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Sunday, September 28, 2008

It's all abt fate

I just believe in FATE!


Today even though we nv contact one another saying that where we will be and if we are going out... Just a little while in PS we saw one another!!!




And FATE let me caught 2 toy today! continuously I press the "chance" better and firmly grip the mickey up!!!


EVery one go WahooO~ =x

HAH~!! Love the feeling of catching it =)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Still having bad cough..

Reali cannot make it la! =(

ACtuali plan to go out with Wei jie but end up things gort mix up! ARH!

Quitely sit there play game while darling contiune his tuition =x

Hope tml will be another better day and my cough better get well...

KTV with every one on wed! YAHOO!

Friday, September 26, 2008


Went out shopping with darling and mummy again!

Acutuali mummy purpose to chinatown is to get a wok but end up =x LOL... i gort myself a set of bed sheet =x Actuali saw a cute bedsheet and wanted darling to buy and put on his bed coz veri cute ma, end up my mummy buy for bro =.="

Aft chinatown, we headed to Vivo for shopping again.. Carrying such a heavy thing walking around =x

Overall.. I enjoy alot shopping with mummy and darling.

Always no trouble with money coz mum is around me and always had no trouble in choosing cloths coz gort diff view from darling and mum =x LOL...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I gort my courage and tell the truth to darling! =x
Hope he get to knoe more about how i felt =)
Felt much relax after saying it out....
Hmm... What had i done the whole day??
Went to accompany darling for tuition, before tution, we went to catch "bread bread" =P
After tution, mit up with Jie for dinner and catch bear bear too! As for me! i caught a mini bread bear =x LOl.. while she caught a big one! =D
*I would love u to change for me please! can? *

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Coughing =(

ToyS! Again! hehe =)
Caught the Bunny with soccer yst at lot 1 =) Thanks to Jie de help =)
As for the E hor and Seal... Darling caught it at JE today! =)
Yst i just went crazy with the coughing and now... Still coughing ! ARh! Hate to be sick =x
*Suddenly gort the Urge to go Wang Li Hong concert! *

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Had been coughing badly recently... =(

Hate to be sick...

Will be back for update once my condition become better =D

* Some times if u nv express how u feel to another person, the person will misunderstand the meaning and make the wrong move *

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Same old routine for saturday! =)

Went Suntec to makan plus catch bear bear.. And this is wat we had caught!

A elephant! Darling love this elephant alot coz he find it cute and we use about $3 to catch it =x LOl.. As for the minnie mouse below.. we spend quite alot coz the first dollar that i try is about to drop le, however the clip cannot reach the head so had to reposition it back to the same way =.=" Sian.. So spend around $8 to $10 bucks ba =x

* Some people say we are unseperatable =) As for what i think? I Agree! How about u? *

Saturday, September 20, 2008

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Friday, September 19, 2008

Last day of Practical =)

Update Update again!!

This time round.. Today is my last day of practical le! =x Quite Puzzle and confuse of my feeling... HaPpy that I pass and complete everything! Sad is that I had to leave all my darlings =(

Want to say to my darlings::

"I reali love u guys and u guys reali cheer me up! HOpefully u guys will remember me and hope u guys will success in the future =) "

Knoe that they are unable to see.. but still hehe =)

Today! Let me see... Aft my class went home to accompany mummy go lot one eat.

Followed by go movie with darling! "Flower boy show ! " hehe.. story not bad.. but still like taiwan F4 the most =x

As for dinner.. Mit up with ah min and ah he for dinner =) Cabby home sponser by Auntie sally ! =)

*Princess Ella *

* Princess Debby *

*Baby Nicholas *

* My Sweet babies of K1 *

Thursday, September 18, 2008

updates update updates

Okie! I had been reali reali busy these few days with my practical... Let me update what had happen =)

16 Sept 2008

As i had said, I mistaken my date of practical and I fail.... However, I'm lucky enough to be given 2nd chance and the teacher told me may be next 2 weeks then can come and see me. So I had a relax mind =)

17 Sept 2008

While clocking my practical time, my superviser suddenly came and told me she mangage to arrange my retake practical tml =x SHIT!

Every thing is not PREPARE!!! within 24 hrs, every thing had to be done.

Lucky dad nv work, so they come over at lunch time, pick me up to BP plaze and get all my materials.. Think i spend almost $60 bucks on every thing. No time for lunch le, once i get all my stuff! I rushed back to the centre and start setting up my corners.

Shit! Realize that i had no lesson plan!!! Lucky with all the teachers help =) They help me do a quick and nice lesson plan which reali save me =)

I asked darling to help me do some printing and he reali make it a great job.. He save my day too =) hehe

Straight i went home and start my lesson plan from 8pm all the way without stopping till 1 plus am =x Reali REali put in all my effort! STUPID printer!! It broke down! End up darling suggest that tml morning b4 9 am he will rush all the way to my centre near my hse and pass me all the things i need =D

** Was so Touched! **

18 Sept 2008

That is today! Hoho!

Morning went to the centre dam dam early and get some preparation... All the teachers help me out with the children and cool me down also =x LOL.. I was so nervous! Reali scare that I could not do it.

YEAH YEAH YEAH! EVery thing went accordingly to plan! And I gort a PASS!!!! YAHOO~!!

Now these are the people i wish to thanks, without them I could not get a pass! =)

- Teacher Kanaki
- Teaher Devi
- Teacher Carol
- Teacher Shanti

Last but not least my DARLING!!!

In the nite.... went out with darling for makan. At lot one archard, we could alot alot alot alot! of toys!!! WIll update it tml k?? hehe! no time for photo now =x Ps ar...

** Darling, Thanks for the help and also thanks for the love u put into me. However please do not bully me la.. Talk to me nicely k?? LOVe u Always and No one shall replace u **

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

bad day!

It's seem to be a bad lucky day to me today! =(

Sob! Althought I'm sad, but i still wish to faster overcome it and success =)

Thanks for those who are by my side... Reali thanks to the staffs there to help me =)

I'm given another chance and I'll make u guys proud =D

These are the toys darling catch! Use one dollar and catch 3 small toys, me use one dollar catch 4 caps at Lot 1 =x Hehe =)

I caught the pooh bear that trying to act like a pig =x and also darling caught a towel! Yeah! gort 2 towel le =x

Monday, September 15, 2008

Lanten Festival at ah po hse 2008 =D

Lanten Festival!

Went to Ah Po hse to celebrate =D This time round invited some relative. Darling and I had a mission that is go and grab 2 large pizza as our dinner =)

These are the photos taken at grandma hse =)

*Acting cute with the lanten! *

* My Lanten!*

* Post Post! let me take photo =x *

* Me, Ha E, Ah Min, May Ee Auntie and Ah Guang *

* =) *

* Trying to help me hang my lanten *

* Love*

*Candi Photo*

Saturday, September 13, 2008

It's Weekend! Whee!!!

AS usual.. went for class and aft that went to his hse for lunch. Mit WJ and SL around 4 at OG orchard. At first we wanted to play pool.. but! hai.. can't find a place that is cheap and comfortable to play in =(

Soon... headed to marina for bowling =) Wei Jie reali is a joker! The action of his jumping here and there reali let us burst into laughter. Caught a black rabbit that i love it alot! =) Basket ball aft dinner and home sweet home =)

** Reali reali hate the things that took place last nite! It happen on the same date a month b4 and this month 12 sept! It happen again!

Reali sick and tired of every thing.. Hope what u say reali happen ba =) Given up all the hope **

Chinese Garden

Too many Pic to upload le la! Took almost 100 plus pic =x LOl..

Will upload in friendster instead =x

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Program aft program!


HAd been busy lately..

Just came back from chinese gardern! Tired to the MAX!

Darling brought home my camera and end up cannot upload today.. =(

Will update my blog tml or sat ba =)

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