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Friday, February 29, 2008

Once in every 4 yrs..

Gort up early in the morning and was late to meet darling at Suntec for the career fair...

Promise darling to go with him de.. but some conflict and some misunderstanding cause us to walk seperately for the first half of the day..

Was having a serious headache and leg pain.. didn't want darling to worry for me, therefore i alone seated at the suntec outside puzzle shop there for almost 1 and the half hrs.. Met alot of people dunring the waiting of him. When he come find me and we had to go Air port for auntie leaving back to Nz.. we didn't talk much until we find a place to talk things out..

Now i understand.. all this talking make us understand one another more..

A heart standing alone is reali painful.. i tried it b4 and reali dun wish to test this type of feeling again...

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Love u always

Went to watch "Ps I love u".. REali dam nice show... Watch till first few min can cry le lo =x Coz brought back some memory of mine, however lucky my bf is just beside me to lend me his shoulder =)

"Quarrel" is a way couple communicate and let each other know that we care for u that's why we scold and quarrel with one another.

This few days darling and me had been having quarrel almost every day.. And..after watching such a wonder ful show make us learn that treasure one another before it is too late is the most important thing in life.

In the bus on the way hme.. Darling and i start saying our future plan. This sunddenly make me had the urge to work hard and start looking for a stable job =) Just apply 5 job but dunno will they reply ma =z Reali trying hard to make our future a bring one =)

Finally my baby get it why i scold him le... Scold u also make me feel pain =( Just wan him to see the picture clearer and be more calm when handling things =)

HOpe he will know what i mean =>

**I Scold.. I Scream.. I Shout.. All i wan to do is to care for u, if not i will not be doing all this le. Sorrie for being so stright forward, but it's for your own good. **

Ps: I love u

Monday, February 25, 2008

What's Wrong with me le ??

Having lots of thinking in my head..

Knoe that he is treating me the best le... Pamper me the most de... Love me the most de... Respect me the most de and Care for me the most de...

He's always there for me.. yet! i dunno.. i too emo le ba ..

Dunno what i wan and where i'm heading to...

** Aimlessly in life**

What's wrong with my appetite now adays??

Had been trying to have a proper appetite... In the past when i ate i will feel the food in my stomach. Now adays i had been eating per normal but whenever food go in my stomach i feel like throwing it out =x Reali had a hard time to eat those food i like.

One by one each prob of my body start to appear.. So xin ku aft CNY =( Is it i eat too much goodies till i spoilt my stomach or what =(

Time pass so fast.. i still must face the fact and had to look for a job soon =( Good luck to myself ba =D

Friday, February 22, 2008

Brand new Day

From yst nite till this morning, mummy keep asking me to suggest where to eat for today...

Hmm.. Thinking hard and harder.. FINALLY!!! i knoe le.. go Marina Square for Jack Place =) my favourite place for cheap western food =) hehe..

Our journey today is all abt eating... Start eating Jack Place from 2 to 3: 30. Slowly walk and shop until suntec there and baby want to eat and drink hot things. I was so SO so full!! It's onli 4:30 and my darling can start eating le =.=" ( knoe what?? my baby is having heavy flu )

Aft so much of eating.. Shopping again!! =D hehe... shop shop shop all the way till 6:30 and we went to have dinner =.=" so Full yet had to eat dinner..

Each of us order our food from the food court and eat.. The one that is sick suddenly ask if wan eat Pan cake ma? when our food haven started eating =.=" Now look who is sick?? Wondering..

LOL.. Eat and stright hme sweet hme... =D

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Waiting for freedom

HaTe NaGgIng!!!

If given a choice how i wish time will pass faster and let me reach till 21 yrs old!! =D

Once i'm 21! FreedOM!!!!


Saturday, February 16, 2008


3rd movie of the week le =)

Today went to watch Jumper!! DAM NICE!! the show is cool and the actor is handsome sia... haha.. See until i dun feel like letting it to end =x haha kidding...

If those haven watch hor.. must go watch wor...


**Walking throught bad and good together**

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Val DaY

I gort Bluff again!!

This is how my Valentine day goes ::::::::

Gort up late so quickly rush all the way to Catay to catch the 1:15 show of Kong Fu Dunk. Not bad lei the show.. =) Nice..

Aft watch no place to go le.. so we just window shop till times up and headed to lot one to da bao food for dinner... The journey in the bus darling say he stomach pain, so once we reach lot one he rush all the way to toilet.. While in the toilet, he called me and ask me to go buy medical oil for him.. Stupid me believe him and went to buy =.=" When i get out of the shop, saw him walking towards me smiling and with his hand behind..


Once again i know i'm bring trick once again just like what happen on monday with that piglet =.=" Silly me gort trick 2 time in one week !!! HOrrible!!!

However.. i still love the flower.. haha.. coz silly darling smart le wor! ask for an exported rose!! haha..

Another gift is the jeans that is of my waist line.. I find high and low for that jeans and finally, he secretly found it and bought it for me.. I was hidden in the dark while my mum also knoe sia!!! =.=" ( they gang up de) =x

Just a short 5 hrs dating but i reali enjoy it!!!

HaPPy Val day to all my frenz.. May every lover have a smooth walking journey together =D

Monday, February 11, 2008

My day =)

Hehe =D

Gort the piggy that i love most... Darling bought this for me as anniversary gift and he went through alot of trouble getting for me =) Love him haha..

Was throwing temper last nite... yet this morning he did silly things that make me so touched and happy =)

Let's talk about what happen yst ba :::::::

Noon time, contiune with my visitng to my last relative hse. One yr once we go to their hse, this yr they did a renovation and the old hse which is 40 plus yrs old turn into a brand new hse again!!! Dam Dam nice... 160 thousand for the removation sia... =.=" I also wan lei.. haha

Aft Visiting, my whole family including grandma they all had an appointment with my darling le.. meet him at paper chicken there at 2Pm for lunch =) Nice Nice.. Long time nv eat there le yet the food still nice =D

Eat Eat Eat.. Play Play Play.. hehe.. darling went to my hse and play monoponly with my bro and I... ANd Guess what?! He's the one who went bankrupt!! =x LOL...

Aft Playing, time for dinner lo.. Went to WArren country club for dinner. Like always, i'm the one to make decision for the dishes.. hehe.. SOme surprise is reali shocking!! Saw darling de big bro in law.. Stunt!! haha..

Back to today:::::

Went out early in the morning to catch the show CJ7!! NICE!! the show dam dam nice!

Baby rush all the way... I thought what happen and he explain to me the whole thing why he was late...

"I rush all the way to suntec to get the piglet u like, but when i reach there it was sold out.. I saw the time late le, i immediately took taxi to catay to mit u lo.. "

Diao.. so much trouble to get the piglet... hehe =D

He call and call alot of places infront of me and manage to bluff throught.. there's piglet left at BP plaza and he bluff me to plaza, say wat long time nv shop there le.. diao =.=" go there le then complain stomach pain go toilet Poo Poo.. but end up went to get me the Piglet!!! haha... So surpirse...

Today is our anniversary... so happy to get that as a gift.. but i quite stress lei..

1. Dunno what to get for him for val day
2. Dunno if i can rush my project through ma
3. Dunno can i find a good place to work ma

TOmmorow dad will be leaving sg to Aust for work.. I'll miss him =(

Saturday, February 9, 2008

3rd Day of CNY

Take a break from visiting to relative hse.. It's time for frenZ!!

Went KTV with Alice and darling.. SIng Sing Sing till 2pm. During the singing session.. stupid baby keep stealing my orange!!! I peel 3 orange and left it on the table one by one.. i sing haven 1 min then he one mouth eat half my orange le =.="

** Stop Stealing my Orange baby!!**

Aft singing, we headed to marina for bowling... while waiting for our turn to bowl, we went to archard, darling went to play his favourite game and tan tan and me go catch bear bear =D However... I regret go catch.. SPend almost 12 Bucks (me), 5 Bucks (Tan) and 7 Bucks (baby)... =.="

Mummy they all happen to go suntec also.. so we gort free ride home =D YAHOO!!! LOL... save my money...

Fat Fat FAt... On my journey throught dieting =)


Friday, February 8, 2008

CNY first day =)

CNY first day just started and ended so quickly...

Slp till i so shuang... but end up gort whack up by mummy =.=" Sad!!! REst till all the way 2 pm then we get prepare to go grandma hse for bai nian =D

Reach there alot alot of people till i so sian off... =x every yr and every time, adult always say and ask the same question till i hear le also fan =S

Haven been seeing him for one day and it's reali killing me.. MIssing him like CRAZY!! =x

Tired... Let's slp and tml will be a new start =D

Monday, February 4, 2008

Bad Bad Expreience

Almost gort a shock out of my life...

Early in the morning went to queenstown, while on the way walking alone to darling hse... Walk walk walk and SUDDENLY!! i indian middle age guy walk towards me.

I move one side and let him pass but he stood in front of me.. i turn left he and turn left =.=" I go right he also go right =x Immediately my mind go blank and i jump off the path way.. !!! end up i ended on the road where a car dash toward me!! I reali shock till i jump back to the path way, at the same time that hit me on my back.. dunno how to describe...

It's just a horrible experience... Hug my bf tightly and ask him to promise me not to leave me alone no matter what.. i regret walking alone without him


Sunday, February 3, 2008

REuniion dinner of baby =)

This pic are Pic of baby family de reunion dinner =) hehe

Reunion dinner

IT's just a normal reunion dinner with my bf family.. but i'm scare till i din slp well last nite, now dam dam dam tired....

The reunion dinner was at Shargi la hotel de The line... It was a reali great buffet and i reali enjoy myself.. Eat and EAT and EAT till i nearly Vomit..

Darling today dress till veri HANDSOME Also wor.. Staring at him make me smile =)

Tired le.. slping le

Good nite

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