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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

24 hrs more to 2009!

A New Yr will be starting soon in 24 hrs time...

Hmm... What I hope for this yr? Alot of things flash into me


- HOpe my study life will go smoothly

- Hope I can carry a meaningful day every day

- Hoping that our relationship will improve

- Wish every thing will go smoothly for him too

- Get the love and care that I need from him

- Getting myself a car license =) (So darling will not look down on me)

- Be a gd ger to mummy, daddy and also to darling

- 21st Birthday will be happening during end yr (looking forward to the day)

- Hope to get surpirses from my love ones

- Be an understanding Gf of his =)

- Wish that Hong kong trip for our 3rd "honey moon" will come true during end yr

- More more more !!! ~

Ani way...

Just wish every thing around me will remind the same and nth will leave me =D

Healthy and Wealthy for every one =D

Monday, December 29, 2008

Yst was bro first celebration for his birthday at Ah ma hse =D

Finalli 17 lo!

Aiya.. Me and him are yr end baby, so! we are always the youngest =D

These are the photo of him during celebration =)

29/ 12/ 08

As for today, mit up with Jie first at Catay as darling will be late... 3 of us went to watch "bed time stories ".. =D

Funny show and it's full house =x

Aft the show, we headed to Paragon to change darling cloth... However, din reali find a shirt that suit him and can be change. So will slowly find =)

Gosh! we are late to mit tha and nini...

Quickly took a bus to The central and lucky not veri late la =x Headed to Liang court and ate at an Itailian restaurant =) Cheap and nice ! =D

Just a simple and Happy meal...

Look how tha tha (in black) eat her cheese... Tat reali make me laugh and burst into tears =p

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Char Siew!

Today darling and I tried to make Char Siew at home and we manage to do it =D

Althought I rate it around 6/10, but still =D Satisfied abt the outcome =D

Tml is bro birthday celebration =D

* Pour out everything le, felt much better =D *

Friday, December 26, 2008

horrible Jam

Horrible Jam!

First time sia.. It took me 2 hrs to take bus from CCK to Orchard! =x And is bus 190!

ARh! There's not accident or ani thing blocking the road, so I dun see ani reason why the traffic is so SLOW!

Just from Raffles school to Far east, it took me half an hr to travel such a short distance!

Darling and Jie went to buy movie ticket first, but hor... FULL HOUSE! Wht the hell! Why today every thing is so unsmooth de!

Din reali knoe where to go, we settle down at B1 Catay for a "tea break" and soon.. headed to Bugis, coz dunno where to go le...

Went to Bugis, play Bball and sian... Aimlessly walking around =(

We decided to go The Central and Liang court =D

Yippy! Liang court gort a Itallian restuarant dam nice! OMG!

Home sweet home aft that =D

* Looking forward for count down *

Thursday, December 25, 2008

UpDaTe ::::::::

23 Dec 2008

My family side de christmas celebration...

Slack at home all the way till 4 plus, dad fetch us to marina mandrian to get out Turkey, Ham and log cake =D and also Sushi from Sakae sushi

Quickly head to Ah Poh house and start preparing for the dinner tonite...

I'm incharge of the Garlic bread, therefore, mummy and I did on the bread..

As for aunt they all, they prepare salad, potato salad, curry, Pizza, Sushi, Turkey, Ham, Sheapard Pie and lots more.. =D

Christmas party started at 7:30 pm and all the way till 10:30...

We headed upstairs for exchange gift!!! =D For me, I gort onli a t shirt from my aunt =) I gort a snow man for my darling.. Is i do de hor.. LOL

24 Dec 2008

Today is darling sister side de celebration..

Before the celebration, I mit up with darling to go marina for a walk... Went to the arcade to play, din mit up with WJ but eneed up saw them there!!! Tis is what i call FATE =D LOL

Aft playing, headed to marina mandrian again to collect our durian log cake =D Went back to darling hse and sister come pick us up =p

Had a huge celebration at his sister hse too... Had SPaghetti, Chicken, Potato salad, Salmon, Mushroom soup, Salad, Roast Beef and alot alot sia!

Eat till FAT FAT! =x LOl...

Aft eating, did a present exchange.. Brought Watch for all the kid and an care bear umbrella for the little one =) Sweet boy.. He's so so cute! too bad forget to take photo of him =(

So.. These are my present from darling and his sister =D

25 Dec 2008

It's Christmas!! Darling mit me and my family for grandma birthday celebration... We happen to book a table in a room, so! As the onli little naughty granddaughter of hers, I came out with an idea of buying a surprise cake! =D

Darling and me half way headed to Swensen and brought a cake...

Surpise her with a cake and also with present! =D

Aft lunch, we headed to Suntec for our own frenz celebration... WJ was in a Taimaya race, so we went there to support him. Sat there for almost 2 hrs and went to play bball with SL and Jie...

Aft playing, we headed to Joaquim there to eat steam boat.. All i can say! Not reali impressive to me =( Eat until so so full that we went for a walk..

At last home sweet home le..

Fri and Sat will rest.. Sunday will start eating again coz bro birthday !


FAt FAt Fat!


MeRrY ChRisTmaS GuyS!

Mid nite just strike not long ago!

Had been busy these few days.. Tml I will upload every thing k? Now just wish to make a quick blog here =D

My Wishes for Christmas :::::

- Every thing will go smoothly for every one

- Darling and I will last forever

- Every one haPpy every day =D

- Love, Peace and Joy is every where

- Waiting for the important day of my life to arrive soon =)

- Frenz are foever frenz =)

* Love is in the AiR *


Tuesday, December 23, 2008


My darling today reali cannot stand close to me de lo for today =x

1st is in room, I hit his nose by accidently! =x who ask him to disturb me! wan computer dun wan me =(

2nd is when we walking at his block, I step on the metal thing and how i knoe it is loss ar! Like see-saw lo! I step on side the other side came out and hit his toe ! =s

3rd! Is at lot one food court... I accidently spill over the soup when I was placing my drink on the table =x Wet his pants =x LOL...


Reali sian! LOL..

Tml is the first christmas celebration =) Will update soon

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas is around the corner

Hey Guys!

Christmas is just around the corner!!

Dam Dam exciting!

I just love CHRISTMAS!

3 christmas celebration will be taking place next week =D


Receive lo! =D

Today is Dong festival.. darling first time went to my family there to eat.. LOl.. Stunt right?? but hope every yr he can be involve in every celebration =D

*Looking forward to next week *

19th Dec 2008

Went out with darling to watch "twilight"..

the show was Dam DAM nice! Handsome guy that make me Drool~ LOL..

And also!

The story line was so sweet and touching =D

Aft the show..

Went to mit up with YB and Zx..

Had dinner at a Jap buffet resturant at Suntec..

DAM DAM NICE.. But! dam dam Ex =(

HEe... lucky darling help me pay me share =D

* Love him le la! but..still unhappy abt his fren! *

" Please mind your own business and stay out of relationship! If u think u are helping your fren, i think u are wrong.. Your word may cause this relationship to end! Stupid Fren! "

*Piss off! *

20th Dec 2008

Mit up Wj, SL and darling

Went to play bowling and follow by makan and slack at Donut =D

Share alot of thing with SL and I just realise..

We both are willing to change our love one, and if they do not accept the things we had advise..

Dun REGRET that we may just hack care abt u two le....

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Went to PS, Marina and Suntec for shoppin...
Mum gort herself a Puma bag and 2 Tomato Can bag...
5 Christmas present for aunt and cousin

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Just a simple day for me
Went lot one with mummy for lunch
Back home rest
Nite time mit Jie and darling for dinner
Brought a Levis jeans =D
Tat's my birthday present for tis yr =)


Finally... Our own lovely time =D

Went to catch the movie "four christmas".. Dam nice show! Funny show...

Aft the show, headed to City hall to get my ROXY wallet...

Shit! No more le... then i ask the city hall outlet to call the rest of the outlet and the guy told me no more le =(

So! I gort a similiar design de... for the sick of the christmas present...

Darling pei wo go all the way to marina to take a look..


That stupid malay guy at city hall said he call all the outlet and dun have! but! at the marina outlet i saw it!!!!


Hoho! Immediately darling and I went forward and request for a change =)

hehe! Dam dam HaPpY!

Thanks darling for looking high and low for me.. for this particular design for almost months and now finalli I get it le! =D

*Tml shall be another happy day*

Monday, December 15, 2008

Genting and KL Trip

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

Finally I'm done with uploading of my photos! =D

Let me talk about my holiday to Genting and KL.....

Day 1 (9 Dec 08)

Woke up around 5am, bath quickly and get all ready to set off...

Off we go headed to Boonlay there to take a coach....

So bored! No tv!


Darling and I entertain ourself by taking photos =)

8am set off from Sg... Reach Genting around 2pm

Before we reach there, my aunt and grandma was there before us and had already told us that the weather is dam dam cold~ So! I gort all fully prepared! All my Jacket =D

Did a quick check in at Resort hotel and diao =.=" we gort the 2nd floor =x ARH! No View of theme park =(

Every one was so hungry that we ate at the hotel resturant.. Dam Sucks! The clay pot rice is like eating salt lo! sad! Lucky I ate Kway Tiao =D

SHOP! We started our shopping at first world hotel!! =D Shop and Shop!

As for nite time, we mit up with my uncle coz they happen to arrive on the same day as us... went to HaPpy Valley and eat! =D Yummy! Tat's my favourite restaurant...

After eating, adult stand there dunno talk what topic... So! My darling, Bro and me happen to stand outside Theme park and saw a cute caterpillar height measurement... So! *Snap* *Snap* Time! We took photos!

Actuali wanted to go shopping de, but my uncle happen to have 2 free ticket for us to watch "Dreamz" which is like a circus show that had clowns, white tiger and white lion. =)

We went to the place is to ask abt the show de, but so happen that 5 min more the show will start and onli for tat particular day, we can get the front seats! So! We manage to get the front row ! =D

Had a little acting while taking the tickets... (Long story, those who wish to knoe can ask me)

Aft the whole show, they gave us a chance to take photo with the white lion and white tiger.. Die! Darling hear the news le and immediately wan go take photo! It cost us 100 RM to take photo with this 2 animals =D

Aft the show, da bao back Mary Brown chicken and eat....

Back to hotel and watch TV... Play cards and eat supper! =D

I headed to Slp while darling go to Casino for a few game....

Day 2 (10 Dec 08)

Sleep until so sweet~ =D

Whack up by my mummy and we headed to eat Dim sum....

The food there not reali nice lei... So Yuck!

Aft breakfast... We contiune our shopping again! Every one manage to get some stuff for ourself.

For me, I brought 1 shirt, 3 pair of socks and a birthday bear.

For my darling, he brought 2 boxer and a birthday bear =)

As for others, we brought gifts for Nick, Jie and Wei Jie =D

Lunch we went to Hao Mei to eat.. hmm... chicken rice is like GLUE! Scary!

Shop shop Shop!

At nite went to eat Haina chicken rice stall, the food there can say is the best le ba. I ate chicken chop! while my bro miss PORK! So he die die order PORK =.="

HaPpen to walk pass the Sky diving thing and darling wanted to try it out... He was so Into it! =.=" Too bad, it was close and he swear that he's going to be the first person to play... He's going to reach once they open.

Had a Quarrel with darling.. SO! I was so Piss off that I slp early without him and ignoring him the whole nite! Alone went down to coffee bean and brought cheese cake, apple crambles and Mashmellow hot cholcolate for myself =D

ZzZz Slping....

Day 3 (11 Dec 08)

It's our anniversary! It's the second time we celebrate it oversea le =D Wore our couple Puma shirt...

Morning woke up early and went to take breakfast at a cafe (Eat bread)..

Like what darling had say, he DIE DIE wan go FLY!


We quickly rush to Sky dive there and register... Darling sign up a single flying which cost 38RM and wanted a recording DVD of the whole process which is 18RM. While waiting, I saw a t-shirt which is so cute that I ask darling to buy =D LOL...

Fly! Fly! fly!

Our bus is 11:30 and 11:15 darling is still flying!!! We "fly" all the way back to hotel and check out!

Took 12 pm bus and headed to KL!

STUPID Traffic! Caught in a Jam! hotel is just infront of us and we are caught in the Jam for almost 15 min! =Z

Quickly Check into Berjaya, dad manage to upgrade our room to a bigger one =D hehe..

Ate lunch at around 3! Went to my favourite shop call "Kopitam Station".. Their sizzling chicken chop is dam dam dam nice!

*Our aim is to clear our shopping in Time Square*

Therefore aft lunch, we started our SHOPPING! At the first level, darling and bro gort themself almost 2 shirts le lo! =x


Darling and bro gort themself another 2 shirt =.="

Horrible! Guys shop till so scary !

Tired and Hungry again.....

Went to eat at a hongkong cafe...

Bro miss PORK again! Haa... So he ate pork lo =x

Back to hotel, we play card from 12am all the way to 3 am sia! FUN!


Day 4 (12 Dec 08)

The program of the Day is I plan de...

Woke up around 7:30am, went to eat breakfast buffet...

Tis time round, my parents wan to take LRT to KLCC... Had a little conflict with them. Their LRT is a little worst than SG la.. Shake here and there, so I fall here and there lo =x

*Our aim is to get the Twins tower ticket, Clear KLCC and Pavillion*

However =( SAD! We din manage to get the twins tower ticket.. so! we shop all the way lo =D

Saw a Christmas tree that is around 8 floor tall.. NICE! So I took photo of it =D Their decoration is nice~!

Manage to get myself a Billabong cap.. 50% off! So is around S$12!!! hehe...Oh! and also Gifts =)

Nothing much to shop le.. So I plan to go Pavillion which is a new shopping center in KL. The shopping center is another version of Vivo city.. Almost all the shop there is Singapore Shops =x


Still we manage to get cloths which is onli 10RM! Coz SALES ! hoho...

The inner design of it look nice.. SO! we took photo of it...

Lunch, we were still full... so we went to their food republic to eat. Some thing caught darling attention...


Hmm... wondering what is it all about, we brought half a dozen back to hotel to eat =D

Around evening time, we headed to those street shop and those unknown shopping center such as Sugei Wang and Loo Yat there to shop...

Bro was not feeling well, so we just quickly go to uncle duck to eat =) Order Half a duck, Duck tongue (ee... DISGUSTING), fried pig intestine, Tofu and Vege.

Ate le, we headed back to Time square and shop again...

Shop till Drop dead!

Went back to Hotel.. I was bored again that I took out my camera and started snapping photo again =D

Slp quite early coz I was overly tired!

Day 5 (13 Dec 08)

Last day le!

We woke up early again for the buffet... Bro was not feeling well, so he din eat and went back to hotel to rest as we need to check out around 11am...

Darling and I quickly eat le then headed to Berjaya Plaza... We ask passerby the route and ended up all point different direction =.=" We finally found it BUT! the Nokia care open at 10am! =.-" Stand there wait lo...

Darling looking for N93 lense cover which SG is selling S$50 each while over there it is onli selling 15Rm each! =.=" Diao.. So darling brought 2! =D

Rest at hotel for around half an hour... BORED! SO! I took our my camera again and found a nice view in the room to *Snap* hoo....

Check out and place our bag at lobby coz our bus onli come at 3 la =x

4 hrs left!!!

Chiong ar!!!!

Did our last shopping and mum manage to brought herself a shoes! Darling and me brought GIfts again for others...

Also, we went to a resturant call "vivo" Their food are great and cheap! The manager there did things that so Pai sei! haha.. She was waving at her fren while darling wave at here to ask her for bill =x LOl..

Times up!!!!

Took bus at 3pm....

Bored in bus again and *SnaP* LOL...

REach Sg around 9pm =) Darling headed home by himself and my family took a cab back =D

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Back from holiday lo! =D

Will be updating my days over at Genting and KL soon...

Just wana say!

HappY HoliDAy For us =D

* Celebrated our anniversary oversea again *

Monday, December 8, 2008

* Will be out of town *
* Back with update soon *

What i hate abt this relationship!

This are the following things that I reali find it sickening and sucks abt my relationship! Advise people not to get into the mess I am in!!

- My bf and my mum gd relationship = to me becoming a sandwich!

- Sick and tired of u people so fake infront of one another!

- So tired.. Not my fault also become my fault!

- I reali hate the f****** attitude of yours! u nv knoe how disgusting it is!

- I felt tat I'm so fake infront of u nowadays!

What I reali wish for::::::::::

- Reali reali hope to mit the true guy tat reali love me for who I'm

- Have a pleasant guy whom reali is my kind

- I like the one i'm with now.. but i HATE the stupid attitude!

- I reali hope the one i'm with could feel what I'm feeling now... HURT!

- REali wish that if tis does not meant for us, then we had to give up.

- Reali wish that he could change for me.

- REali wish he could be a gentlemen that i love

- Hope he could do things that melt my heart just as simple as using song to proof his love

- Reali felt so unlove

* Vent out all my angers for this period of time *
* Felt better *

Saturday, December 6, 2008

4th Dec 2008

Last day of school... Presentation of PP2, we PASS! =D

hoho... suppose to ead class at 3:30pm, but ended up.. drag drag drag all the way till 5pm =( Aft class, immediately I rush to Bugis to mit mummy and darling for shopping =D

Our aim of shopping is either to get a dress for myself or getting a nice formal clothes for darling... Reason is that we are going attend a fren sister wedding dinner =D

Silly darling of mine, said that he wan budget, then I choose for him a 20 bucks cloth.. but happen tat the shirt gort stain and is the last piece =( Therefore, we went into BHG to take a look and end up choose a 29.90 piece.. Darling tried le and wanted to buy it le, when the aunty happen to say that one of the shirt is on discount now and it happen that darling already saw it when it first enter the shop, but due to the price so never mention. NoW NoW noW! With the aunty saying that there's a sales and is selling at 50+ bucks instead of 70 plus...

OMG! My darling is like a little boy.. Immediately wanted it =x So no choice la.. he gort tat for dinner =)

5th Dec 2008

No school! haPpy to the MAX!

Headed to darling hse during noon time, place my barang barang at his hse and headed to TB to watch "BOltz" movie with his fren....

Aft the whole movie, we headed back and prepare for the dinnner =D

It's held at Hilton hotel and what I can comment on their service is that they sucks! During the dinner, our fren who reach early to help the wedding, told us that the CD player cork up earier and other complain...

We sat on table 6 and shared the table with their relative coz onli gort 3 of us ma.. Reali Bad luck lo! First is the waiter accidently pour the whole water of mine on darling and me! secondly is we sat with a group of unclickable people... hai =( No comment on Hilton le la... It's out of my list le =)

Dinner ended at around 12 mid nite =x Dad came to fetch me while the rest contiune with their drinking session =)

6th Dec 2008

As usual saturday... Went for class and headed to suntec to mit up with darling, WJ and SL.

Went to catch bear bear, caught 2! one is mickey on christmas tree and the other is minnie mouse! =D

Oh! and also! I saw Precious moment! OMG! took their photo =D hehe..

See that the time is still early, there fore, we headed to BT plaze to play Pool =D

*tat's all *

* looking forward to tml shopping *

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Holiday period

I'm FREE!!!

Now is my School Holiday lo!!!!

I happy to the MAX!

WIll be dam dam busy this dec all the way till next yr =D

WIll update when the event is coming up =D

* I see COLOUR in my life again! *

* HaPpY Time! here I come! *

Monday, December 1, 2008

1 down and 1 more to go..
Wish me luck ba =)
*HaPY birthday to darling de Mum! *

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