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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tiring day

New Module again...

This time round is doing "creative art." Wao... Yst just did my other module then now start another one le =( sian... 11 dec dead line... FAN!!! Now keep chiong all the way for it le =x

Aft lesson, just wish to realx and dun wish to hear anithing abt school... went to far east to look for bag and went to wisma actuali to find my best pal, but she like nv work lei =x End up went PS to eat then catch a movie at 3:10 (Fred Claus)... Gort out of the building and it raing till like crazy!!! End up, took a cab from Ps to the catay... LOL... So near take cab =D first time sia =x
Gort myself a dress!!! LOL.. Finally!! aft the show... went to china town which is an alien area to me =x

Went i reach hme.... wanted to start project le... darling suddenly call and tell me tat he shot the lava lighting =x LOL.... so gd luck =)

Friday, November 23, 2007

what a day =)

DRag myself out of bed early in the morning aft 2 days of 8 hrs shopping =x

Late for class!!! Rush and rush.. lucky i manage to reach class...During our break, every one went down for makan except me =x when all my fren came up, they talk about a murder case or robbery case that happen just behind orchard tower 1. The ops another tower 2 cannot enter at all sia.. the police block the whole place and it has been label A to dunno what de.. wAO!!! scary lei... then teacher KPO... ask the whole class go there see , not even 10 sec then every one go back to class again =.="

After class, went out with darling to get my bag... Finally!! i bought a brown bag pack =) went to darling hse to relax... So FuLL... Keep eating and eating till i reali regret!!! Gain back the weight that i hate!! now i had to diet le =( SAD!!!!

Night came and we went to the night market... WAo!! once again.. baby wan to get the light, however.. still cannot shot lei... end up with the last bullet, he hit the one which is a piggy and pooh... LOL>.. one shot and get it le =x POWER!!! LOL....

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My birthday =)

Finally turn 19 le =)

Went out early in the morning to darling hse and rest till noon.. gort out of the hse and headed to marina square for my favourite Jack Place =) Order 2 ribeye steak which is one for me and the other for darling and a sea food basket... It was dam Great and relaxing!! we sat till we are the last one to leave =x LOL

start out Shopping lo!!! Darling finally bought his singlet and in the end... I didn't buy any except aim for alot alot alot of things =x The day ended so quickly....

Once again my shopping will start tml =) hope i can get some stuff =D

Ps: Thanks for those who wish me... LOve u guys

Birthday Surprise =)

DOng Dong Dong...
midnite just pass and i turn 19...
Was slping on bed and my little darling give me a surprise by visiting my hse... LOL.. was so sleepy mood so no feeling.. =x however.. Love him so much for making the effort.. though he forget all abt it le =D
Thanks for those who help darling for his success... mummy and boy boy =x LOL...

Monday, November 19, 2007

Never Love my Life once!

I HAte my life!!!

Since i was a little ger... I hate every thing around me! People may see and find i am veri xin fu however i hate it..

Why every thing they wan me to do is for brother, every time threaten me... Not even my Jc apply i also have to help my bro do... if dun do for him, mum stand behind me and want to beat me up. HATE ThreaTEN!!!

Even when i slowly print his appication, also gort threaten.... say wan to cancel the genting trip and complain to my bf... Go ahead!! once thing reach to the end how i hate it... dun blame me for making a harsh move!!!


Saturday, November 17, 2007

Once again... Birthday =)

Once again... Every yr my birthday celebration start le...

Today celebrated at ah ma hse... Enjoy my BBQ and time together with my family.. =) Hope u guys can enjoy the pic =)

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Will our hard work give us the reward that we wan??

Project Project and Project... Finish one and now i stuck with 2 more =x

Hate this type of life le la... Just wish holiday come faster and i'll enjoy myself to the MAX!!! Ya the MAX!!! With all this stress stuff... lucky there are alot of reward waiting for me to go claim... LOL...

First is the outing that me and my frenz had been waiting for.. 3 days to night.... NExt is the Genting plus KL trip with my family and my Bf...5 days... Hohoho.. =D

Dam Dam Dam... Just wish my days can pass faster and let me go YAHOO!!! haha

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

East Coast Beach Outing

Early in the morning, drag out and go to the school... Today we having outing to East Coast Beach, actuali wanted to skip the class de hai,.. but end up still go la. Thought that we will have a great day at there, however.... Stupid teacher spoilt every one de day..

Just dun wish to say much... let u guys see some photo ba..

Sunday, November 11, 2007

3rd month anniversary

Time pass veri fast...

3rd month anniversary come le..

Early in morning over slp sia, 10:15 woke up and get out of my hse by around 10:30... wao.. i reali pei fu of myself to be so fast, HAHA~! Drag myself to darling de hse... ate coco Pops for breakfast then i rest and rest till dunno what time sia..

Darling de daddy make wu xiang...then give me some.. i thought small pack but end up alot alot!! scary~ we already plan to go out around evening time .. but end up the dad pull us go see LKY... he go first ba.. then diao.. when at the stairs the dad saw his shocks and find it familiar end up realise is his one.. =x haha... then the reaction veri funny =D

Saw le LKY... darling and me took cabby home then went out to head for juro... Ate burger king le then we straight when to take neo neo and go catch toy =D haha... I try 3rd time then caught a TAma!!!! baby... sorrie wor... haha he piss off, coz previously i use $2 to catch a cushion then now i use $3 to catch another toy... haha =x

Enjoy my day...

TAMA!!! =D

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Finally two down

Hai... have been rushing on two projct in one week!!! Lucky every thing is over but... still gort another one coming up le =x SIAN!!! why why why so many project...

Shit!!! now printer no ink!!! what the helll...

who can save me!!!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Finally the day had come

Early in the morning, dun wish to go school... so went to dar dar hse to do my project(mostly is play game la) =x haha.... Play and play and play till forget abt my lunch le =x

62Kg b4 eating is my weight... Dam It!!! so heavy... wish to be lighter so i will be on diet... Plz Do Not Feed Me With Food!! =D tat's what i wish my baby will help me ... However sian... his daddy called and had to go down all the way to west lake eat dinner with the two sis...
WaO!!!! first time mit them... scary =z Find the third sis is the best lei =x Now left with onli the eldest sis tat i haven met....

This two week i promise darling to be a good ger... So will try to entertain myself =)

**As days went past and our love become stronger for one another =)**

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