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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Slp late last nite...


Over slept!

ARg... Quickly gort up, had my breakfast and start practicing my piano while darling is having online lesson =)

Out I went to mit darling at Juro... Brought food up and had some conflict =x Slp slp slp.... Eat Eat EAt... Aft the tuition, went to Lake side for a game of badminton with WJ and SL =) The wind is too strong, end up we sat down to have a chat =)

Looking forward to our 1 day malaysia trip shopping =)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hoho! Busy BusY busY!

LEt me update those days that i miss...

28 July 2008 ( Monday )

I forget what i did le =x

29 July 2008 (Tuesday)

Exam is around the corner.. So.. Went for extra piano lesson early in the morning. At first darling said wan to accompany me go de but think he overslp le =x Therefore, came to sembawang and we took a train to Juro...

At first darling thought gort tuition, we bought food to center and eat.. Around 3 plus, receive a call and say that the class is cancel!!!! ARG! Waste time! So... we took a bus to Ah Po hse to collect badminto racket as we are going to play on thursday!!! =D Then, we went to "place to chill out" haha... Althought the time is just 2 hrs, but still! we had lots of fun! =)

Took bus to lot one and we pack food to my hse to eat... We were late, so mummy keep calling our phone... =x she thought both of us quarrel and stone downstairs dun wan come up =x !!! LOL!! Then she say at first she wanted to rush down to see but she wear till not nice lei =.=" She waitied for awhile more and see us happily crossing the road with alot of food =D LOL.. Mummy so CUTE! haha

** This Particular day is the day where we knoe each other for 1 yrs 1 month, and is also exactly 1 yr where i receive your first flower =) a few more days is our 1st yr anniversary.. hope to spend that lovely day with him =D **

30 July 2008 (Wednesday)

ShoPping!!! Gort up and Went out to mit darling with mummy at bugis =) Went for a relaxing shopping and mummy started to go crazy!

This is our conversation::::

Mum : "Ger Ar.. do you think we are like those liu liang han ar? "

JO : " =.=" HUH! What u talking????"

Mum :" Dun look like meh? we are those shopping liu liang han.. HAHA!! "

Jo :" =.=" Mummy u crazy le ar? shopping then shopping la, say what liu liang han !"

This is what my mummy and i laugh at.. Cannot stand her.. think she shop till crazy le la! haha..

Went to OG and end up I gort myself 2 young hearts bra set.. Dam CUTE! haha.. As darling will be having school at nite, so we took a bus to lot 1 while darling drop off and change a bus =)

Tired! Tml will be another great day for us! Badminton!!! =D

Monday, July 28, 2008

It's Sunday!

Gort up and get prepare for family lunch =) Ate at Tiong Baru level 6 de restaurant... been there for so long and until NOW! then i realise gort a resutaurant up there =x It had been a long time since every one mit up, this time round is for Ah e and Charlie kor kor come back =)

Eat le, accompany Popo they all for shopping... Sent ah e they all to bugis as at nite they are going to watch Shaolin at Esplande =z Borning ... =x

Took a nap at ah po hse while darling aft class come and mit me =) Went Lavander for dinner and Home sweet home =)

Just a simple day =D

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Steam boat =)

It's Week end!

Gort up and went for class... 12:45 is my class and I was late =x coz of Jam!

Aft class, went to darling hse for lunch! Chicken Rice, Rojak and Banana Pie =D hehe

Around 5:30pm, mit WJ and SL... Went to Bugis to eat steam boat =D



All the wAY! =D

*Chicken Soap and Hot spicy *

*Fried Apple with Chocolate *
*Saw this Qoo.. Veri Cute! *

Friday, July 25, 2008

JB CIty Square Shopping =)

JB Shopping trip!!!

Hoho! Got up early in the morning, prepared to go JB with darling and mummy... Leave hse at around 10:30 with an empty stomach and once i reach Jb.. HUNGRY!!!

Immediately headed to Ah Wang Cafe which mummy say the price there is dam cheaper than singapore lo.. When i reach, BINGO! Singapore selling all the food is Sg money, but over there it's the same price but It's in RM!!! Example: Sg 1 plate of rice is $7.90, then over there the same rice cost 7.90 RM !!! OMG.. haha.. I order without seeing the price le lo. =x Order Order Order! Order till the bill hit up to 97RM which is onli around $50 singapore dollar ba =D hehe

Food that i order are shown below:::::

*Man Tou with Bacon and Ham *

*Peach Jucie*
(Super nice! 2 person serving)

*Xo sauce Chee Chong Feng*
(Erm.. Abit oily)

*Chocolate lava *

*Waxed rice*
(Nice in the look, this is once it collapse)

*Bacon with tomato sauce*
*Chicken hot dog with thousand island*
*Fried dumpling with pork floss*
(It's cheap!) =)

*See how much food on the table =x *

*Mummy enjoying the food =) *

*Darling de Chocolate Fondue* ( 8 Rm ba =x )

After Having such a nice lunch.. Here come our shopping !!!


Shop till drop dead lo... Erm... Let me recall what did we buy


* 2 shirt for 50Rm... EX de shirt & Monkey logo shirt * (Brother)

*2 shoes, Mickey Addi de 59.90Rm & Brown skin shoes dunno what brand ???Rm (darling)

*1 belt that cost 39.90Rm (darling)

*Food~!!!! hoho (chocolate, cuttlefish, cracker, Pork Floss tibits)

*Baos!!!! OUr favourite Melting gold =D haha.. once u bite the bao, the custard in there melt out!

Aft a tiring shopping, mummy asked me where to eat, therefore i decided to go "Sizzing stones" there to eat =x Cheap till the MAX!

In singapore, I eat 1 set of hot stone cost $60! that does not feed me full lo at Claye Quay....Used to eat with my fren 5 of us and it almost hit all the way till $400 ba =x

Over there, I order 1 set of salmon and it onli cost me 26RM! hoho! Darling order those like satay sticks and as for mummy, she ordered Prawns with Lamb =) Total bill of 98RM! Hoho

I knoe it's my fault la, i stupid greedy mouth.. haha! Want to eat but dun dare to cook =x Lucky! Mr Bf help me cook =x So sweet of him =D

*Forced mummy to take photo*

*I bo liao lo... While waiting for food *

*Chicken Satay Stick with Fried rice and clawslaw*

*SErious cooking *

*Darling set meal =) *

* My whole set meal that i mix and match my order *

REali Reali enjoy myself =) Love the way mummy and darling click.. Keep shotting me =x haha.. but still I had the fun ! =D Looking forward for the next outing =)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Trip to Malaysia =)

TraVeL TrAVeL TrAveL~ ! !

Traveling to Malaysia with darling to fetch his mummy back =)

Dad leave hse at 7am, therefore, I could not go out so early... Waitied for every one to clear from the hse before I start preparing my self =)

Mit darling 7:45am at CCK station... both of us reached Kranji, waited for bus 170... YaWn! Tired and still in slping mood, had to SQUEEZE into the pack bus =( Within 20 min, reach Woodland checkpoint... I was like a sotong walking lo.. =x Lucky gort darling, he guide me throughout the whole journey =) First time travelling myself on Public bus, last time used to take aeroplane or coach to Malaysia de... now i know how messy it is over there le =x

We took bus 170 to the end of the bus terminal, when we were abt to alight, LOts and Lots of taxi or coach driver crowd around the entrance asking us where we going... Din know what they were talking at first, darling keep asking me dun stop and carrying on walking... Walk, Walk, Walk, all the way to a booth that sell ticket to Muar.. =)

Duck and chicken talking to the cashier lady =x LOl... baby power! haha... dun reali like the environment there.. =x 9:30 am bus to Muar... Darling de mummy stay at Bukit Pasir there, so we had to drop off half way on the bus....

Pix taken when we were in the bus =) KKKL bus =)

Travel on this bus for around 2 hrs and we reached the Police station where his auntie live near by.. We had to search for gift for his relative, his dad suggested "Bak Kua"... We search Search Search! and NONE! all are those selling home stuff and also those mini mart... Wanted to buy Chocolate! Sweets! and also cute stuff... End up darling say ltr then buy coz he need to go Muar which is a small city to get gift... =( SAD! We stop-by a bread shop to had a drink before we carrying travelling on a cab =)

The taxi that we took were HORRIBLE!!!

Firstly.. No Aircon, Secondly... Had to share cab with others, Thirdly... The door is spoilt! Lastly is hard to communicate with the driver sia!!! We told him to bring us to Maur shopping center or ani place that is called a "Shopping Center". End up.. He drop us at the patrol kios and said that the shoping cneter is just opposite... The moment I alight! Stink! Horribel! Almost fainted... It's not a shopping center lo, it's a wet market! ARG~!

Headed to those shop that was nearby and we saw alot alot alot of toys that we used to play when we were young =) haha.. Bought a mini Pool table =) Soon.. We ask around for a place to sell "Bak kua" and lastly the person told us a road name call "JAlan Sayang" =.=" sound weird...

Wanted to take a cab to the place, but darling wanted to take a look around.. So we walk walk walk... Walk till we ask an old man how to go the place, end up, he brought us there =D haha.. Wat a kind person he is =)

Once we found the "bak kua" shop, we were so haPpy! haha.. Darling de daddy wan him to buy 4Kg of bak kua, as for us, we bought pork floss with seaweed, prawn floss and those beef floss.. LOL.. buy all the way up to 300+ RM =x Carrying such a heavy packet of things.. darling suggest we go find somewhere to rest or have a break ...

The moment i saw a proper shopping center that is just below a hotel call Hotel Classic.. I was so HAPPY! Coz i see MAC!!! hoho... Sat in there with darling..

Ordered 1 double Cheese burger meal and darling ordered a quarter pounder meal =) Fries change to onion ring while the drinks we took Orange juice =D Finalli a proper meal =) Sian! the food sososo onli lo.. =x Aft eating the meal, darling decided to try something special that onli malaysia had.. which is Cornetto Mc flurry and Banana Pie =x LOL...

Before leaving this nice area.. We bought ourself each a GameBoy game! hoho! I bought Crash advanture =D

Waited for almost half hr for a cabbie, the way they call cabbie is so funny lo.. We happen to wave to a cab that has people on it le, it horn at us and signal us to wait there for him... WAITED so long and NV come! ARH! End up we took a air con cabbie to Bukit Pasir.. =)

While we were going back, darling de auntie keep calling us to rush us! arh! another kind de lo.. =x When we reached her hse WAO! (@_@) Reali Pop out! all the fruits are on the floor and ALL is to bring back to SG de =.=" Durian, Rambutans, Mangostan and Pandan Leave that is like a whole plant lo =x

3:30Pm we left her hse... Travel on a personal cabbie back to Sg... Took almost 2 hrs plus =x Doze off in the middle of the Jouney.. dunno his mum gort see my ugly sleeping face ma =z LOL... Malaysia reali no rules de lo! Car speeding at 150 km/hr, Smoking at a place where there's non smoking sign and also... cross the road like no body business =.=" DANGER!

5:30 reached my hse to put those durian at hme.. Carrying on travel to darling hse, helped to unload stuff and headed to City link to eat dinner. Darling suddenly wanted to eat good food, so end up ate xiao long bao ! =D Yeah! Ordered 4 season vege, duck noodle soup, ceral fried rice and also xiao long bao.. =)

Pack donut for tml breakfast and headed home...

Ended such a wonderful day =) Hoping that there will be another chance to explore malaysia with my darling..

*Even thought i nag and shouted... but still... I love every moment with u *

Monday, July 21, 2008

19 July to 21 July =)

19th July 2008

Music lesson day...

Follow by went to darling hse to have our own private time before heading to grandma hse for Wei jie birthday celebration =)

20th July 2008

Over slept!

Gort up and start preparing quickly for Ubin =) Mit up with Jie at CCK and took a cab to Queens town to mit up with darling, WJ & SL =)

Train all the way to Pasir Ris and took bus 89 to Changi Village for lunch... =) Darling ordered Dam lots of food lo... It's already abit 1pm le, took a boat all the way to Ubin..

This time round over there, we decided to change other shop to rent bicycle... REGRETED! =(

The Bike tat i rent sucks! Had to bear with it for the whole day.. While darling and Jie gort them self a 2 seater bike =)

Took a new route this time and always faced a dead end ahead and had to turn back.. Gort so angry with darling... Gort a part where it started to rain dam heavily and in order to avoid the rain, we cycle the opposite direction.. Strong wind was blowing and things gort into my eyes, lucky Siew ling stopped and accompany while all of them are gone. =) (darling! u going to get hell )

Another part is where by the slope is veri steep.. WJ and I were the first 2 to get down, WJ manage to get down properly, as for me! my whole bike gone out of control! ARG! Gort a little scratch on my leg =( Every one knew it le, except darling!!!

ARG! Darling! u reali power! About to the ending le, darling and frenz were behind me and i was alone infront... Suddenly I heard something like gun shot sound.. I immediatly rush forward with the rest of the people to a safe spot and waitied for darling they all to come... NONE! arrived ... Was so mad that i cycle myself lo... When we manage to gather, i was told that a tree collaspe and block the whole road... =( Lucky!

Darling caught 13 herbit crab back to sg... hehe.. that make me happy =) Packed food from Bugis and headed to Ah Po hse =)

21 July 2008

GOrt my New Passport lo!

A letter of reminder was sent to me on last fri abt the collection of passport today.. I'm so blur that i din read properly the time that was written on it. All passport must be collected from 8am to 11:30 am...

Lucky! mummy saw the words written on it and whack me up at 10am! =( Immediately rush all the way to ICA by cab while darling was also woken up by me, took a train down to ICA to mit me =)
Went to Orchard to mit up mummy.. EAt and shop! Headed to Marina and Suntec! Bought myself 2 slippers! and as for mummy.. she bought herself 2 clothing =)
Ended my day with a smile =)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Back from Ubin and I'm too tired to blog...


Update tml =)

Friday, July 18, 2008

It's FridaY!!!


Gort up early and done my piano practice... =) Over practice le la! End up hand cramp =x LOL.. Late for lunch with nick and darling... Rush! Rush! Rush! all the way to bona vista, end up darling intro us to the "san lao he fen" =D nice!!! Yummy! but hor.. abit ex =x

Aft eating... darling and I went to orchard for shopping! Searching for his addi de wallet.. As for me! looking out for new cloths =D

Shop shop shop and had some conflict... fear came to me and lucky i overcome it and back to normal =) Darling.. Promise me u shall nv do tat to me le ok? Cannot use this method le.. another time it happen, then u bear the ending hor...

Aft orachard, headed to Marina and Suntec for shopping.. This time round! Caught MICKEY MOUSE!!! hoho...(will upload the photo soon) =) Darling always catch the toy i like... REali love the fun we had catching toys together =D

Waited for Jie to join us at Popeye at Singapore Flyers! That's one of our favourite spot to eat =) hehe... Eat and chat chat.. Love this kind of feeling =) Took cab to Lot 1 and this time round is Jie turn to catch bear bear!!! HAHA! Darling manage to catch one BIG LEORY for Jie! WAo! mine is small small coz me is mei mei ma, haha.. then Jie is big big lo =x

Aft the whole event... Home sweet home lo =D Weekend just arrived...

Event coming up are ::::

* Going to attend Wei Jie birthday Party *

* Going to Ubin with the same people as darling sch reopen soon *


Msg to darling ::

* Once again.. Promise ar! no more those things from u le k? Knowing that sch reopen soon.. SO u better enjoy these few days k? Muackz! *

Msg to Nono or whom

* I should knoe who are u le... Is just one of those from the witch company. Stop what u are doing la.. U! are so childish lei... =.=" I promise someone to stop writting those things le, so u also stop viewing le la.. no point viewing de lo, coz u are also one of the SPY! =x Trying to solve things peacefully? dun think so de la.. So good bye to u le wor S*****!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mummy went JB without bring me along =( sob... so end up i had to wake up early too to mit up darling =)

Quite a moody moody day today, coz alot of things in my mind to think... Went to watch "Hancock" and it was dam nice! =D Funny show and i find the main actress is hot! =x

Din't do much shopping as darling had to teach tuition again.. Took a bus to IMM coz he miss the sweet potato =.="

When we reached the tuition center, my fren gort a Guinea Pig.... Today when we reach there, darling spotted another mini guinea pig beside it! OMG! It gave birth to a male =D We were so excited!

So CUTE! but i scare la... =x LOL...

It's Friday tml! Planning our weekend...

This are the Toys that darling and I caught! =) On Tues, darling use alot alot of money to catch the dark grey Leory... As for me... Yst with mummy, i so sian while waiting for darling, therefore, went to invest $2 for the light grey stitch and mange to catch it!!! YAHOO!!! At first is i caught another dark grey de, then i wanted to change to the light grey.. TAT stupid lady! give me attitude and dun let me change.. =(

Aft darling de tuition, he went to help me change! this time round he did it! haha... Then i still gort a dollar left and i went to catch the little chick!!! hoho!!! BINGO! haha

Tat's all for yst and the day before =)





It will be on the 22 Aug & 23 Aug 2008 which is on the Friday and Saturday =) Looking forward for this event, coz ever since i fall in love, I'll nv miss this =x Haha...

Today went to renew my passport.. hoho! taken a veri stupid passport photo.. HAH! Aft making passport went to Bugis as baby need to settle some stuff, 4:30 he gort tution... so he had to leave first... Mum and I contiune shopping, manage to had some talk with her and realise alot of things..

Starting to get to knoe what reali is commitment and also what reali a married life would be in future... Is this what i Reali wan?? No one knoes... There fore.. I just had to slowly move on advoiding things tat is against me =)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Shopping Spree

Let's see....

12 July 2008 (Sat)

Hmm... Sat was just a normal day, I went for my piano class while darling went to celebrate Zu xian birthday, coz they wan guys day ma =x

Aft class, went to Cini coz the guys were having their lunch there.. At the first place didn't wan to join them, i just went there to mit up with them aft their lunch. ARG! Becoz that i needed the toilet so urgently tat i had to walk past the resturant that they were eating &~ I gort spotted by darling =.=" Sian.. wanted to choose our 1st yr anniversary gift de =x

Aft celebrating, went to Bugis to mit up with Wj & SL... They say 4PM!!! but they were late =.=" sian! However...While waiting for both of them, happen to see the TVB stars!!! OH my GOD! WJ & SL treat us STeAM BOAT... WHAoo... Just love steam boat =D

Eat EAt EAt till forget time sia, end up took cabbie home =)

13 July 2008 (Sun)

Darling mum went back to malaysia! =) woke up early in the morning.. Went to his hse to do some cooking =)

Menu for the day is "Tuna Pasta, Garlic Bread, Cheese Tofu, Bread with peanut butter & jam serve along with a galss of Apple & cramberry juice" =)

Cooked all by myself.. Think I made a mess out of the food but still, think darling and i din get food poisoning right? LOL....

I went to ah Po hse along while darling pei his dad and at the same time, went to apply for his studies things =)

14 July 2008 (Mon)


Shopping Shopping Shopping!!!

On this particular day, Darling mit up with mummy and I at Central for a shopping spree...=)

Mit up at around 12:45Pm and Started shopping.. Ate Pepper lunch for lunch (darling treat) , at the same time, i also bought those mini mini donut that were so GREAT! =)

Darling & I manage to buy each of us a t-shirt from Giordino =)

Around 3 -4 plus, went to Marina & Suntec... Bought a Slipper and manage to caught a Whale toy!! Go GO Darling! LOL....

Aft Suntec, we walked to Bugis for shopping.. Darling and mummy mange to buy a shirt =)
Hehe.... AS for dinner... Settle down at a bubble tea shop and had a bite =)

Tml will be another day =)

Friday, July 11, 2008

For the past few days =)

All the photos below are taken from 7th July to 10th July =)

Darling rented the car and we were so used to it lo =( Sob... tml have to return le =( hai... I'm being pampered by him so much that now i'm so lazy and find it hard to get back to my usuali life =x LOl...

7th July =)

Parkway parade... KAllang Leisure mall... Dinner at beauty world with nick and alice... Soon! YIshun Dam for chill out =)

8th July =)

Piano Class in the morning 11 - 12pm... Aft class wanted to go save Jie de, but end up boss dun let her out... SIan! We actuali wan go find nick eat lunch de, end up no time so went to IMM pack food and eat in the car before darling go teach tuition =) Aft class, went to fetch JIe, headed to taka to collect jeans and then Yishun dam to chill out =)

9th July =)

Wake up as usual and went to darling hse... First time go Queenstown mac there eat, not bad sia! Eat plus see turtle =) As for lunch, we headed to NUS to eat steak =) Erm... soso lo =x Aft meeeting nick, we went to bugis for shopping and darling manage to buy a 3 quarter pants from fresh box... As time is veri tight, shop for awhile, we headed down to Juro again for darling de tuition =)

As for nite time, actuali wanted to eat Sudoku smt de with gerz they all.. but end up dam lots of people, so went to eat hongkong cafe =)

10th July =)

Went to darling hse again, headed for china town buy things.. During lunch, went to look for nick for lunch... AT NUS there, happen to see " L " at the bus stop, so SHOCK! haha... Aft lunch, went to juro hill to chill out with darling

Again... Tuition.. =.=" hehe... AFt tution, went to eat paper chicken!!! my FAVOURITE! hoho.... Eat EAt EAt then we gerz headed to railway mall there for a drink at coffee bean =) Darling ordered CARROT CAKE! and CHOCOLATE MUD ! hoho...


=x LOL...

Tat's all =)

Photos during Gerz gathering and Rent car =)

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