping there.. Shop shop Shop! Brought quite a few things, without fail! Food!!! hehe... Buy alot of those Japan food back =D
REach home.. prepare dinner for darling to bring to sch =)
And now~
I Miss him!
"Yst when I see u talking to me and almost cried when I accused u, I felt hurt too... Sorry darling, I dun mind to say those things but I reali dun like u to be so late.."

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ah ChoO!!!

Sneeze Sneeze!!!!

STupid flu attack both darling and me =(

Both of us had been down with flu for these few days and the feeling reali sucks!

Now all I wish is that both of us will get well soon =)


"Love is all I need, U are the onli one that I need most"

Monday, April 13, 2009


Had been down with flu attack for 2 days le =(

Finalli felt abit better to update my blog le =)

11 April 2009
Grandma birthday =) Brought her a cake and also a photo frame with pic of we cousin...

12 April 2009

HaPpY BirThdAy Jeremy!

Due to he's in NS so we had to celebrate his birthday earlier =)

Aft having a lunch celebration, headed to Para Silk to buy cordless phone. Was so sick that I reali no mood to shop, just walk round and round from suntec to bugis... cannot take it le!!! Darling send me back to grandma hse and I slp all the way till go home..

Hate it when I'm sick!!! Reali wish darling can be by my side to take care of me =(


" I'm missing u so much!"

Saturday, April 11, 2009

HaPpY 1 yr 8 month Anniversary darling!

Busy week for us right?

Hope u enjoy this long weekend k? =)

* will update tml * =)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Zoo + Good Friday

Zoo! Zoo! Zoo!
It's Good Friday and we went to zOo =)
Like wat I had expected... Dam crowded!!! Line up for ticket gort at least 100 plus people lo =x
It's so hot!!! We did a quite walk =)
Took some random pic and it started to rain during late afternoon..
Luck we walk to the exit le... Headed back to Lot one while i go home and took a bathe =)
Mit all of my frenz at lot one and onli 3 of us headed to Science center for Sakura buffet!!!
Hoho!!! Reward myself for the tiring day =D

Monday, April 6, 2009

Looking forward for fri =)

Reali reali felt the pressure in my sch work! So stress! every one week diff module!

Last week is bad... Quarrel again! but now settle lo =)

Looking forward to both our improvement =)

NoW is April le! So fast! Alot of birthday coming up sia! =x First is grandma, mummy and cousin =( going bankrupt le...

This week i had to line all my program nicely in case all crush together then I'm DOOM! =x


Love is so hard to understand...

Not I wan to make it tough, is reali each of us have our own way of handling it...

Love u! Hate u!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

This week is so stressful!
Miss all your hugs and kisses

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