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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

"Horrible outing"

ARG!!!! SO Piss off today!!!

Early in morning woke up by the thunder... it had been raining heavy in the morning le, so i waited and waited for the rain to get lighter. HOwever!! god... it didn't! end up i had to walk with my formal outfit as i gort an interview in the noon... Walk and walk and walk till the path is flooded!! it reali kill my mood for the day lo =x

Took a train to school.. once reached sch.. that stupid teacher gort outing still wan to talk and give hint for exam, no one bring ani books lo!!!

Aft that long talk, we headed for our destination..We took a veri special bus lei!! gort pic let u guys see how speical it is!! haha.. is bus 6!! hehe

During the walk to those places where we suppose to go.. all of us is drench wet!!! thansk to someone!! HAte it!! i gort interview ltr yet i all wet le... then dismiss in such a stupid manner!!
Lucky gort darling la.. he come all the way to featch me =) so touch!!! hehe

End up i headed for my interview and went back to the centre to settle things with boss... now i'm So So So sososos tired!!!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Same old day

Spend my whole day with darling today.... Early in the morning being drag up by mummy =x then dunno why today so tired.. keep falling asleep =x actuali wanted to take care of my sick darling but end up is i fall asleep within 3 min!! same time as u can cook a maggie cup noodle =x >>>>>>>>>Pic took with darling =D

Now is so bored!! tml gort outing to dunno where de plus gort interview for job!! scary!! hope every thing can be fine for me ba =z


Monday, August 20, 2007

Devil and Angel??

Ho Ho!!! blog?? let me slowly adapt and try on it ba..

Alot alot alot of changes happen in my life.. just wan to start fresh and start with a new life with the one i love... =)

Sian.. tml gort class again.. and wed is the dead line of my project... shit le... sure fail! Tis module reali no confident in it... hope things can be fine soon!

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