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Monday, March 30, 2009

Prawn fishing again

Monday! Monday~! Monday~~!

So fast the weekend is over le =(

Lucky manage to spend time with darling =)

Went prawn fishing on sunday... The weather is so so hot!!! Prawn for around 2 hrs... It started raining!!! The rain is horrible!!! Lighning every now and then, and also... there are not much shelter at prawn fishing so all of us are wet in and out =(

This round, we caught 16 prawns =D darling gort sch la, so all the prawns I bring home.. hoho!!! Marinate it and left it 2 hrs before i oven it =)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

JJ concert

JJ Concert just ended less than 12 hrs =)

All I can say, it's the best concert I ever went currently =)

The whole event started at around 8:30 where it's also the eart day, he veri cute lo, he said all of us off light for 1min and we owe 59 min haha =x

Thw whole concert almost all the song are those we know ! Great! and the best part is where, JJ whole family gave him a surprise by perfroming in his concert =) JJ's dad play the Er Wu, JJ's mum with the Pipa and lastly is JJ's bro playing the grandpiano =D

RockS Rocks Rocks!

After tat, we had 3 song for the encore =)


Before the whole concert they gort sell alot of things, however, when i see the people who is buying is horrible!!! Too many people le =x so! I brought a wristband =)

Here are some photo taken =)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

23 MArch 2009

Hmm... It's monday and I hate it!!! Monday blues!

Stay home the whole day, till night time pack some food for my darling and back home again =(

24 MArch 2009

A little more happier coz gort sch =)

Went to sch and STRESS!!!! Coz the next day is presentation and we din do ani thing yet! Omg!

Before I start with the stressful day, went to Taka there took mum shoes and bought alot alot of food!


Knoe what?? WAlk half way behind taka, my slippers SNAP! Shit! Shit! Shit! I curse and swear why am i so unlucky until I find out also not so bad coz lucky i collected mum shoe, so i decided to squeeze into the shoe and faster get home =D

Hoho! Tat's my 2nd pair of shoe and it's less than 1 month old =x Stupid Slippers!

Rush project like crazy till 1am!!!

Lucky Jie jio me and darling out for dinner at New York New York =) Hoho! 3 of us eat till $123 bucks =x Thanks Jie for the dinner

Shop there for awhile, went cotton on and brought 2 slippers coz mine spoilt le!

25 March 2009

Hoho! Presentation day... Done a gd presentation but still teacher say we are lack of certain part and wish to see it aft every one presented... STRESS!!!!

Lucky we quickly think of idea and settle it quick =)

Was so stress with the presentation.. aft sch dun wish to go ani where, therefore pack food home and took a rest (stupid red eye)

Book a badminton court at BP CC at 8pm, so darling and I headed there to play. =)

Play till around 9:30, tha and bf come to pick us up.. Actuali wanted to go sunset way there eat ice cream but close =x So, drive all the way to queenstown mac there eat =)

Home sweet home by mid night =)

26 MArch 2009

STayed home in the morning, ARG!!! No shopping for a week?? Not for me! HAHA...

Asked mummy to bring me go JP for shopping and! I brought myself 2 slippers =) HaPpY HaPpY HaPpY! =D

Quaickly headed back home coz I had to pack dinner for darling to bring to sch =) Lucky manage to get it on time =)


Now! I told myself to relax these few days before i had to rush for another project for next week =)


Event coming up:

"JJ LIN Concert" =D

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Science center and Timber

20 March 2009

It's Friday~ !

Finalli the day where I would mit up with my darling =) Had been having a terrible time for the past few days...
Night time mit up with my gers for dinner at Liang court Italian restaurant =) Din reali had wei kou to eat so I gave it to darling. =x Aft eating we decided to go Timber there for a drink.

My first time there sia! AND!!! OMG!!! Totally tat nite I'm in my Lala land =x Ordered Sakura =) Hoho!

HaPpY ~ HappY ~ HaPpPy~

Will be going back there next fri =)

21 March 2009

Nonn mit up with our fren to go science center =) Took a 3 in 1 package which include, entrance to sci center, Magic show and slso Omi -show =)

Aft every thing went to IMM and had our dinner =)

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Ps: I love u =)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009




I still can't accept the character in u =)

It's time I give up le...

Need time to heal this broken heart of mine...


We may look normal to the rest of the people, but whatever goes wrong in there... Onli both of us know

Whenever I see hope, u will definately blind up the hope and I see none now...

Trying to tell myself not to be silly le, "A leapord will nv change it spots"

And now

I can see it =)


Monday, March 16, 2009

First day of work for him

All alone...


It's my first time spending less than an hr with u a day... Reali Reali not use to it =(

Can Ani one just tell me how am I going to live??

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Prawn fishing

Weekend is OVER!

Hai... Why the week pass so fast =(

14 March 2009

It's a Yamaha holiday so no class for me =D Went to darling hse early in the morning ... Pack chicken rice and also cook some food =) Eat till wan to VOmit sia!

Aft around 4 plus tha tha called me and ask us to get ready coz they coming to pick us up for prawn fishing =D


Went to Bishan and fish for 3 hrs =) At first we caught quite a few while tha they all had none.. but soon... all of us KAMABTAK! In the end, manage to catch around 20 plus prawns =)

It cost 30 bucks for 3 hrs and darling this time round invested in WORMS!!!! ARh!!!

Let the pic do the talking =x

AFt Prawn fishing we were too hungry! Went to BT market there to eat and guess what?? With onli 4 of us, we order each a main dish, with 30 Pork Satay, 3 bucks carrot cake and 6 chicken wings =X

15 March 2009

Sunday again =)

Head to darling home

Cook western hotdog bun =) This time round lunch is not a success =(

Aft that headed to Bugis to buy backpack as darling need it for work tml =)


Tml darling start work le.. and I'll be left alone =(

Reali dunno how my days will pass =(

Friday, March 13, 2009

It's Friday finally! !

This time round i reali had an enjoyable presentation!

All of us gort together to sing and dance =D

Aft class... waited for darling to come and we went for our lunch and shopping! Shop from orchard taka, brought a T shirt which is having sales and aft that headed to Suntec for shopping =)

Went to lots and lots of places till my leg is going to break!!!!

Mit up with tha tha at evening time =) Headed back to Heeren coz darling wan to buy Levis Jeans =.="

Ate the chicken rice at B1 not bad lei =)

** Too tired to update! =) Looking forward to tml prawn fishing =) **

Thursday, March 12, 2009



Tml will be Friday! My presentation date =)

Know why all of us look forward to it?? Coz it had been a stressful module and all of us just wish to do it onces and for ALL!!!

hehe =D

Let me do some recap abt my weekdays


9 March 2009

Hmm... at first my group memeber wanted to mit up in sch but ended up, we postpone to thurs instead =)

Went darling hse and had a cooking day over there... did bake salmon for lunch but darling say look weird =.=" Next time must try out again le, coz this time round put too much butter =x

Aft that went home while darling carry one with his sch =)

10 march 2009

Out of town =)

Had an enjoyable day =D

Malaysia Mega sales! Shop till u drop dead! LOL...

11 March 2009

HaPpY 1 yr 7 months anniversary!

I realise that guys dun reali celebrate this type of occasion =( Sad

Went to nick hse aft class and gaming!!! =) I did some Homework and had a Viwawa competition with nick =x

Had a veri veri late lunch therefore dinner darling and I ani how go night market buy food =x

12 March 2009

Sch again!!!

Head back to sch and practice dance steps =x

Headache!!! Reali hope tml presentation will turn out well =D

Sunday, March 8, 2009

7 March 2009

Out for Career Fair... Darling and WJ went for it while SL and me go shopping =)

We still had lots of time, went to Marina to see if there's ani thing for us to catch AND!!!!

This is what I saw!!!!

DArling saw some one catching it and he wants to try =D

Clever la! All of us give some ideas how it should go and guess what!!


Hoho! There it goes! My kitty pan =D

8 March 2009
Hmm... Nothing much happen today, just some quarrel with darling =x


Some random pic from last sat Steam boat =)

Friday, March 6, 2009


Today my group memebers all nv come to class, therefore I'm all alone =( Lucky time pass veri fast for me coz gort other course mate that is so friendly askinf me to join them =)

Aft class, went to Cini to buy ticket movie "push" 5pm at The Catay =) HEaded for lunch and went to Taka as darling need to sign some document =)

Darling Working soon le!!!! Hai... no more movie and shopping aft class le =( Sad to the max!

The show "push" is reali reali Sucks! I find not reali worth to watch coz no climax de =x

Dinner went to magic wok and eat =) NOw Full to the MaX again!!!


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

ShoPping shopPping ShoPpInG~

After class, headed to Vivo to mit mum and had our lunch =)

ate Jia Xiang Mee... Not reali impressive and also quite ex =x

At habour front and Vivo, I brought the same slipper that broke from D** and also brought another heels from UR* =)


Shop finish le, darling called and ask us to go PS to mit him =)

Headed to Ps and mummy brought a heel from C&K =)

Lastly during dinner time some thing horrible haPpen!!!!

AT first wanted to bluff throught ask mummy they all eat HK cafe =) Manage to get them in, coz i wan to accumulate the points =) But ended up! the waitress nv hear properly and she redeem all my points in there INSTEAD!!!!!


End up both of them laugh at me throught the whole journey =x


Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Today went to watch K.F.C by Vanness =D Handsome to the MAX!!!

Hehe... Sweet of darling today, came to pick me up then we slowly walk to Cini for the 1:45 show =)

AFt watching, we headed back to my hse and took a rest till nite time mit up with Jie..


Guess wat??

I brought JJ LIN concert tickets!!!! hehe!!!

HaPpY to the Max again! =D

Looking forward to the concert on 28 March 2009 =)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Ever since last wed

Went for Steam boat at TB and had been having bad tummy pain since that day...

Watever food that went in will come out within 3 - 4 hrs and it's horrible...

Hope this stupid tummy pain will end soon =)

Learn from my my past lesson, now I shall just 走一步看一步吧..

** Felt that our relationship is getting worst.. Can both of us reali work things out?*

Sunday, March 1, 2009

So fast weekend is over le =(

Had a gathering on sat.... Hai, dunno gd or bad lei coz alot of things happen =(

All I could say ::::

"There are full of surprises in life"

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