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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rain Rain~

It had been raining for 2 days le, the weather now is so GREAT!

I just love cooling weather =D

Finali finish my exam and now is a new start for another module... Sian, exam will be next next week again =( So fast exam de =x

Now talking to my frenz =D

Blog when I come back aft out gers gathering ba =D

** Missing my darling and frenz **

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

All bat Vanness Wu

Oh mY gOd~

Live reporting now!!! LOL...


7:15Pm Vanness Wu Jian Hao appear at Catay Cineleisure Orchard B1...

Around 7:30 he went all the way up to level 6 preview lounge and waited till 7:45 for the movie to be screen at Hall 4 =)

At the same time, the whole hall is full of people le, Tickets are SOLD OUT! Those who din manage to buy the ticket headed either down to have their dinner or take a ride to Dragonfly St James for his next apperances...

The show ended ended at 9:12pm and he will go straight to Drangonfly St James for the next performance =)


As for what i did, I took a bus all the way from nick hse to cini... Miss the first part the things le..

AT first thought every thing is too late coz i din see ani one, lucky darling help me ask the security and he told us he went to level 6!!!!

Immediately Rush up!!!

Saw a few people crawding outside the preview Hall, so I assume that he's in there

Darling smart, go ask one lady if he's inside then the lady reply she cannot say! haha.. means in there la!!!

ACtuali i thought he's watching movie at the hall coz some fans went down for dinner and left onli 5 fans including me over there =)

When we were abt to leave, darling told me he's coming out!!!! OMG!!!

Immediately i stand one corner and no one was beside me!!! I could not find my stupid camera!!! He just walked past me!!! I smile at him and he smile back at me straight in my EYES!!!! OMG!!! he's just one arm length away from me and onli 2 body guard!!!! =D



I almost fainted coz i could not breathe =x LOl.. Cried alittle coz overly excited!!!

Again darling went and ask if we could watch the movie with him, the lady told us can! BUT!! The movie is full house le!!!


I REGRET no WAtching with him!!!!


Hope this is not my last time seening him =x

Mummy told me that gort people book 3 MAXI taxi and chase aft him tonite =) Heng ar! He still gort the Fans there =) Korean, Japanese, Taiwan, Malaysia and Hongkong fans are in Singapore!!!


Vanness u ROCKS!

" this is what i had dome for him... 5 yrs! From last time till now =) "

VanEss Wu is coming to town!!!!!

If I get the change to snap snap alot of pic of his then I'll upload! hehe

Who's free to go with me??

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Flowers "Sorry"

Living in a world full of up and down....

Yst was the worst of our relationship...

All the actions were shown and hearts were broken =(

It hurts and I reali dun wish it to happen again...

Horrible nightmare.....


This is what he did to show how bad he felt =) But still... I wish to see changes instaead of keep sending gift to cheer me up =)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

What is your True Fear?
Your Result: Losing Someone

You love affection and the people in your life more than anything. Your greatest fear is that one day someone you care about won't be there anymore. You are a very friendly and inviting person, who draws in a lot of friendships with your kind, considerate, and loyal nature. However, deep down you are slightly insecure and unsure of yourself. You couldn't deal with it if you didn't have one of your loved ones in your life anymore. You don't have too much to worry about though, because with a friend like you, no one will want to lose you either!

Being Alone
Looked down on
Where Your life is Going
What is your True Fear?
Quiz Created on GoToQuiz

Wao! I did this test and is quite true wor..

I reali hate losing some one I love and also I hate being disappointed =x

Hehe.. Tml class will be a trip to wonder of ARTs =)

** People advice me to talk to u, but how?? **

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I'm reali stupid to believe that he will change for me!

Guys onli knoe how to say but not know how to do it!

This is what I hate abt u::::::::

- U said u are going to change, but I see not much improvement

-Whenever I correct u, I receive funny faces from u which make me felt u are not serious

-U are forever never letting me feel stable around u

-U are just like a kid and I had never ever felt loved aft 1 yr anniversary

-U never care abt my feeling!

- U just throw temper even it's infront of my parents!

-U are just a good talker as u knoe how to shoot people

-U are someone who like to revenge! I HATE THE MOST!

-U dun give and take

-U always like to dream but those dreams no one knows if it will come true

Alot alot more which i hate! U dun even knoe how my heart felt, coz u NEVER EVER BOTHER to ASK!

When I ask u abt what u think of this or that, u will just tried to act blur and let it through... Whenever u are angry, u just ignore every thing.. U said u never ever use violents on me! However, when u angry during quarrel, u will start using it!!! Pulling and Pushing me around, even said that u are like tat, always VIOLENT! and I HATE it!

My heart now is bleeding.. Coz u already hurt enough of me le!

For your infor if u reali din realise... my Love for u is not fully there le, coz I dun get the love from u and I'm drifting apart from u! U Cause this to happen de! Mine is just half full of love... If reali u contiune with all this behaviour and does not express yourself out, dun blame me approaching the right one who has plenty of love to shower on me....

U can said that this blog will break your heart or too emo for u le... but still.. I felt better when pour out all my feeling =D

** LOoking forward to the right LOVE **

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

BusY BusY BuSy!

All my project due on Next WEd!!!


Now with the help of darling trying to solve my stuff..

Hope this terrible module crash will end =(

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Wanted to reach darling hse at 11am de but instead I woke up at 11 am =x HAha..

Just nice he called me and woke me up =)

Manage to reach at 1 pm and cook for him to him..

Had a conflict again =(

ARG! Dun ever STep onto my tails again le la darling!

Had our own free time and went to grandma hse at nite =)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's day =)

Slept quite early last nite, however! din had a good slp.. =(

Woke up at 3am, 5am, 7am! It's so horrible! dunno is I too excited abt today Valentine's or too scare I over slp coz had to woke up at 9am =)

Woke darling up at 9 plus too.. At first wanted to mit up at 11am at City hall, however, I late =x So reach there around 11:30!! Lucky darling not angry with me =)

Headed to kushi-bo at suntec, we had quite an unhappy lunch buffet coz darling reali step onto my tail =x

Quarrel on Valentine's DAy!!!! AR!!! Reali reali HATE IT!

Quarrel till I reali so heart broken, why is my Valentine so bad =(

However.. Manage to talk things out and he admit is his fault =) Receive his bouqet of Rocher Flower and also a bottle of sweets written "I love u" =) Quickly took a taxi and send him to sch coz he late le.. As for me, I head back to ah ma hse =D

Gort a little surprise for him de =) Within his 3 hrs lesson, I quickly go make muffins for him =)

7 pm every thing is done... Went to his 2nd sister for birthday dinner coz is her son 1st yr birthday =)

Hai... There goes my Valentine's DAy.. Spend it with little children.. =(

AFter leaving his sister hse, went to Lot one and catch bear bear... Darling spend alot alot sia! Manage to cut off the string of the toy and got it for me! HaPpy to the MAX!

However! Darling said may be next yr will be a better celebration =D LOL!!!


Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's daY

Back from Gers gathering..

Went to chom Pang to eat Nasi Lamak and aft that headed to Yishun dam to chit chat =)

HAd a wonderful time there with the same old people.. Lack of nini =(

Tml will be Valentine's day.. Looking forward to it =)

Can say that I just like to have we two celebrating it but too bad, had to celebrate with alot of people...

WIl update in detail tml =)


HaPpY ValeNtInE's Day! Every one =)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

True Fren

This is what my best buddy told me

".... wait till a day when you try again, and he doesn't bother abt u anymore.... "

"... Always rmb b4 u do ani thing, think iof the consequences that might happen and always treat him the way u wan him to treat u... "

After hearing what she said, alot of things went into my mind. Indeed my bf reali change alot! From gd to WORST! Think is due to my influences ba.. I Hate him treating me like tat!



I will try to change, I just wonder... If reali I start changing by swallowing every unhappy things in me, will I explode every thing out one day and kill him with a shot?? =x Hope he will change for me too...


Now things tat I had to fan is his Valentine's Day present...

Had no idea what to get for him coz every thing he wan is so EX!! PS3! Lap Top! =x

Hai... 1 more day to go and I'm reali confuse =(


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Back from Nini birthday Party...

Reali Reali many people sia...

AFt every one had celeebrated their birthday, I shall look forward to mine =)


What i looking forward to is Valentine's day =)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Did throw my temper again to him and sorrie...

Aft class, we went for movie.. He pei wo watched Fang Wong de show =D Then he pei wo go repair my phone..

He was so lovely today! =) Dunno why.. He gort interview in the morning so he was dress formal. =) He look so so Handsome =x LOl..

Did had a few conflict in between coz i reali can't think of what I want.. However, I knew that i still love him la

When he talk gently it was reali reali i wish to listen lo =) So darling! Talk nicely to me k??


Sweet enough of u to lend me your Hp =)

** looking forward to u changing for me =) **

Monday, February 9, 2009


I reali wonder...

Why are we so different from other couples??

Reali dun like the way u are treating me,

hAte the way u use your roughness on me,

U are not like tat in the past...

Whenever I see how sweet the rest were,

I question myself,

"Did i make the wrong choice?"

" Did i reali blindly moving in the darkness?"


Honestly I could say,

It had been a long time ever since I felt your love.

My heart is so empty although I see u every day.

Trying so hard to convince myself!

telling myself that u had already tried to be lovely..


I dun feel it!

Felt so horrible these few days....


-At darling hse the whole day

-Back home due to he's schling

Sunday, February 8, 2009

大年初十 4 Feb 2009

Mit up with darling for movie =)

Aft that we went to Suntec and pass things to agnes =)

Back to Lot one and had our dinner =)

大年初十一 5 Feb 2009


It's my best buddy birthday! Too bad.. Cannot celebrate with her...

Sent her a sms to wish her all the best =)

Muackz! Aretha! HAPpY BirThDaY lo! 21 yr old le! =D

大年初十二 6 Feb 2009

Hehe! Outing day that I look forward to! =)

Had an enjoyable day.. With every one, although it's just a small gathering but I'm glad every one click =)

Prepare alot alot alot of things before the whole thing start! =) All the way till mid night where we went prawn fishing =D WAo! reali had lots of fun...

Was so tired, darling gort sch at 9 am the next day, therefore had to slp.. Slept at 5am! he woke up dunno what time coz I ZzZz le =)

大年初十三 7 Feb 2009

Woke up quite late...

Headed to makan at Hong kong Cafe...

Aft that, went back and every one crack our brain to think where to go..

Finali we decide to go Liang courts de Party world =)

Each of us gort our own transport and mit up at 4 over there..

wao! the Room they gave us is dam dam big! Room 52 I love it le la! =D

Aft singing, it' darling and I de time le...

大年初十四 8 Feb 2009

Slp all the way till 11 am again..

Headed back to darling hse and rest again =x

Night time, dalring went for school while i went to grand ma hse = )

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

大年初八 2 Feb 2009

DArling came over to my hse during noon..

We had Games till 6 and he had to leave for school at 7 =(

Whole day stay home and relax =)

大年初九 3 Feb 2009

Presentation!!! For this module we had to do presentation.. Therefore, nervous sia!

Think we can pass la =)

Aft class, headed home coz darling gort to go sch and pass up homework..

I waited at home till 4 and headed to commonwealth to meet him =)

We went Nick hse for game and in the nite, went over to IKEA and eat =) YummY!

* This period of time veri xin ku, need to save money for frenz party, darling outing, and alot alot more! *


Sunday, February 1, 2009

大年初七 1 Feb 2009

"生日快乐" hoho.. today every one birthday ar?? LOl..

gort up in the morning and around 2pm, went to 拜年and headed for lunch at Paper chicken farm resturant =) Yummy!

AFt that.. Grandma went to my hse and rest..

As for dinner, we went Warren for dinner =)

*lots of things happen, darling last min dinner and car cannot start =x *

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